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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Rebecca Otto's Record on the Bachmann Amendment

I got this in email from a reader:

You indicated that, "As a legislator, Otto was the only House Democrat to vote in favor of putting the proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage on the ballot." I checked with her, and found that this is not true. What gives?

This was referring to this post, where I talked about Politics in Minnesota (PIM) picking up on a post here and on Dump Bachmann here, discussing Rick Stafford - Chair of the DNC LGBT Caucus - endorsing Rebecca Otto. I was quoting from Politics in Minnesota (generally I indent material when I'm quoting from someone else here.) Before I quoted Politics in Minnesota, I said: "From this week's Politics in Minnesota".

After I quoted PIM, I added my two cents (so I'm quoting from an earlier Lloydletta post here):

Otto was the only house democrat to lose. She was joined by many other house democrats in her vote on the Bachmann amendment, including Al Juhnke, Mary Jane Otremba, Bev Scalze and Denise Dieterich. None of the house democrats who voted against the Bachmann amendment lost. Even though Al Juhnke voted FOR the Bachmann amendment, the Minnesota Citizens in Defense of Marriage still used billboard ads to attack Al Juhnke as supporting gay marriage.

I should have made the point that Otto was the only Minnesota house democrat to lose in 2004. Otherwise, I stand by what I wrote above.

It will be interesting to see if DFL congressional candidate Elwyn Tinklenberg pays attention to the recent win in St Cloud. Both Tarryl Clark and Larry Hawes were on record as opposed to the Bachmann amendment. Their opponents tried to make the Bachmann amendment a campaign issue and it didn't work for them. Tinklenberg made a point of saying that he supported the Federal Marriage Amendment at his campaign announcement speech.