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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Background on the Log Splitter

An open letter, by Andy Eddy, of Broward County Log Cabin Republicans:

Fellow Republicans:

This interesting story is being forwarded to you because a number of you were aware of the early attacks made by Maurice Bonamigo against the good character of a very decent man, Chairman Sid Dinnerstein, and then the Palm Beach REC board of directors. The Florida LCR Council of Clubs, as some of you may know, firmly reacted to the attacks and Mark Mead flew in from Washington to attend a joint meeting of the FL LCR COC in order to address Bonamigo directly.

Bonamigo also alleged that he has personally raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the party but we've never been able to substantiate that fact nor his claimed good relationship with the President who allegedly is appreciative of all Maurice's efforts on behalf of the GOP.

We do know that the Palm LCR Beach Chapter was never fully chartered, was provisionally chartered by LCR national, and was never chartered by the State Republican Party of Florida. When asked to produce the minutes of the historic meeting discussed in the attached article where there was a 15- 0 vote, a response with documentation was never received. Minutes of subject meeting, who motioned and who made the second to that motion, were never uncovered.

Mr. Bonamigo played to his own tune and at times proved to be a finger on the hair trigger of a media hungry cannon. It's obvious that, like this story, some members of the press never verify the facts relative to the excitement of what they see as breaking news.

It's obvious to most of us involved on Florida Gold Coast inner circle GOP politics that this man, who allegedly moved here from Chicago, seemingly claiming a wide Palm Beach FL socialite connection, and was quickly highlighted in the press as the individual that was going to change gay politics in Palm Beach County. It is quite obvious that he was not the president of a California club at that time (as seemingly claimed in the attached story) but of a SE Florida LCR "provisionally" chartered club that was on a probation status.

I think that credible members of the GOP and the Republican community should approach this matter with cautious and restrained optimism. My concern is this may be some sort of strategy being played out to discredit Log Cabin Republicans, a strategy one that could backfire and embarrass our party, some of its leaders, elected officials, and many of our hardworking and dedicated members.

Andy Eddy
VP-PR SE Florida Bwd Log Cabin Club
GOP Committeeman

Bonamigo claimed in the documentary "Gay Republicans" that he receieved a response to his letter to the Bush campaign from Andy Card - who wrote that he forwarded Bonamigo's email to Karl Rove. I'm not clear whether this story has been verified.

GayPatriot has jumped on this story without double checking Bonamigo's background. Christian Grantham followed up. The Bay Windows story has more background, but they didn't attempt to contact the Log Cabin Republicans in Florida - the people who would be most likely to be able to verify Bonamigo's story.

It's amazing how often Press Release Journalism is effective.

Splitting Logs

Bay Windows picks up on Maurice Bonamigo's effort to start a Rival Gay Republican group. Dan Blatt "Outs" himself as GayPatriotWest.

Frank Ricchiazzi, also known as the Godfather of Log Cabin, describes the history of the relationship between Log Cabin and Bush. (This is posted with Frank's permission).

Prior to December of 2003, we, the Log Cabin Republicans, sat at the table with the White House. They needed us in getting several appointments through the Senate. They needed us to discuss policy and assist them in the budget
talks in areas like Ryan White, and other AIDS issues. For three years, there was open discussion face to face and telephone and email. We were all on the same page.

In December of 2003, ALL OF THE ABOVE STOPPED. The decision was made that for strategy reasons, they had to get us off the table, out of the room, out of the White House, and to not return any phone calls or other forms of communications. They slammed the door in our face. WHY? Very simple. Their strategy was to bring the evangelical vote to them in November. That was their decision, that was their strategy.

After 27 years of Log Cabin and in the early days, the words, self respect, self worth, dignity to individual gay people was not in their vocabulary.

Hopefully, ALL Log Cabin people have self respect, self worth and dignity today. Those who do understood what was being done.

As an organization, even the White House knew what we had to do and was probably very happy what we did so they could go to the evangelicals and say, "See, we are with you and the gays are not, You don't need to worry that they have an ear or a say in our administration".


By not endorsing Bush, WE DID THE RIGHT THING.

By not supporting and clearly defining that we had not endorsed Kerry, WE DID THE RIGHT THING.

