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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Email Sent to Jerry Reynolds, Dallas area Ford Dealer Who Brokered AFA Meeting with Ford Executives

This is the text of the Email I had sent to Jerry Reynolds:

From: "Eva Young" []
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Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2005 11:43 PM
Subject: [usaqueers] Ford Does More Self Inflicted Damage (Email to Jerry
Reynolds, Dealer who brokered Ford's deal with the anti-gay AFA)

Hi Jerry:

I find this really amazing that you were dumb enough to broker this nonsense. Dallas, Texas has a HUGE gay community, and so why you are encouraging Ford to kowtow to the anti-gay wackos at the AFA, I don't know.

But if you don't want gay money coming to your dealerships in Dallas, I'd be glad to help you get that message out.

You can thank yourself for this.

I hope the Dallas Voice (the Gay newspaper in Dallas) will contact you about this one. I have cced them on this, so they can do a story on this.

Eva Young
Lloydletta's Nooz

I then appended the full text of this Lloydletta's Nooz post.

Reynold's responded.

It's natural to make situations like this personal, but truly it was not about any group of was just about business. I have many gay and lesbian friends and employees who I love and adore. My issue had nothing to do with gay versus straight any more than black versus white. On behalf of the Ford dealers who are having the worst year in over 20 years, what you don't need is a boycott. That was my only issue. In reality, nobody "won" but we did agree to open dialogue in the future, nothing more. In return for the dialogue, the boycott was canceled. No deal was made, no deal was brokered. Ford is cutting their advertising in ALL areas, especially when it comes to Jag and Rover, two divisions that continuously lose money. Volvo was a different deal...they are profitable and will continue to advertise in gay publications.

You can believe the press or you can believe me, whichever you choose. But there was NO DEAL made with the AFA, period. I was successful in convincing them to call off the boycott because it hurts the DEALERS, not Ford. Ford sells NOTHING to the public and therefore a boycott would not harm them, only us, and we have no control over where they spend their advertising dollars.

If you want to try to harm me for trying to protect my business and my employees, I understand. But make sure everyone has all the facts please, that all I ask.

In subsequent correspondance Jerry told me that he had never heard of the AFA until he got 25 calls from customers - some of them long time customers, telling him they were not going to purchase from him because of what they read in the AFA alert. Jerry also mentioned that he has advertized in the Dallas Voice in the past, and that he has donated cars to the Dallas Gay Pride (and got called by the Leviticus Crowd types over that one).

Jerry has not been replying to other emails on the topic. Perhaps he has been advised against it by Ford.

Marty Grimes has some interesting analysis on the Ford/AFA situation.