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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Donald Bellfield for City Council

Members of the LCR board met with Donald Bellfield on Thursday, August 18th to discuss his candidacy for the 8th Ward council seat in Minneapolis. We're pleased to announce that we're endorsing his candidacy, and look forward to supporting him in the days leading up to the September 13th primary.

He faces a crowded field of candidates on September 13th. The DFL did not endorse. There are 4 Democratic candidates running, plus some Green and non-affiliated candidates. Donald has been door-knocking specifically to Republican-identified households, hoping that the DFL candidates will split the vote and he'll be able to win one of the top two spots.

Donald holds a bachelor's degree in Urban Studies from Mankato State University, and has earned a public policy certificate from the Humphrey Institute. A 30 year employee of the Metropolitan Council, he currently focuses on transit issues and has a broad range of experience in budgeting, research and planning.

An outgoing, enthusiastic fellow, Donald is the type of candidate we want to encourage. Describing himself as an 'Arne Carlson Republican', his priorities are fiscal responsibility, public safety and economic development. He is fully supportive of the current city policies on GLBT issues related to hiring, domestic partnerships, employee benefits, etc.

If you're an 8th Ward resident and want to find out more about Donald's campaign, contact me at We'll post updates on the campaign as the days roll along.

Mark Hanson
Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota PAC

Congressman and US Senate Candidate Mark Kennedy Bears False Witness to Constitutent

Republican Congressman Mark Kennedy along with Democrat Colin Peterson are original co-sponsors of the Federal Bachmann Amendment. According to a friend of mine who has lobbied Peterson on the issue, Peterson believes that gay people don't live in his district.

Karl Bremer, a Stillwater Resident and Kennedy constituent recently got this oped published in the Stillwater Gazette.


Congressman Mark Kennedy was caught this week selectively editing newspaper articles about himself to improve his image and then placing the edited articles on his campaign Web site. But selective editing to burnish his image is nothing new for Kennedy. He does the same thing with his voting record when communicating with constituents.

In June, I wrote to Kennedy and urged him to support H.R. 1157, the "Freedom to Read Protection Act." The measure would amend the Patriot Act to protect the privacy of bookstore and library patrons from the prying eyes of the government, and curtail the FBI's ability to seize library and bookstore records for terrorism investigations.

Kennedy responded recently, and upon my first reading of his letter, left the clear impression that he was on my side.

"Like you, I believe that protecting the privacy of American citizens is one of the highest priorities for Congress," Kennedy began. "America was founded upon the principle that every individual has a right to live their life and conduct their own affairs in a peaceful and lawful manner without the specter of Big Brother government supervision. This is especially true in an age where advances in technology have made it possible to track and record information like never before.

"This same technology has also made it easier for criminals and those who wish to do us harm to carry out their misdeeds, something which should concern every American. However, I have long believed that Benjamin Franklin had it right when he said 'they that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.' That's why I am committed to guaranteeing that in the government's efforts to fight the war on terrorism and secure our homeland, essential civil liberties are not sacrificed."

Wow, I thought, that sounds pretty good to me.

Kennedy went on to describe Rep. Bernie Sanders' "Freedom to Read Protection Act" and its legislative history, even noting that Sanders' amendment to prevent the federal government from spending any money to enforce that section of the Patriot Act had passed this year.

"Be assured," he concluded, "that should H.R. 1157 come to the House Floor for a vote, I will keep your views in mind."

But after re-reading Rep. Kennedy’s letter, I noticed something peculiar: he never told me whether he actually supported the "Freedom to Read Protection Act," or how he had voted on the Sanders amendment.

After researching the legislative history of the measure myself, I found that my congressman wasn't entirely forthcoming about his position on it. In fact, he neglected to tell me he had already voted against the measure twice.

Sanders first offered his amendment to the 2005 appropriations bill for the Departments of Commerce, State, Justice and the Judiciary. That bill died July 8, 2004, on a controversial 210-210 tie vote in which House Republicans extended the voting time by 23 minutes in order to change some GOP lawmakers’ minds. They were successful. That was Kennedy’s first vote against it.

Sanders reintroduced his bill this year and offered it as a similar amendment to the 2006 appropriations bill for Science, the Departments of State, Justice, and Commerce, and related agencies. This time he was successful, and it passed June 15 on a 238-187. Again, Kennedy voted against it.

