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Monday, December 19, 2005

Ek is out.....

The Supreme Court ruled against Sue Ek. Her name will no longer be on the ballot, and the Ek absentee votes will not be counted.

St Cloud Times comments here.

Jazzman from Saint Cloud
Ek and the Republican party should be ashamed of themselves for being such phonies and trying to slide this by the people of this district, area and the state of Minnesota. Ek and the party should pay for all costs that were associated with this fisaco. Both Ek and the party owe us an apology.

Marie from Little Falls

Gadfly from St. Cloud
The Supremes have spoken. The deadline for placing names on the ballot has passed. Larry Haws should running unopposed. The Republican Party has no one to blame but themselves. This is what happens when the party gets taken over by the radical MCCL crowd.

olaf flagenwagel from
can a write-in campaign work?

Blondi from The Cities
Personally? I truly believe this was an honest mistake. But, when the error was discovered, immediate withdrawl would have been the honorable route to take...

Amicus libertae from Galt's Gulch
All's fair in love and politics. Prepare for another tax increase from your friends in the DFL.

Concerned from St. Cloud
Or, Amicus, a property tax iincrease from your good friends in the GOP. Oh, yeah, they claim not to be responsible for the shifting sands.

mosie from st. cloud
Another low in partisan politics. How in the world are we to get things done in St.Paul. Bet you a buck, another gridlock year with nothing going to be accomplished, except for more stupid special interest laws and tax increases. The Joe's and Jane's lose again.

Concerned from St. Cloud
mosie, its a bonding year as the budget was dealt with last year. Unless of course they decide to redo everything; yet again.

auntie j from stearns county
Probably the right decision, but you fanatics need to take some valium and relax a little. Life is too hard the way it is. No need to get your panties in a bind over politics. It really doesn't matter that much. They all are crooked. Some are just more crooked than others. Man, people. RELAX!!!

Concerned from St. Cloud
I wonder if this means the GOP will run a vigourous getout the write in vote campaign??

barrier from reef
I promised SusanT I would sum up all the wingnut posts in the Ek thread using my ISO 9000-certified WANKER (Wingnut And Nincompoop Knowledgeless Emittance Review) program. (For those of you that don't know, the WANKER interface allows you to feed all the winger whines, false analogies, straw man arguments, ignorant blather and outright lies into it, returning a summarized version of all the "points" made by Bush loyalists and other halfwits.)

Weirdly, most of the crazies were focused on the Ox, not Ek's special brand of absentee office seeking. Thankfully, the WANKER could handle both issues:


(Note: no animals were harmed during the testing of the WANKER. All Rights Reserved, All Wrongs Reversed.)

Concerned from St. Cloud
barrier, I believe your wanker does need a bit of work because I believe it missed some important points. It should have stated:

"She doesn't live here, but she is GOP, Pro Life, Anti-Gay, so thus qualified! This Court thing is merely a DFL smear campaing to eliminate a mainstream Central Minnesotan!"

boatman from St. Cloud
For once, our laws have worked the way they were intended. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

SusanT from Silver Lake
Barrier: What more can I say.
barrier from reef
Concerned--do not taunt the WANKER. Do not make eye contact with the WANKER. Do not shake the WANKER. You have been warned.

(Note: I missed those comments, as I was so flabbergasted my mac's unique, well-researched take on the voting patterns of Democrats, unions, and African-Americans that I really couldn't go any further without throwing up in my mouth...)

SusanT from Silver Lake
Concerned: Maybe Barrier could update to a new edition: ISO 9000-certified WANKER-II
boatman from St. Cloud
I wonder if Sue Ek will move to St. Cloud for real now, or at least make sure she moves back to meet residency requirements before a possible run in next election. She has established some name recognition. Perhaps this will give her time to educated herself on the issues concerning our city.

Blog reaction:

King Banaian:

It's a sign that some folks didn't do their due diligence. The commenters on the St. Cloud Times chat board seem gleeful and don't think Republicans should get to replace Ek. I would be happiest if I could cast a ballot for "none of the above", but I felt that way weeks ago.

Andy from Residual Forces:

I hope we can all agree this is terrible news for the GOP, and great for the DFL. (Not that I am happy with this.)


Sue Ek should have set aside her ambitions and 1. Not have run at all until her residency was firmly established; and/or 2. dropped out of the race early on as soon as this situation saw the light of day. Now here we are, only a week until the elections, and we have no candidate.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if Larry Haws gets elected (a probability even if Ek was allowed to remain in the race) does that mean an even Minnesota House? as far as I can tell the current tally is a 68-66 majority in favor of the Republicans.

Regardless, the Republicans (I count myself among them) have a lot of work to do to either regain or maintain control in the November, 2006 elections.

The winner in 15B will be replacing a democrat. The best the Dems could do with this is to maintain 66 votes to the Republican 68.

MN Publius:

Ek's replacement

While we still do not know if the MN GOP will be allowed to replace Sue Ek for the December 27th special election, rumors have begun to swirl about just who the Republicans will try to shoehorn on the ballot. MN Publius has heard two separate trains of thought on the matter:

First, some have speculated that Sue Ek was at the bottom of the GOP candidate wish list, making it unlikely that they would be able to come up with a credible candidate on such short notice. Allegedly, Speaker Sviggum was originally trying to recruit Ek's parents to run in the special, and Sue only agreed to run after both of them declined.

This afternoon, however, a credible source claims that rumors are flying around St. Cloud that the GOP has in fact found a candidate with the name recognition to mount a strong campaign.

North Star Politics:

The N-Ek-t Step

So, Sue Ek is off the ballot and it's very, very unclear whether the GOP will be able to put another candidate on. Tomorrow marks one week from the election, so between the legal uncertainly and the time it will take to resolve it, I'll guess that Larry Haws will be unopposed on the ballot next Tuesday, and I'm nearly certain that he'll win in a landslide regardless.

The next question is whether Sue Ek will face criminal charges for her actions in this electoral fiasco. I'm no lawyer - obviously - but this blogger would be mightily surprised if Sue Ek was not in danger of being charged with - and is probably guilty of - at least one count of fraud.