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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Blogs for Books Review: Seeds of Deception

Stacy Harp from Mediasoul has started a business to promote books through blogs. This is an interesting business concept. Check it out here.

Stacy asked me to participate by reviewing this:

I've started but not finished the book. I thought the cover was professionally done. It's a rather macawbre Edward Gorey type picture of a dead tree. I like macawbre. One of my favorite poems is Edgar Alan Poe's "The Raven". I looked at the back cover:

Seeds of Deception: Planting Destruction of America's Children

Is the foundation of America sinking into a humanist philosophy?
Are American values and mores struggling for survival?
Are the voices of authority and discipline disappearing into an abuss of political correctness?
Is compromise the mission statement of our schools, families, churches, and communities?
Do you still ask yourself "How did Hitler win the minds of the people?"

Mind Control is a living rapidly expanding force in our world today. Nazi Germany had their "Hitler Youth," the Middle East has their "madrasas" and America has its SEED Program. SEED is uncompromising in reaching, grasping and catching all who enter its domain. It is quiet and secretive, giving love and acceptance to those who give up traditional values and morals.
The journey of one woman, asking why, discovers mind control of our American youth. Only worse, it's mind control that begins with parents, teachers, businesses, church leaders and the communities in which we live. Read compelling evidence of slow, methodical ways our Country is manipulated into transformation by SEED programs behind "closed" doors. Learn the truth behind Seeds of Deception's manipulative agents causing destruction of our most prized possessions, our children and grandchildren.

It sounds like the conspiracy theories spun by Julie Quist at Edwatch (Formerly the Maple River Education Coalition - or Mr Ed). This organization is an anti-gay organization that targets gay straight alliances in the public schools.

I am now reading the book to figure out what she means by mind control. I am also curious to find more information about exactly what the SEED program is. I have never heard of it before. So far, I get treated to prose like this describing education lobby day in California.

The day passed quickly, but the impact of the information stayed permanently. The negative changes had already occurred and were connected with a slow process of mind control that has been working in our country for quite some time. Pictures of Nazi Germany flashed in my head and I became anxious. Racing home from lobby day, I prayed to find relief. There was none. Tolerance, diversity, hate free programs, homosexuality and Marxist thinking were everywhere. The climate had changed in America and the victims were our youth. Visions of deceptive seeds planted took hold of my emotions; they were growing quickly. I turned on the radio finding some relief through conservative talk shows. Driving into the garage and watching the door close, I began to stretch my imagination. I reached for yesteryear and the memories of those times felt good!

I still don't have my questions answered: What is SEED? What is the Nazi Germany connection? What does Georgiana Preskar mean by mind control? And how did this pathetically written drivel get published?

Developing. . .

Friday, April 15, 2005

Strib Letters condemn Crow Wing County Republican Chairman


Bashed by the bosses

Judging by the response of the Crow Wing County Republican Party chairman at the news that Sen. Paul Koering is gay (Star Tribune, April 15), it seems the new sign at the Crow Wing County line should read: "Welcome to Crow Wing County -- Home of bigots, a designated center of ignorance on the edge of the big woods."

Brian Arnold, Mora, Minn.

Sen. Paul Koering announces he is gay, and who is it exactly that is trying to run him out of office that same day?

His constituents? Apparently not, because most of them seem adult enough to realize that his sexual orientation doesn't alter his integrity.

No, his new predators are the career politicians in the Republican Party. Instead of embracing one of their own who is going through a challenging time and accepting that Koering is a staunch supporter of other high-profile Republican issues, Crow Wing County Republican Chair Brian Lehman -- in true, not-so-subtle Republican form -- is already working to undermine his reelection.

All of this over one issue, one procedural vote. This is utterly despicable. It further proves that the leaders in today's Republican Party don't care about people, they only care about power. They only want yes-men in their ranks, not people who can form their own thoughts and opinions.

Joe Schlefke, St. Paul.

It seems the Republicans in Minnesota are ready to pull down the "big tent." That Crow Wing County Republican Party Chair Brian Lehman would pull his party's support of Sen. Paul Koering before the current session is even over shows how nasty and uncivil Republicans have become.

It is hard for Republicans to claim that there is room for everyone in the party if the retribution for a procedural vote -- oh, and maybe coming out as gay -- is so swift.

