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Friday, December 09, 2005

Press conferences in empty hotel rooms.....

President Bush was in Minneapolis on Friday to raise $1 million for GOP Senate candidate Mark Kennedy. The event featured the obligatory protest on the sidewalk outside the hotel.

New Minnesota DFL party chair Brian Melendez is a very refreshing change from Mike Erlandson, and seems to be very comfortable on camera. I'm a Republican and don't agree with a lot of what he says, but he is an articulate and compelling spokesperson.

Here's the weird part of the media coverage - the DFL party rented a room in the same hotel as the Kennedy fundraiser, so that Mr. Melendez could do a press conference and get equal time on the evening news. All of that makes sense. What didn't make sense is that it looked like Mr. Melendez was alone. There were nobody standing next to him or behind him. He taped some DFL signs to the wall behind him, but live faces would have been better. Where were the DFL Senate candidates? Where were the DFL leaders from the Legislature, or the gubernatorial candidates? Melendez did a good job, but the visuals were very odd.