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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Our Friends the Democrats

Go here to listen to Inside Minnesota Politics interview winning Democratic candidate, Terri Bonoff.

Terri talked about her campaign theme: uniting the middle. Her campaign was focused on issues where people agreed. Ironically, Judy Johnson and Terri Bonoff agreed on the issues of transportation and education (except for intelligent design creationism). They disagreed on the social issues (abortion, writing anti-gay discrimination into the constitution, teaching creationism in biology classes, and separation of church and state.) Terri Bonoff is stronger on separation of church and state than many Minneapolis democrats.

Hopefully Terri Bonoff will encourage other democrats to have a spine about the Bachmann amendment. Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak has publicly called on state DFLers to show more leadership on this issue.

After the interview, during the analysis of the interview, Peter Idusogie, the Inside Minnesota Politics host, suggested that there will be many people who will vote for the Bachmann amendment, but will also vote for Democrats for the legislature.

You have Mike Hatch, the leading democratic candidate for Governor saying there is no difference between him and Governor Pawlenty on the issue of gay marriage. This was Mike Hatch as quoted in a recent Pioneer Press story:

As far as I know, we have identical positions on gay marriage. I believe marriage is between a man and a woman.

When Mike Hatch ran against John Marty in the 1994 Democratic primary, he attacked John Marty for supporting domestic partner benefits.

DFL attorney general candidate Matt Entenza made sure there was no official caucus position opposing the Bachmann amendment. Veteran democratic representatives were advising new representatives to go back on their promises to supporters who helped get them elected, and "vote their district" on the Bachmann amendment.

Then there is the leading state auditor candidate, Rebecca Otto, who as a state representative voted FOR the Bachmann amendment.

At next week's Together Minnesota Meeting, I'm sure we'll hear alot of blame the Republicans rhetoric. Will OutFront Minnesota and their lobbyist, the Minnesota Alliance for Progressive Action's C Scott Cooper finally hold democrats such as minority leader Matt Entenza accountable?

Developing. . .