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Monday, December 05, 2005

St Cloud Races (Senate District 15)

Secretary of State Filing.

Dan Becker, the Independence Party Candidate has not registered a campaign committee with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board.

Dan Ochsner, "Ox" (Republican)

Minnesota Campaign Finance Committee Registration

Website - URL from the campaign finance board. It's not available now. When I checked the address early this morning, the site said "coming soon".

Bio at KNSI Radio

From Psychmeistr:

Dan Ochsner was backed by Dave Kleis and Sue Ek. Kleis gave a resounding endorsement of Ochsner, saying that Ochsner has already developed working relationships with the movers and shakers in St. Paul by virtue of his morning talk show here in St. Cloud. Ochsner is also active in the local chamber, as well as with the Minnesota Office of Tourism. Ochsner knows and has a working relationship with the governor, as well as with many senators and congressman currently in St. Paul. Kleis characterized Ochsner as a candidate who could "hit the ground running" and could not only win in the special election (supposedly to be held on December 27), but could also hang on to the seat in the November 2006 elections. Sue Ek (endorsed GOP candidate for the seat of outgoing Minnesota 15B Representative Joe Opatz) also gave a sound endorsement of Ochsner, noting that he was MCCL endorsed, and emphasizing "The Ox's" consistent conservative views that he espouses day in and day out on his show.

The difference between the speaking styles of Ochsner and Johnson were night and day. Where Johnson was well-polished and professional, Ochsner presented himself as an "everyday Joe", with no spit and polish, no power point presentation, and plenty of lighthearted humor. With no podium on which to place his speech (which a reliable source states that he penned last night) "the Ox" opted to sit down at a table on the stage (which was rather refreshing in its own right). Ochsner was all business, however, in outlining the issues. He stressed his pro-life, pro marriage stance, and vowed that he would vote for anything that strengthens those issues, and vote against anything that would weaken those issues. He also expressed his support to change committee rules, so that all bills brought before the Minnesota senate would be given a due up-or-down vote, instead of being stonewalled by a powerful few. He also stated his intention to work toward tort reform in Minnesota.

I suppose by "pro-marriage", Ox means support of the Bachmann amendment. Has the Ox read the bills that are introduced in the legislature? He doesn't seem to understand the legislative process at all if he opposes all committee work. Most bills that are introduced don't deserve an up or down vote.

Tarryl Clark (DFL):

Campaign website.

From the website:

TARRYL is an experienced leader who brings people together and gets things done. This is just a small sampling of some of Tarryl's accomplishments:

  • School Levy Leader and Finance Study Group member Senate District 15
  • Commissioner, Housing and Redevelopment Authority of St. Cloud
  • Attorney General's Commission on Consumers in Health Care
  • Youth Minister, St. John’s Episcopal Church

TARRYL will push hard for local needs and get results:

  • Lower health care costs and insurance reform
  • Increased funding stability for local schools
  • Transportation solutions that keep Central Minnesota moving
  • Energy solutions to bring down the high cost of heating

TARRYL is a successful advocate for our community:

  • Increased wages for working families
  • Early childhood education’s first funding increase in years
  • More funding available to local governments
  • Promote economic growth by fostering small businesses

"As your State Senator, I will continue to work hard to address real
issues impacting real people in Central Minnesota."

In other words, there isn't a government spending program Tarryl doesn't like. I wonder what her position is on the stadium.

Blogsearch for Tarryl Clark.

Dan Becker, Independent is speaking for himself over on the St Cloud Times forum.

Developing. . .