Ralph Wyman, Minneapolis.

Senate Minority Leader, Dick Day, stands by his man:

"I've known for a couple years," said Senate Minority Leader Dick Day, R-Owatonna. "Paul today is the same as he was yesterday. He does a good job for his district and that's all we care about."

Write Senator Day at to thank him setting an inclusive tone by the Senate GOP caucus when reacting to this news.

Koering Gets Warm Reception from Colleagues

So far, his Republican colleagues have been supportive. No comment from the hysterically anti-gay Senator Michele Bachmann.

After the brief legislative session, during which the first-term senator was nearly constantly the object of warm greetings, Koering joked: "Everybody loves me."

"If you liked Paul Koering on Wednesday, you should like Paul Koering on Thursday. Nothing has changed," he told a swarm of reporters and television photographers earlier.

His colleagues concurred.

"He is the same Sen. Koering he was yesterday," said Sen. Michelle Fischbach, R-Paynesville.

"The Paul Koering I know is a large teddy bear with a very big heart and he will always be the same," said Sen. Mady Reiter, R-Shoreview. Reiter said she didn't think any Senator's opinion would change simply because Koering talked about his sexual orientation to the news media.

Senate Minority Leader Dick Day, R-Owatonna, said Senate Republicans have long known Koering is gay and his caucus' support wouldn't evaporate.

"The reaction in his district is the most important part of this deal," said Day, who added that he hoped the Republican Party will not change its backing for Koering.

Koering said today he will run for re-election next year as a Republican.

"I feel like the Republican Party is big tent, and that there is a home for me in the Republican Party," said Koering. "I'm going to run, and I'm going to run damn hard."

The Party Chair in Crow Wing County isn't pleased, and calls for Koering's resignation.

Brian D. Lehman, Crow Wing County Republican Party chair, said Wednesday a lot of Crow Wing County residents are "very unhappy" with Sen. Paul Koering's break with the GOP on the Defense of Marriage Act and predicted his sexual orientation could cause political problems if it causes Koering to "vote the wrong way."

Koering, a first-term Republican senator from Fort Ripley, announced Wednesday he was gay. He voted no last week on a procedural motion that would have forced a floor vote on the Senate on the subject of same-sex marriage.

Lehman said it's too early to predict Koering's chances of gaining the Republican endorsement for another term.

"If his personal preference for the homosexual lifestyle sways his vote incorrectly and against the Republican Party platform, then I would take issue with that and I would think other people on the (county) executive committee might take issue with that and citizens in Crow Wing County and District 12," Lehman said.

The county chair said the Defense of Marriage Act was a top priority of the Republican Party and Koering would be advised to follow the Republican platform.

"We need him to be for DOMA," Lehman said.

Koering did the right thing and voted against putting the anti-gay amendment to the floor of the Senate. If people want to write him and thank him, he can be reached at:

Developing. . .

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Senator Paul Koering Comes Out

Raw Story and the Star Tribune have the scoop. He said slightly different things to the different reporters.

Raw Story:

As a farmer for fifteen years, Koering worked hard for his Senate seat, and the decision to announce that he is gay could mean he'll eventually be out of a job. He campaigned for the same seat for seven years, finally defeating a long-term incumbent in 2000.

"There were nights that I would finish milking and I would go to bed and I would cramp up – I would almost cry myself to sleep," he said of his long crusade for his seat.

After he lost an earlier election, he says, he "was in every parade with my float, I went to every church dinner, I went to every chamber function, I kissed every baby three times."

But the vote against the marriage amendment brought relief, he stated.

"I actually feel relieved that I voted the way I did, I feel like I made the right vote, and I wouldn’t change it," the senator told RAW STORY. "And I feel like I did do the right thing. And if in doing the right thing I get unelected, I guess that's fine with me. I can live with that."

"The only thing I’m worried about are the 83,000 people that I represent," he continued. "And I did talk to the chair of the Crowing Country Republicans and he said that the executive committee might consider asking for [my] resignation."

"I said, I don’t think that would be a good idea on your part," he added.

Koering says he supports the Defense of Marriage Act Minnesota has on its books, which prevents the state from recognizing gay marriages. But he feels that a constitutional amendment takes things too far. He says legalizing gay marriage at this point would be moving "too fast."