Now, I didn't just roll off the turnip truck; I'm not so naïve to believe that Rep. Kennedy would necessarily highlight our points of disagreement. But I would expect him to at least admit that he already had voted against the measure and attempt to defend his vote.

Such a glaring omission is disingenuous at best, and borders on dishonesty. But like his misleading Web site, Kennedy chose to mislead his constituents on his votes to let the government peek into your library and bookstore records.

Unfortunately, it's what we in the 6th District have come to expect from our congressman. Mark Kennedy is a poor excuse for a U.S. Representative, and would make an even poorer excuse for a U.S. Senator, which is what he’s aspiring to become. It would behoove Minnesotans statewide who don’t know the deceptive ways of Mark Kennedy to scratch below the surface before they give him the benefit of the doubt?or their vote.

Limited government conservatives should support Bernie Sanders bill.

IDiocy from the Family Research Council and Senator Bill Frist

KKK List Buyer, and Bachmann Amendment Rally Keynote Speaker, Tony Perkins takes a break from gays to rant about Intelligent Design Creationism.

August 19, 2005
Federal Investigation Confirms Retaliation for Intelligent Design Article

For a biologist to be expertly trained in the theory of evolution is apparently not enough for some people. It's also necessary to agree with the politically correct science police that critical viewpoints must be silenced--completely. That's the only possible explanation for what happened to Richard Sternberg. He holds not one, but two Ph.D.'s in evolutionary biology, works for the National Institutes of Health, and in 2000 won a prestigious appointment as a research associate at the Smithsonian Institution. He also became editor of a scientific journal. In that role, he accepted for publication an article that spoke favorably of "intelligent design"--the belief that the complexity and diversity of life on earth cannot be explained by the operation of random processes alone.

The article passed "peer review," as scientific journal articles must--but the same cannot be said for Mr. Sternberg. An investigation by the federal Office of Special Counsel has confirmed that Sternberg was subjected to "retaliation . . . in many forms," including the spread of lies about him both within and outside the Smithsonian. In fact, Sternberg says that he was virtually driven out of the building, because "they could not guarantee me that they could keep order." To allow free debate over this controversy would appear to be both more tolerant and more scientific.

Washington Post Article is here. Intelligent Design "theory" is creationism. It's just dressed up with lots of PR. That being said, I'd be interested in finding out more about this.

Senator Majority Leader Bill Frist has weighed into this effort to put pseudoscience in science classes. Frist is rapidly losing credibility on scientific issues. Recall the video "diagnosis" of Terri Schiavo? PZ Myers has more.

UPDATE: Panda's Thumb has the real story.

Call Legislators to Tell them NO on the Stadium Session

U of MN Alumni Association Email Urges Members to call Legislators to encourage the Stadium Session

Help bring Gopher football back to campus! As you know, the State Legislature adjourned on July 13 without taking up any stadium bills. Before more time slips by, ask Governor Pawlenty and your legislators to call a special session to approve funding for the state's share of a new Gopher football stadium. To e-mail the governor and your legislators, visit Thank you for your help and support. Go Gophers!

EY: Dan Dobson is right. I'd encourage calls to Senator Dean Johnson's Office, Sviggum's Office and Pawlenty's Office - urging them to say Just Say No to a stadium session.

Steve Sviggum was on AM 1280. The "Ox" is substituting for David Strom.

Perhaps a Minneapolis Legislator could propose the following:

Exclude Minneapolis from the stadium tax - we voted against tax increases to subsidize stadiums years ago.

Include Dakota County (where the Governor lives), Kandiyohi County (where Majority Leader and supporter of sticking it to Hennepin County - and specifically Minneapolis) Dean Johnson lives, and Goodhue County where Speaker Sviggum lives in this sales tax increase - say up it to 2 % in those areas to make up for leaving the overburdened Minneapolis taxpayers out.

County Commissioner Mark Stenglein has a conflict of interest on this issue, and should recuse himself from voting on it.

Jerry called in and suggested that Hennepin County residents contribute to an effort to defeat both Steve Sviggum and Dean Johnson (in the model of Tom Daschle). I'd add to this list Tim Pawlenty, as long as he is supporting sticking it to Hennepin County taxpayers.

