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Friday, December 09, 2005

More Senate District 15 Anonymous Blogs

A few days ago, I mentioned that someone started an attack blog to go after Tarryl Clark.

Well now the other side has started a blog in response to promote Tarryl Clark and go after Dan Ochsner (Ox):

HowardDean&TarrylClarkSupporter said...

Probably a good idea for everyone involved. Now we can talk about the issues. Thanks to you, Mr. "Concerned StCloud" I have started a blog too this evening.

It's called
I'll post on the Ox and some other things and talk about how labeling someone a liberal is not a bad thing. Hopefully we can change the way Republicas have labeled that word.

For those wanting both sides of this race, please do take a look.

My name: "howarddean&tarrylclarksupporter" was originally just gonna be to post comments on some of the things you have already posted on this site and what I expect you will post in the future. I supported Howard Dean and I'll support Tarryl and there is nothing wrong with that.

10:20 PM

It seems like this blog did what other blogs failed to do: call out Ox to put his website up. The Tarryl Clark supporting blog is being run by a St Cloud State student named Thomas.

The Ox's website is now up. Tarryl Clark's website has been up since I've been following this race.