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Friday, December 09, 2005

Strib and St Cloud Times Cover Sue Ek Residency Story

Strib here. Hat Tip: commenter mn_liberal:

Hasn't Ek painted herself in a corner? In today's Star Tribune, she is quoted as saying "my home has always been St. Cloud." And she says that she "was recruited to vote in St. Paul."

This sets up two scenarios. Either she lives in St. Paul and is ineligible to run in St. Cloud, OR she lives in St. Cloud (which she maintains "has always been" her home) and violated Minnesota's election laws by voting in a district that she did not intend to be her residence. See Minn. Stat. 201.016 ("An eligible voter may vote only in the precinct in which the voter maintains residence."); Minn. Stat. 200.031 ("The residence of an individual is in the precinct where the individual's home is located, from which the individual has no present intention of moving, and to which, whenver the individual is absent, the individual intests to return.").

St Cloud Times also covers the Sue Ek residency story. Hat Tip King Banaian.

Coming tomorrow: The DFL and Republican organization for this race.