Steve Sviggum was talking about how this was a good way to support a stadium, and not have it come out of your pocket. Well it's a way for the taxpayers in Greater Minnesota to stick it to Minneapolis - the economic engine of the state.

Just say no to a special session.

Governor: 651-296-3391
Speaker Sviggum: 651-296-2273
Senator Majority Leader Dean Johnson: 651-296-3826

Dick Day is coming up next on the patriot..... Call up 651-296-9457

Call the Patriot 651-289-4488. Tell Senator Day to Just Say NO to a stadium session.

Complete Text of Air America Minnesota's Guns, Gays and Abortion Gag Rule Memo

UPDATED AND BUMPED: Retired Old Rat comments:

Why is the memo dated August 17 if it was sent out in May, as the email suggests?

That's because the memo is set in Microsoft word to open and post the current date. In Properties/Statistics, the memo says created May 4 and printed May 4, 2005.

I received this memo from my source, memogatekeeper.




DATE: August 17, 2005


This memorandum sets forth JR Broadcasting’s policy regarding certain programming. This memorandum is intended to address certain issues and not as a comprehensive statement of all programming policy. Specific questions should be directed to the station manager.

If any programming is broadcast in violation of this policy, the responsible party or parties will be subject to sanction, up to and including termination of employment or contract, and indemnification of any party harmed as a result of such violation.

1. Laws and Regulations

It is the policy of JR Broadcasting that its programming will comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and orders at all times. Nothing in this policy statement should be interpreted to authorize or support programming that is not in compliance with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and orders.

2. Contests

JR Broadcasting will not permit any contests or other giveaways without prior approval, in writing, from the station manager.

3. Political Candidates

JR Broadcasting does not permit appearances by political candidates, except as follows:

(1) The station manager must be notified in advance in writing (email will suffice) of the appearance of a political candidate; and

(2) All applicable laws, rules, regulations and orders must be complied with, including, without limitation, the FCC's Political Broadcast Rules; and

(3) The candidate must complete the JR Broadcasting “Political Candidate Appearance” form. Copies and completed forms are kept at the receptionist desk.

(4) If an opposing candidate requests equal opportunity within seven days of the appearance of the candidate, equal time must be given and the "Political Candidate Appearance" form must be filed out.

A broad summary of the FCC's Political Broadcast Rules follow. Specific questions may be directed to the station manager.


. Definition of a Use. A Use is any positive appearance of a legally qualified candidate (LQC) whose voice or likeness is either identified or is readily identifiable.

Legally Qualified Candidate. A Legally Qualified Candidate (LQC) is one who has (1) publicly announced his intention to seek the office or nomination; and (2) would be qualified to hold the office: and (3) be qualified for the ballot (or a write-in).

Effect of a Use. A Use triggers the application of equal time opportunities; prohibition of censorship, and other requirements.

Equal Opportunity Doctrine. The equal opportunity rules require a station to present access to its airways to opposing candidates in a comparable way. For example, the time must be sold or given free, depending on how the first candidate received access.

The opposing candidate can request equal opportunity, but must make that request within seven days. An opposing candidate is the candidate’s opponent in the next election, whether it be a primary election or general election. Accordingly, in a two-party primary, Democrats do not have Republican opponents and vice versa, until the primary is finished. After the primary, the Democrats and Republicans become opposing candidates.

Exempt. Certain uses are exempt and do not trigger equal time. An exempt use is one in connection with a bona fide news event, bona fide news interview, bona fide newscast or bona fide news documentary.

Censorship. Stations are prohibited from editing candidate commercials, and therefore are not responsible for the content thereof. Stations may edit exempt uses and they are responsible for the content of those. In any case, a station may add a required disclosure (e.g. "paid for by _______") if the candidate’s commercial does not contain the required disclosure.

4. Defamation

Under no circumstances will JR Broadcasting tolerate defamation of any person. Broadly speaking, "defamation" is defined in two ways, depending on the person being discussed.

If the person being discussed is a private person, then "defamation" can be any untrue statement or fact about that person which tends to harm that person's reputation or image in the community.

If the person is a public figure, "defamation" includes untrue statements of fact about the person which tend to harm the person's reputation or image in the community if the person making the statement actually knows or reasonably should know that the statement is untrue, or recklessly disregards the truthfulness of the statement.

5. Indecency

The FCC is now enforcing its decency rules (47 CFR 73.3999) more strictly than ever.

