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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Blog Set Up to Attack Tarryl Clark

Hat tip, King Banaian and Michael Brodkorb aka Minnesota Democrats Exposed.

Check it out here. From the comments:

Psycmeistr said...

Glad you're on top of things...

Welcome aboard, from another St. Cloud blogger..

BTW--are you the same "Concerned" that often inhabits the "story chats" at SC Times website?

Again--glad to have you!

5:15 PM
Psycmeistr said...

And BTW,

If Tarryl Clark were any further to the left, she would BE Howard Dean.

5:16 PM
Anonymous said...

If you knuckleheads didn't want Ms. Clark to represent you... you should have found someone better than the Ox to run against her.

Tarryl will be your next state senator. Do your homework next time.

5:27 PM
Psycmeistr said...

"Anonymous"... You obviously speak out of ignorance; which is probably why you're speaking in anonymity.

You obviously fail to recognize the following:

1. Ochsner is extremely educated on the issues..
2. Ochsner already has a working relationship with those in St. Paul.
3. Ochsner is right on the issues. Clark is a female Howard Dean.
4. Clark ran and lost two elections, so I would say she's the one who, by default, should be considered the unviable candidate.

6:20 PM
Anonymous said...

Clark is so out of touch withe the average Central Minnesotan, it's not even funny.

King also notes that Ox's website isn't up yet.

A blog has formed to keep track of SD 15 DFL candidate Tarryl Clark. A phone bank for Clark already hit our house tonight, so she's moving off her loyal list already. She is running against Dan Ochsner, whose campaign website is still "coming soon". Um Ox? You have less than three weeks.

I don't get why Tarryl Clark is asking the chamber of commerce to reschedule the debate. According to Psychmeistr, who attended the SD 15 endorsing convention, Ochner "expressed his support to change committee rules, so that all bills brought before the Minnesota senate would be given a due up-or-down vote, instead of being stonewalled by a powerful few." As I mentioned here earlier, that is a monumentally bad idea.