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Saturday, December 03, 2005

It Goes Without Saying. . .

From Whine in the Dark:

Open Letter To "Inside Minnesota Politics"

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In protest against your specious attempt to file suit against Minnesota Democrats Exposed, I must insist that you put my name on your blogroll... that I can insist that you remove it immediately.

Your prompt attention to both of these matters will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and further in advance,

Mitch Berg
One of a whole lot of your new detractors.

Perhaps the reason Inside Minnesota Politics never had Mitch's blog on his blogroll is because it's not a place to get political news and gossip. It's a great place to read parroted talking points, recycled spin, whining and the occasional meltdown. I read Mitch's pompous bloviatings when I want a good laugh.

Michael Brodkorb, Republican Minnesota, Kennedy v the Machine, First Ring, Residual Forces and North Star Liberty are good places to get insider Republican material, along with spin.

Then MNPublius, Minnesota GOP Watch, DFL Senate, DFL Blog, and Minnesota Campaign Report and new patriot are good places for democratic insider material, with the spin.