Violation of the FCC's decency rules arises when any material (1) describes or depicts sexual or excretory organs or activities; and (2) is patently offensive as measured by contemporary community standards for the broadcast medium.

It is the policy of JR Broadcasting that broadcast of indecent material will not be tolerated. Any material that violates the FCC's indecency standard, as set forth above, will also violate JR Broadcasting's policy. In addition, JR Broadcasting’s policy is more strict than the FCC's policy. Any of the following material will be considered to be a violation of JR Broadcasting's policy whether or not the same rises to the level of violation of the FCC's policies:

(a) Use of any of the word "fuck" or any of its derivatives, including without limitation, currently popular derivatives like "effenheimer", "f u" or "effing";

So does that preclude reference to the "F-bomb"?

(b) Any reference to a sexual or excretory organ or act, (including without limitation words like "dick", "ass", "shit" "blowjob", "cunt" "cocksucker" or "tits") whether or not such reference rises to the level of a violation of the FCC’s policies; or

Wonder what would happen if a host referred to the word "Choad".

(c)Any derogatory or discriminatory reference to a person based on race, gender, sexual orientation or religious belief.

6. Certain Subjects Prohibited

JR Broadcasting will not permit discussion of the issues of gun control, abortion, or gay marriage. It is the policy of JR Broadcasting that discussion around these issues tend to be more sensationalistic than substantial. In order to provide for reasoned, substantial discussion of other issues, JR Broadcasting prohibits discussion of gun control, abortion, or gay marriage. Exceptions to this policy can be obtained prior to broadcast by request in writing to the station manager.

7. Resale of Broker Time

Time Brokers are not permitted to resell or assign their time. This policy should not be read to prohibit sale of advertising, where allowed by the time broker’s contract.

8. Advertising Policy

JR Broadcasting is a broadcaster with a point of view. Our mission includes, from time to time, taking positions on certain issues of local and national importance. Whether or not JR Broadcasting takes a position on an issue, it reserves the right to reject advertising from interests groups who do not share its point of view.

Any station has the right to reject advertising for whatever reason.

JR Broadcasting always complies with its obligations under all laws, rules and regulations, including the Federal Communication Commission's political advertising rules. Accordingly, nothing in this policy should be read otherwise. If enforcement of this policy would result in a violation of any law, rule or regulation, that law, rule or regulation will control.

JR Broadcasting brokers certain time to guest hosts and other programs. In most situations, JR Broadcasting can control the programming and commercial content broadcast during that time. In cases where JR Broadcasting cannot effectively control the content, it will be the policy of JR Broadcasting to request such programming be removed from its airwaves.

If advertising or programming of any kind is false, inaccurate or misleading in the judgment of management, JR Broadcasting will take steps within its power to remove such advertising or programming from the air.



Created: May 4, 2005
Printed: May 4, 2005

The cover letter was sent on May 4:

From: Janet Robert, Manager []
Sent: Wednesday, May 04, 2005 3:59 PM
To: Corinne Hoeft; Darin Broton; Derek Toutges; Laura Hedlund; Marie; 'Nick Coleman'; Raleigh Wolpert; Shari McCoul; Tim Dennis; 'Tom Kennedy'; Wendy Wilde
Subject: Broadcast Guidelines


With the help of our attorney I have finalized Broadcast Guidelines for the station that are designed to give guidance to all our hosts on FCC and our guidelines on a variety of subjects such as indecency, political candidates and equal time, advertising, and other issues.

The last two forms are important because we need to keep records of free air time provided to all candidates. We must also track and provide equal time for their opponents.

Anyone who answers the phone and receives a request for equal time must fill out the form. Producers and hosts who book guests will want to be aware of the need to provide equal time.

If we get complaints about anything regarding our station, please let me know immediately in writing, either by tracking it on a Phone Call form or by emailing me. Please get their name and phone number.

Producers who book guest hosts while Wendy and Nick are out of town and salespersons who sell brokered time need to get the guidelines to the hosts.

Please take the time to read them and let me know if you have any feedback.

Janet Robert, Manager KTNF
AM 950 Air America Minnesota
JR Broadcasting LLC
11320 Valley View Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Fax 952-946-0888

Nick also told me that Janet Robert personally handed him a copy.

