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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tarryl Clark Advising the Bush Administration

During the St Cloud Times Online Debate, Tarryl Clark claimed:

My training and my experience training others (as well as my work and volunteer experience), taught me the importance of working with all people, not just those who look or sound alike. My desire is to find solutions, not just engage in partisan bickering. That is why I have been able to be involved with the State DFL Party and, at the same time, be a policy advisor to the Bush Administration. We don't need loud voices trying to shout down their opponents with increasingly shocking (and usually untrue) statements. We need to work together to find and implement real solutions. That is what my education, training, and experience has prepared me to do as State Senator.

I contacted her campaign about this claim. After speaking with the Clark campaign, it turns out that Clark was on advisor on a Bush administration affordable housing initiative.