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Sunday, December 18, 2005

DFL Rep. Mary Ellen Otremba Lists State Affliation on BOMA Website

Republican Minnesota house candidate Sue Ek on her campaign website claims to be the Executive Director of BOMA-USA. As MNPublius has pointed out this organization is listed as "inactive" at the Minnesota Secretary of State's Office. If you look at the BOMA website through the Way Back Machine, there are no archives for 2005. Sue Ek is listed on the website - with a St Paul address in a 2004 archive of the instructor's page.

The BOMA USA website lists Rep. Mary Ellen Otremba (DFL, Long Prairie) as an instructor.

Click on the screen shot to go to the website. What's rather odd about this listing is that Otremba is listing her state representative address as the contact address. Shouldn't she be using another email address for her personal business?

Developing. . .

UPDATE: Otremba was on the conference commmittee for the Positive Alternatives act. Did she disclose a conflict of interest here? Did Matt Entenza make that appointment?