Curiouser and Curiouser

From the Michele Bachmann for Congress website:

Bachmann Announces Bid for 6th District
Monday, 14 February 2005

The State Senate's Republican Assistant leader for policy says that she wants to be a "part of positive change in Washington."

Note to the Senator's Campaign Manager Brad Biers: You might want to update the site. To contact Brad Biers, you can reach him at:

Hat Tip: Minnesota Lefty Liberal.

Blogger Berg Defends His "Cindy Sheehan got divorced" post

From Whine in the Dark:

August 19, 2005
Sheehan: In Case You Missed It

I haven't written a whole lot about Cindy Sheehan. She's a grieving parent. My imagination stalls out at the notion of trying to comprehend the grief of a bereaved parent, especially the parent of a child killed in a war.

People asked - repeatedly - as in, over and over - "why are you bringing up her divorce filing? It's not germane!" The question betrays either a gap in reading comprehension, or an ideologically-based inability to follow an argument; my posting questioned Dang If I Know's take on the filing. It seemed fishy. It had nothing whatever to do with Sheehan.

I commented:

As I said before Mitch - bringing up her divorce has absolutely nothing to do with the issues she raises. It's an ad hominem - and nasty personal attack. You didn't just link to this from Danged if I know - you posted it once, then bumped it up - and the part of the post visible from the front page clearly showed this was about a divorce filing.

I know you are capable of better argument than that.

Here's Mitch's original post.

There are rather strange rationalizations of bringing up this issue:

Would you mind explaining the importance of whether or not Sheehan is married or divorced?
Posted by: MOM at August 15, 2005 02:32 PM

Would you mind explaining the importance of whether or not Sheehan is married or divorced?

The media seems to think it is important to show her family story in regards to her activism and son's death. And Ms. Sheehan herself seems more than willing to share information on the subject as she did with Time Magazine and the NY Times.,9171,1093760,00.html

I know that's not the answer you were looking for.

Then there's this argument - the divorce shows her family doesn't agree with her:


One might suspect the answer you were looking for is "her relationship with her family is irrelevant to what's going on in Crawford, and the right are all ignorant knuckle-draggers for bringing it up!".

The fact that her family - the father, siblings, aunts uncles and cousins - of her late son repudiate her grandstanding, increasingly-bizarre actions, while those on her side are increasingly anti-war, anti-America zealots, is not going to get on the network news, but it's crucial to understanding why the mainstream media has latched onto this story, and can not be trusted to tell the whole story.


Don't tell me, MOM, that you support her Ms. Sheehan's anti-semitic ranting. Do you?

Well I added my two cents:

Why are you getting into digging up divorce records, Mitch?

Clearly many things could cause this divorce - especially Cindy spending so much time away from home.

When one spouse gets into the public eye, that is hard on the marriage.

I haven't followed this Cindy Sheehan story too much - it seems to be a distraction on the real issues.

I don't really care whether they are divorcing or not - that's between the Sheehans.
Posted by: Eva Young at August 16, 2005 12:32 AM

Berg gets defensive:

"Why are you getting into digging up divorce records, Mitch?"

Eva, your reading comprehension remains as fuzzy as your ethics.

For starters, *I* didn't dig up anything.

Second - read the post. Perhaps for the first time. I posted it because *It Seemed Fishy*. HENCE THE TITLE OF THE POST. Something didn't seem right at first read. *It seemed bogus*, and I wanted to do some digging. One of my readers did that for me, and I posted that my suspicions were in error.

Let's see - dubious comprehension, which sends you off on tangents to make unsubstantiable conclusions - wow. You should write a political pressure blog.
Posted by: mitch

Well look at the post - see it for yourself. Maybe Mitch didn't find the divorce record, but he sure wants to spread the news.

As I said before, this is a new low for Mitch Berg, and he's digging in.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Log Cabin Republicans of Minnesota PAC Endorsed Don Bellfield for 8th Ward City Council

From: "Mark Hanson"
Subject: Thank you from the Log Cabin Republicans
Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 22:52:40 -0500

Donald and Wendy

Thank you again for taking the time to meet with us and present your campaign for the 8th Ward City Council seat.

You made an impressive case, and we're pleased to endorse your run for office. Congratulations.

Also, let me know what we can do in the next few weeks in terms of volunteer help, and if you have any fundraising events scheduled.

