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Sunday, December 04, 2005

First Time I've Gotten Compared to Patton

North Star Liberty here.

Quick, what do Eva Young and George S. Patton, Jr. have in common?

They both have an insight into what it might take for west metro Republicans to start winning elections again. Said Eva:

One way would be to invest more resources into getting decent candidates to run in the Minneapolis districts. The problem with allowing Minneapolis incumbents to go without serious challenges, is it allows these incumbents to send their volunteers out to help with other campaigns.

With the DFL targeting even more wins in 2006 Gold Coast legislative elections, Republicans shouldn't be interested in just "holding on" to this House seat or even winning back that Senate seat. Competitive campaigns in "safe" DFL districts, even when we don't win, could have short- and long-term benefits statewide.

Thank you Matt. I've never been compared to Patton before. I grew up in Wisconsin, and Vince Lombardi, the legendary Packers coach always said "the best defense is a good offense." I'm no football fan, but that strategy makes lots of sense in politics.

Run some moderate, pro-choice, Log Cabin endorsed stadium tax opponents in the districts of DFL stadium tax supporters. There's going to be an open seat in senate district 58. The problem is the party machinery in Senate District 58 is some of the nuttiest out there. (I live in that Senate District and so does David Strom).

Recruit David Dayhoff to run in South Minneapolis in his district - and put some resources into the race. Find a decent congressional candidate for the 5th district, not an embarrassment like the person who ran the last time.

Also spend some effort courting moderates like Mary Tambornino, Dave Durenberger, Gary Laidig, Sheila Kiscaden and Martha Robertson back to the Republican Party. Do I think this will happen? I doubt it. Ron Eibensteiner never had that sort of vision, and he lives in Minneapolis. Ron Carey certainly doesn't have that type of vision.