"Society just isn’t ready for that yet," he remarked. "You can only push things so far – things only change so fast. I think they’ve changed fast, and they're changing even faster, and there's a rush of these people to have a constitutional amendment because they know that society is changing and people's hearts are changing."


He is believed to the first openly gay Republican elected official in Minnesota, and his announcement could affect the tone of the stormy legislative debate over gay marriage.

However, Koering, 40, a businessman and former dairy farmer from Fort Ripley, said his "coming out" does not change his position that the state's voters should be allowed to decide whether to ban same-sex marriage, nor his basic conservative philosophy.

Rather, Koering said he wanted to put an end to rampant speculation -- in the Capitol, on websites and from constituents -- about his sexual orientation.

"I've always thought that my personal life was just that -- personal," Koering said. "But over the last couple of months there's been a gradual ramping up of calls and questions. And then with the vote that I took last week [breaking with Republicans on a procedural vote on the amendment], it sparked a frenzy of questions." Family, close friends and associates in Brainerd, and GOP Senate colleagues all knew that he was gay, Koering said.

"My decision to come out publicly allows me to answer all the questions that need to be answered. I'm hoping to put all this behind me by the end of the week and resume doing the job that my district is paying me for," he said.

Koering also acknowledged that his political career could be in peril. His central Minnesota district, competitive on a partisan basis, is considered very conservative on social issues such as abortion and gay rights. But he says if he loses his seat in 2006, it won't be the end of the world.

"This is not a live-or-die job with me," Koering said. "I love it; I'm fortunate to have it. I ran for it three times in seven years. But if I don't come back here, life is going to go on."

So he's saying different things to Raw Story than he said to the Star Tribune.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Leviticus Crowd Chooses Hitler's Birthday to Hold Anti-gay Rally

Several Lloydletta readers have pointed out that the upcoming anti-gay rally at the Minnesota state capitol is going to be held on Hitler's birthday. Andy talks about the effort to keep the hate under wraps. They don't want a repeat of the signs featured at their rally last year. Will Senator Bachmann encourage them to "storm the capitol" again?

Wingnut Daily Blogger, Vox Day: Women shouldn't be Voting

You've got to read it to believe it. Andy, PZ Meyers at Pharyngula and Orac all comment.

Fact is stranger than fiction.

Dobson compares Judiciary to the Klan

Via Talking Points Memo:

Genuine, certified nutcase. James Dobson compares the "men in white robes, the Ku Klux Klan" to the "black-robed men" on the Supreme Court.

You can hear the replay of the show here -- and advance to timestamp 22:52.

First they came for Spongebob ...

Choose the "judicial activism" show.

Swiftee Drags up Old Stuff

Since Swiftee is bringing up the USQueers story again, I'll respond again. I recently found an email, I sent to Rep Trovillion (who was one of the people listed on the page that was wishing death on "christohet supremacists").

I've been criticized for being involved with the US Queers website. I never was involved with the USQueers website. I wrote the email appended in November of 2001 - after I'd read about the controversial page wishing for the deaths of "Christohet Supremacists". I did sign up for the usqueers elist after reading about the site.

Here's the article attacking me on this: (It's the first thing that pops up when you search on "Eva Young Log Cabin Republicans"). Worldnet Daily later picked up this story, without independently calling me to fact check. I wrote a letter to Worldnet Daily in response, which notably, they never published.

Peter LaBarbera had interviewed me for this "story" - and I told him that I'd condemned the sentiments expressed on this site at the time on the queerpolitics list - and he asked me the archives were still available so he could check for this. The archives are not. Recently I did locate an email I sent at the time to Rep Trovillion in Florida, who was listed on the USA Queers site. I include the entire text of the email below.

From: Eva Young
To: Rep. Trovillion
Date: Wed Nov 28, 2001 12:47 pm
Subject: Fw: Homosexual Hit List Targets Leaders For Death (fwd)

Dear Rep. Trovillion:

While I disagree with your position on homosexuality, I am appalled to see that you are listed on the "" website which was brought to my attention by an article in the Conservative News Service.

See the text appended to this message to see what the page says, and how you are listed on the page.

I have signed on to a letter which is appended which asked Ross to take down this hateful site.