Thanks again

Mark Hanson

From: Donald Bellfield
To: Mark Hanson
Sent: Friday, August 19, 2005 8:50 AM
Subject: RE: Thank you from the Log Cabin Republicans


Thank you so much for the endorsement! Wendy and I both enjoyed meeting with your Board last night and we look forward to working with your organization. Please come to any or all of the following events. In addition, we will be needing some help with phone calling and maybe a literature drop before the primary. And, of course, contributions and letters to the editor are always welcome!

On Saturday, August 20th, I will be at a candidates forum at the Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, 3805 3rd Ave. S. from 4-6 pm. On Monday, August 22, the Startribune will be holding a candidate interview for endorsement before the primary. That will be at 425 Portland from 4-5:30. I will include your endorsement in the Strib's Voters Guide. There is a possible fundraiser at our treasurer's home (my brother) on August 27th. On 9/6 the Southwest Journal and Southside Pride will be holding a candidate forum at Martin Luther King Park, 40th and Nicollet, from 7-9 pm. And on Wednesday, 9/7 there is a candidate fair at DeLaSalle H.S. at 7:00pm.

Thanks again,
Donald Bellfield


St Paul Mayoral candidate, Elizabeth Dickenson has gotten the endorsement of the Minnesota Women's Political Caucus Political Action Committee. I am on the board of the Minnesota Women's Political Caucus - and like to promote the MWPC-PAC endorsed candidates.

From a post to the St Paul Issues List:

But for the moment, inspired by his effort, please let me offer -- as a personal statement, not Official Campaign Literature --


1. She takes stands for what she believes in, whether or not it will be popular with any individual or group. You can hire for your mayor a politician who puts his finger in the wind or goes where his big donor power brokers want him to go, or you can hire someone who's proven that she sticks to her guns -- and that what she wants is what's best for her city. You can hire someone who likes to play politics -- or you can hire someone who wants to transform it.

2. She's done more for St. Paul out of office than many politicians have done during a lifetime in office: she gave thousands of hours (yes, thousands) of her time without compensation to get the High Bridge and Riverside and King power plants cleaned up so your kids would have air to breathe that wouldn't cause asthma, and so older folk and people with heart or lung conditions wouldn't have attacks triggered by coal-based pollution. She's also a force behind the planned renegotiation of
the Xcel Energy franchise... and she'll be a lot more of a force in the mayor's office.

3. When she says she cares about the people, she means it. During her near-upset 2003 run for the Ward 2 city council seat -- a race she ran on just under $10,000, not a dime of it from PACs or corporate special interests -- she knocked on nearly every single family door in her ward. You'd see her at events like the sendoff for the immigrant workers' rights bus ride to Washington. Other politicians would be hobnobbing with the Anglo "players" who helped organize the event; Elizabeth would
spend a few minutes with the organizers, then she'd dust off her high school Spanish and talked to the people on the bus.

4. She has better, more original, more creative ideas than anyone else in the race. She's proposed renegotiating Xcel's franchise in a way that would give the city an extra $1-2 million per year -- plus cleaner energy and more street lights -- and cost the average ratepayer roughly a dollar a month... a dollar they wouldn't have to pay if they're low-income, and could easily avoid paying (even if they're rich) if the
dollar's important enough to them to take simple steps and conserve energy.

5. She's got more guts than Kelly and Coleman combined. She's risked everything to run for office because she was asked -- by longtime DFLers as well as Greens -- to get into the race. She gave up a good job that was her household's primary source of income (her employer wouldn't give her a leave of absence; their loss)... and (with her husband's agreement and support) she put everything on the line to give the people of St. Paul a real, meaningful choice and a shot at electing a truly progressive candidate. What have the two guys put at risk to run?

6. She's not anti-development, but she wants the neighborhoods, not the big developers, to take the lead in deciding what "improvements" will truly work for the city, and what won't. She's been on a District Council (and co-chaired its Environment Committee), and she wants all the community councils at the table and engaged when the future shape of the city is being decided.

7. She has life experience broader and deeper than Coleman or Kelly have in their dreams. At 45 she's been a factory worker, a teacher in England and Massachusetts, an ace temp, a professional actor from Boston to Hollywood to Excelsior (member of three AFL-CIO performers' unions), a counselor of low-income women in LA and substance abusers in Boston, a writer, and a Community Affairs Organizer and Capitol lobbyist. She knows what it means to work for a living, and she also knows the astonishing value of freedom to go after work you love -- and she wants St. Paul to be a city that offers that kind of opportunity to everyone, no matter where they're starting from.

