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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Dan Ochner's Issues Page Doesn't Mention Marriage Amendment or Abortion

When the Tarryl Clark attack blog started, anonymous commented:

Seems like Ms. Clark has learned well from her politician friends.

She has nothing of substance on her website, all fluff.

Where does she stand on the important issues like protecting life and defending marriage?

I find it very interesting that Dan Ochsner says nothing on his issues page about the marriage amendment or abortion. I'd assume this means the marriage amendment isn't as helpful to Ochsner with the general public in St Cloud, or he would mention it on his website. Neither candidate mentions state funding for St Cloud State University on their web pages. From the issues page:

"Ox" on the Issues

Crime – These days it's far too difficult to put criminals behind bars and keep them there. I will strongly support tough on crime legislation that will reduce violent crimes, domestic violence, and property crimes that bring down the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

What type of legislation, Ox? Do you support the "lock 'em up and throw away the key", or do you want reabilitation, so after serving in prison, people can start contributing to society?

K-12 Education – Minnesota's success depends on having an education system that is second to none. I will pursue greater accountability for student achievement as well as state and local investments in our schools.

This is really unclear. Does Dan support vouchers as a way to increase accountability?

Jobs and Economic Development – I will pursue policies that encourage business success and the creation of good jobs in our area. St. Cloud must remain a vibrant regional center for Central Minnesota.

Does Dan support Pawlenty's tax free zone concept - which is basically a giveaway for specific businesses. This sounds nice - but doesn't give much specifics.

Property Rights – In light of this summer's Supreme Court decision regarding eminent domain, we must vigorously pursue new laws to protect Minnesotans’ property rights. I will be a strong advocate for reform to the state's eminent domain laws to protect those rights.

Which piece of legislation does Dan support on this one? There are at least two pieces of eminent domain legislation in the legislature. Tarryl Clark's issues page has no information about eminent domain. I hope this question comes up during the debates.

Taxes – Government must live within reasonable means, period! As your State Senator I will always work to hold the line on taxes and keep state spending in check.

Is Dan planning on signing the Taxpayer's League pledge? Did they even ask him to? I notice there is no push for TABOR.

Transportation – The money is there. We must pursue the full dedication of the Motor Vehicle Sales Tax to roads — not half to roads and half to the Minneapolis bus system.

It's interesting that neither candidate states their position on the Northstar corridor on their website.

UPDATE: Ox's website now mentions the Bachmann amendment and that Dan Ochsner is "pro-life".

Protecting the Unborn – I am firmly pro-life, and will be a vocal advocate for pro-life issues in the Minnesota Senate.

Marriage – I strongly believe we must protect the institution of traditional marriage. I will work to ensure the people of Minnesota have the chance to vote on the Defense of Marriage constitutional amendment in the next general election.