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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Mirecki Makes the Onion


I posted about Mirecki's beating on the Real Abortion Debate list - managed by the guy who got the Culture and Family Institute to write a hit piece on me that Swiftee likes to quote from).

Here's what I posted:

Since this occured, some anti-evolutionists have beaten him up.

(plus full text of the Kos post)

Anyway, here was the response from the manager of the list:

He should be beaten up. There isn't a shred of evidence providing proof for evolution while there is overwhelming evidence for intelligent design.

You want to debate the topic, step up to the plate.

Mitch Berg over at Whine in the Dark has another mean-spirited post about Mirecki, casting doubt about whether he was really beaten up.

I've interviewed Andrew Stangl from SOMA (the group that had the listserv where Mirecki posted his controversial email). Andrew told me Mirecki isn't doing interviews. I will be posting the interview with Stangl at Lloydletta this weekend.

I'm curious how Mitch will react should the his theory about Mirecki's beating be false. Will he appologise to Mirecki? Will Michelle Malkin appologise to Mirecki for her mean-spirited posts? Doesn't it seem a bit over the top for Malkin to call the hospital to ask for medical information about Mirecki?

Mitch Berg follows up with a pointless - and inaccurate - post about the word fundementalism. Clever Sponge puts Mitch in his place.

Over at Shot in the Dark, Mr. Berg is engaging in some particularily whiny (and, as we will shortly contend, wildly inaccurate) talk about the definition and meaning of "fundamentalism". The gist of the post is that the word "fundamentalist" is woefully misused as an insult by elitists (comically represented in the post by Hollywood) against good, God-fearing, conservative Christians. Throughout the course of complaining about the misuse of a term that describes something of such great importance, Mr. Berg clearly demonstrates that he has no real use for the term in anything other than a political sense...which is sort of what he is complaining about from the other "side".

Read the whole thing.