8. She's a whole lot better gardener than Kelly or Coleman. "Blooming St. Paul"? -- Ever seen either of the two guys on their knees helping to weed the Garden of Good Hearts in the District Del Sol? I didn't think so. (Seen the flowers in Elizabeth's yard?) -- Who do you think will work hardest and best with Parks and Rec? Who'll really care more about how St. Paul looks and feels?

9. She manages money better than Coleman or Kelly, because she has to: she won't take dollars from special interests, so she ran her '03 city council campaign on about one-fifth of Dave Thune's budget (and about one-tenth of Christine Nelson's, if you include independent expenditures by the Chamber) and she still nearly knocked Dave out in the primary. She'll run this race on a fraction of a fraction of what the guys will spend. Who do you want in charge of the city budget, someone used to virtually unlimited political income, or someone who spends every dollar like it's the last one in the till?

10. She knows what it means to make creativity, commitment and hard work take the place of money: when Elizabeth came here, with-spouse she did most of the work to fix up a 1911 house that looked, in the words of one friend, "like a slum dwelling." In four years it was on the Home Tour. (She still has the certificate posted in its kitchen, complete with Randy Kelly's signature.)

11. At the same time she watches every dollar, she knows that some things really, truly, honest to God, are more important than money. Like your kids and their future health and welfare and well-being, _including_ their economic well-being. She is the one true visionary in this race... and she's a visionary with her feet on the ground.

12. She respects and gets along with just about everyone she's ever met, whether they agree with her or not. Go ask some of the Republican legislators over at the Capitol -- the ones who didn't vote her way -- how they feel about her both as a person and as a professional lobbyist for the MN AIDS Project. Who do you want trying to work with your city councilmember, someone with old baggage who reopens old political wounds, or someone who makes each member of the council feel listened to and treated like a human being when she talks with them?

13. She wants St. Paul to become the Clean Energy Capital of the Midwest, getting 25% of its power from renewables like wind. (That's a business-attracting national profile, and a city identity we can be proud of.) It's not just about cleaner air -- as if that wouldn't be enough for a city that's now having air quality alerts in the middle of the winter -- it's about stabilizing energy prices so businesses that locate here know their energy costs won't go through the roof as natural gas -- and coal, and oil -- continue to climb. _Wind is free fuel._

14. She appreciates the city's firefighters the way you only can if you've had a personal experience of what they do: firefighters saved her home near LA when she had to evacuate during the 1993 Topanga-Malibu fire. Not only will she fight for the funding the department needs, but you will see Mayor Dickinson _in the firehouses_ expressing her appreciation and respect for the crews -- and rebuilding the morale damaged by four years of disrespect and neglect.

15. She hates Wal-Martization, and she loves small, smart businesses. She literally made the movie about Wal-Mart -- a documentary short called "Always Low," so good it's being distributed from here to the West Coast. Like the feel of Grand Avenue? Vote for Elizabeth, 'cause she'll help keep it feeling that way.

16. She takes the long view of our security. She wants the funds the SPPD needs for today, _and_ -- the moreso because of her work as a counselor, especially in LA -- she knows you can't just reduce crime through law enforcement. You have to invest the money now in everything from better schools to better recreational programs if you want to have fewer gangs, less crime, and a more welcoming city tomorrow.

17. She's always agreed, categorically, with the majority of St. Paulites that billionaire owners of sports teams should put up the money for their own damned stadiums.

18. She voted for Jay Benanav for mayor in 2001, not Randy Kelly.

19. She's always backed a smoking ban in restaurants and bars. No employee should have to breathe in carcinogens daily as a condition of employment. It's nuts.

20. She didn't support George W. Bush in 2004.

21. She won't ask Tim Pawlenty to help her raise money. (21a.) Or Richard Daley, either.

22. She drives a Prius. She puts her money where her mouth is.

23. She inspires people. Even an experienced political reporter like Tim Nelson of the PiPress marvels at her ability to "orate" (see post at ). In St. Paul -- with its nearly lifelong identity crisis from sitting next door to its bigger, badder sibling city -- she can generate civic unity and pride, and forge a nationally-recognized identity, in a way Kelly or Coleman never can. Compared to her, the guys are about as inspiring as dead oatmeal.