Many of us worked within the party at our local levels. Many Log Cabin people either voted for Bush, some for Kerry, some for a third party candidate or left the office blank. As individuals, that was their choice.

Today, the McCains, Giulianis, Specters, etc. are making their moves to make sure that the White House gets back in the center of the field. Those friends and others include Log Cabin.

Everything that has been done was THE RIGHT THING TO DO AS AN ORGANIZATION.

I only feel sorry for the people in our community who get hit over the head, kicked in the ass, have the door slammed on them, and act like a dog that still grovels for some affection. One of the best quotes that I am proud of giving this year to reporters - "You could spot all the gay delegates at the Democrat convention in Boston - they all had tape on their mouths".

We in Log Cabin have no tape on our mouths, and have a proud degree of who we are as individuals. If there is one thing I have been proud of TRUE Log Cabin leaders, They are the one's that are not shy, they speak up. They do not grovel because they have the balls to go and stand up for what is right. When your enemy respects you then you know that you have power.

Uncle Frank

This is what critics like GayPatriot just don't get about Log Cabin Republicans.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Audio of Gay Marriage Debate: Dale Carpenter vs Glenn Stanton


Dale Carpenter is the best debater I've heard on this subject. I wish he would get on Minnesota TV more.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Gay Rights in Virginia

Rick Sincere explains.

Sincere's blog is well worth reading. Thanks to Independent Gay Forum for the Hat Tip.

I remember well Rick Sincere debating David Greer about Hate Crimes legislation at a Log Cabin Republicans convention.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Will Q Syndicate's David Bianco become the latest Ex-Gay Posterboy?

Andre Traversa from the Catholics for Bush list posted a rather unique "Ex-Gay" story. He also posted Rex Wockner's interview. Both links include links to follow up posts. The Catholics for Bush yahoogroup is available publically.

I sent this post to the Gay Patriot blog - because I was interested in their opinion of the ex-gay issue. I saw the post on catholicsforbush yahoogroup - and it was posted by a guy who promotes NAARTH and ex-gay nonsense.

I posted GayPatriotWest's article, and here was the response:

But your people are making sex the most important part of their lives; because ou want sexual orientation to be the basis for all kinds of
so-called "rights." yu already have rights; you want your sexuality to be treated equally;
rather than simply accepting tkhe fact that most people don't view it as equal.

You have no less rights than I do as a citizen.
you don't want rights; you want _entitlements based on your sexuality.

I think these groups are going to try to use Bianco's story. He's not visciously spreading lies about Gays in the way Steven Bennett is. If you listen to the link, Bennett says that 90% of Lesbians have been victims of incest. He also gives lots of similar dubious statistics about gay men.

I do remember similar situations with the Lesbian community. JoAnn LouLan - the author of the book "Lesbian Sex" - is now in a relationship with a man. I believe she still identifies as a Lesbian.

Is there a Slut Gene on the Y Chromosome?

I thought it was interesting that Wockner said that he didn't think Gay Men were wired to be monogamous.

RW: I've seen other men who didn't feel right about having gay sex for whatever reason––often because of religion, maybe because they were married to a woman––try to stop doing it permanently. I've never seen one of these guys, in the long run, end up in a better place... What makes you think that's possible? It's such a fundamental, core piece of who you are––whether it's nature or nurture.

DB: So is non-monogamy. You seem to not object when gay friends declare that they're going to stop having sex with anybody but one person.

RW: I'm suspicious of male monogamy.

DB: Good.

RW: Men are not naturally monogamous.

DB: You don't write stories that somebody is an ex-slut.

RW: If somebody was making as much of a stink about being monogamous for the rest of their life as you're making about this, and they were a public figure, I might interview them too.

I'm wondering if commenters here agree with that. I do know some gay men in committed, monogamous relationships. It sounds like Bianco hung out in a crowd that wasn't interested in that.

Is there maybe a "slut gene" that is on the male Y chromosome - or do gay men have control over their sexual behavior - and can choose to be responsible - without being in relationships with women, who demand fidelity? Part of the arguments given against gay marriage by Focus on the Family's Glen Stanton was relying on this stereotype about gay men. Years ago, a very close gay male friend of mine told me: "there are two types of gay men in this world - there are whores, and there are whores."

I'm skeptical of the "slut gene" theory - but I've seen a fair amount of speculation on this.