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Friday, December 02, 2005

Who is Most Oppressed?

Yesterday's post on this issue drew some comments.

Mark from Prodigal Sheep writes:

I wanted to touch on your observation (which I share) that so-called "conservative christians" are pushing for a place on the "who is most oppressed" totem pool. I detect a newer but complementary strategy - conservative christians lkike Saddleback Church (and no doubt some of our own mega-churches here in Minnesota) adorning themselves with the garments of "AIDS Ministry". People who are not comfortable with outright condemnation of gays can maybe now find a comfortable place in the more sympathetic "outreach" ministries of Saddleback et al. I'm sure even a few evangelical gays may be feeling more attracted to these churches now that the rhetoric is being replaced with a more "compassionate" message. Problem is, it's the same hate-filled dogma underneath the compassionate wrapper. I blogged about this last night - Maybe I'm (too) paranoid but I believe this is a new strategy to increase the respectability of the anti-gay position. "We're not anti-gay, see, look how we care so much for AIDS victims, but we are BIBLICAL in our caring."

Lloydletta contributor, Mark H adds:

I agree. Acknowledging that GLBT people actually exist in the context of a sudden interest in AIDS ministry is incredibly demeaning. It paints us all as victims, and allows the Theocrats to still view us as the 'other', rather than just another neighbor, many of whom hold a deep rooted belief in the Gospel.

The first Mark also tracked back with a post from his blog that describes this saddleback ministries more. Information about the Saddleback ministries conference mentioned in the comments is available here. This nutjob was successful in getting ABC news to do a puff piece about his "ministry".