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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Will Pawlenty Have a Challenger from the Right?

Andy from Residual Forces floated this rumor last week.

This little rumor made the Star Tribune in Bloghouse last weekend.

The Rumor Mill

Andy of Residual Forces (10) (GOP Senate District 51 chair) has some interesting gossip: "I've just caught wind that a person will be running for Governor as an independent from the right. I cannot say who, but I can assure you that this person is on the right side of the political spectrum. ... If this person manages to gather a meaningless 2 percent of the vote in the general election, that may be enough to cost Pawlenty, the Republicans, and yes even conservatives the Governor's office."

MN Publius (11) may know who the mystery candidate is: State Sen. Brian LeClair of Woodbury. The evidence: Someone recently registered the web addresses and

Yesterday he breathlessly informs us he will be having lunch with the candidate on Wednesday and he'll have more then.

Now it looks like he was stood up.

The person had something much more important come up last minute, so we had a 2 minute phone conversation, rather than our planned lunch hour meeting.

They have been waiting to see how certain things play out as far as the State Legislature goes, before they go public.
They are setting up a campaign team already, composed of people from all parties, independent, GOP, DFL. Truly non-partisan.
They will be trying to get the Republican endorsement, not just running in the general, like I had said.
This is not just a defeat Pawlenty mission as many in the blogosphere had feared, myself included.
The person strongly believes that they would be a breathe of fresh air in St. Paul.
From their years of experience in operating a business, they know how to make people work together which is definitely needed.
They do not want to defeat Pawlenty at the expense of getting a DFLer into office.
They actually want to win, and think they can.

Andy's gotten attention in City Pages also.

The local freebie alternative paper, The City Pages, took my post from an anonymous emailer(MNGOP Internal Concerns), and turned it into a full fledged story. Even mentioned me in bold type, how about that?

Last month, Andy Aplikowski, a party activist from Blaine and chair of the GOP Senate District 51, published an anonymous complaint on his blog, Residual Forces. Along with some musings on the meaning of the new leadership, the nameless commentator concluded that Sutton "should either be a state employee or a Party staffer, but not both" and fretted that Sutton was "a scandal waiting to happen." For his part, a less judgmental Aplikowski concluded that Sutton’s dual roles were "somewhat troublesome."

Anonymo-Republican blogger, Republican Minnesota is not pleased:

Triple-A provides friendly fire on Republicans

Clearly Triple A enjoys his name in lights. I mean what else would be his reason for helping Democrats and hurting Republicans?

First, he posts an e-mail sent out to MNGOP leaders and surprise surprise, it turns up on MNGOP Watch moments later. Now its turned into a story in City Pages. He even points out that his name is mentioned in bold face type.

Secondly, he claims to have a person who wants to challenge Pawlenty as an independent, but he refuses to name the person. I think this is bogus because he refuses to name the person. This rumor even appeared in Sunday's Star Tribune.

Residual Forces is most likely the top read blog by the DFL next to MDE, followed by MNGOP Watch and MNPublius.

MN GOP Watch is chortling over this.

It's nice to know that we've managed to play a role in this round of Republican infighting.

Developing. . .