Eva Young
Minneapolis, MN
Log Cabin Republicans Member

1. Text from site, and your listing on the site.
2. Text of open letter by many gay activists condemning the violent sentiments expressed on this site as well as asking the site owner, B.
Allan Ross to take the site down.

1. Het Supremacists Who Have Earned A Horrible Death (Soon) Really, They Deserve It does not authorize, ratify, or directly or indirectly threaten or encourage acts of violence toward the people or organizations on this list. Our sincere wishes -- that these viciously anti-Queer crusaders die soon -- stop at wishes. Wishes have no power.

For those visiting this list who don't "get it," follow the link below to More Info and read. From that page, you can visit The Nuremberg Files for yourself.

Still stumped? Read the entire three pages that list the people killed since Matthew Shepherd (Murdered Queers), whose names you've never heard. Read the whole list, and look at the faces of our murdered family members. You still don't get it? Or you get it but are still more outraged at this one page full of bad wishes toward certain powerful, very public people than you are at three pages full of murderous reality? Can't help you.

Following the example of The Nuremberg Files, if a person on the following list dies (preferably a horrible death), a line will be drawn through their name (and they will probably be added to our Good Riddance! list.)

If a person on this list is merely wounded or debilitated in some way, we will change the color of their name to brown.

NOTE (this section inspired by this page's "How You Can Help"): The type of information we might be listing here (if it comes in -- none has since this page went online in March 2001) includes Home Address, Home Phone, Office Address, Office Phone, Studio Address, Church Address, Girlfriend's Address, Boyfriend's Address, Favorite Hangouts (restaurants, etc.), Family Members, details about automobiles, just about anything which could be useful in spotting these dangerous christohet supremacists when they are wandering around loose.

Allen Trovillion, 74
Florida State Representative (R- Winter Park)
Capitol Office: Room 210 House Office Building
402 S. Monroe St, Tallahassee FL 32399-1300
District Office: *********deleted************
Email: ********deleted***********

Serves as the chair of the Florida State Tourism
Committee. He verbally attacked a group of Queer high school students during a previously announced "Lobby Day." This scum publically humiliated them and instilled within them a fear of their own representatives to the U.S. government.

2. Text of letter condemning the site. I have signed onto this letter.

We the undersigned cannot remain silent in the knowledge that a call for violence against certain opponents of civil rights for gay people has been issued. We find it abhorrent that a page on a web-site hosted by B. Allen Ross, is a thinly veiled attempt to motivate queer people, frustrated at the slow movement towards full equality in this society, to the commission of violent acts against those perceived as "enemies" of our community.

We as individuals and organizations represent many diverse and sometimes opposing views as to what path of action is most effective toward the goal of full equality for queer people. While we may have our disagreements and political differences, we all agree on one principle; there is no room in this civil rights struggle for hatred and violence. We urge all queer people not to lower themselves to the level of our most extremist foes who preach and practice violence against us. To resort to violent acts against those who do not agree with us is not only counter-productive, but is as morally wrong as that violence which all too often is aimed at members of our community.

To Mr. Ross we say please take down that offensive web page before blood is spilled. You are doing the community you claim to want to help a great disservice by displaying that message of hate where it is likely to be seen by someone naive enough or mentally unbalanced enough to act on it.

To those individuals who are targeted on the web site we apologize. While we may strongly disagree with your ideas and viewpoints, we most emphatically wish you and your loved ones no harm.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Mike vs Mike

Mike Demmons at Gay Orbit sharply criticizes Mike Rogers and John Aravosis here. Demmons manages to call out Rogers here.

New Video from "Minnesotans for Marriage"

I got an alert from the so-called "Minnesota for Marriage" group - which is a front group for the Anti-gay Minnesota Family Council. Where is the Minnesota for Marriage - and Minnesotans in Defense of Marriage on gambling? After all gambling has a record of destroying marriages. Gambling destroys families. The house author of this bill wasn't able to demonstrate how the possibility of gay marriage gets any heterosexual couples not to divorce.

This video (done by Unity Works - the company for whom Bachmann did the testimonial from the senate floor) also shows footage of Bachmann being so out of order again on the Senate floor.

The video encourages people to call the senators at home. There is no effort to tell people - call ONLY your state senator.

Minnesotans for Marriage also has a pdf alert on their site encouraging people to call their state senator to rant about the need for the anti-gay anti-family amendment.