24. She's the smartest candidate in this race, period. Her B.Ed. (Honours) is from Cambridge University in England, one of the finest educational institutions in the world. Her M.A. -- in counseling psychology -- is from highly-regarded Lesley College in another Cambridge, the one in Massachusetts.

25. In 150 years as a city (okay, 151), St. Paul has never yet had a woman mayor. It now has a serious woman mayoral candidate who is smart, deeply principled, knowledgable about government, articulate and inspiring, increasingly popular, and absolutely committed to the city and its people. What the heck are we waiting for, Jane Goodall?? Mother Teresa to come back and run?? Isn't it about time to put a woman in the mayor's chair, _now_??

Christopher Childs, West Side
Married to the candidate for 18 years
Green former DFLer who usually still votes for Democrats unless they are functional Republicans
Dickinson for Mayor _volunteer_


Stupidity at its finest

Today the Star Tribune published an article regarding the analysis of two top state officials who state that "Minnesota is a rich state, but could face a more troubled future unless it invests in things like schools. Tom Gillaspy, State Demographer and Tom Stinson, Sate Economist are neither fly by nights nor are they flip; they are just worried. They should be listened to and if there is an opposing view, let's hear it.

But a Spokesman for the Governor, Brian McClung, belittled their remarks and asked "Are they running for the Legislature, or what?"

A totally dumb reaction, I think. If he really was/is speaking for the Governor, then it is an ever dumber response.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Mike Hatch Loses In Court

DFL Governor Candidate Mike Hatch is humiliated in court. From MPR:

Judge finds for Medica in control case

A Hennepin County judge ruled Thursday there is no evidence the Medica board failed to act in good faith for Medica and its members.

Judge Lloyd Zimmerman ruled against Attorney General Mike Hatch's attempt to reinstall a new board of directors. Zimmerman said Hatch's claims against Medica's board were without merit.

The Minnesota Council of Nonprofits filed a friend of the court brief supporting Medica in the case. Council Director Jon Pratt is supportive of the attorney general's office. He says, however, the ruling affirms the autonomy of nonprofit boards.

"We have one of the best attorneys general's offices in the country and it did a great service on this case. This last chapter of the case was going too far and the judge agreed," he said.

The ruling stems from Hatch's attempt to install a new Medica board of directors for the second time in four years.

The ruling is available here.

Steve Kelley gets a big boost.

Tinklenberg's campaign has returned my calls

I'll attempt to call them back tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nick Coleman's Letter to Air America Staff

Eva: Below, you will find the text of a letter I sent to AM950 station staff on Aug. 8, the day of my resignation. As you will see in the third graf, I specifically mentioned Janet's demands for control over "topics, tone and guests."

In fact, my decision to resign was set in motion when Janet fired my producer for not snapping to attention fast enough when she ordered him to cancel one guest and book another.

What we are dealing with here is a raging control-freak and micro-managing political dilletante who bought a radio station in order to advance her own narrow (mostly 6th-district based) agenda and to pursue her own vendettas. That is not liberal, or progressive. Now, she is just covering her butt.


Dear Staff:

If you believe anything in the note you received about me from Janet Robert this morning, then Janet has some a swamp in Washington County she would like to sell you.

Truth is:

Janet and I verbally agreed to the terms of a new six-month contract on June 24, and reiterated that agreement and our determination to go forward on July 1, 2005. But on July 6, at the very minute that was time-stamped on my new baby's birth certificate (in other words, my wife and I were in the operating room, babe in arms), Janet sent me an e-mail reneging on the terms of our agreement and insisting on micro-managing the program, including a demand that she control topics, tone and guests.

This was completely unacceptable to me, as I had made clear to her before beginning the program last January. Unfortunately, Janet's interference in the program and her desire to set an agenda for the show became more and more pronounced. All of this was under serious discussion when I returned to the station from vacation to do a show on Monday, July 25. Janet and I talked after the show, and seemed to be on the verge of making progress. A few minutes later, however, Janet fired my show producer, Joe Palan, without my knowledge or approval, apparently because he had questioned her angry orders to book one show guest and to dump another guest who had been scheduled.

Janet was vexed. Very vexed.

She had brought matters to an intolerable level of interference.

I went on "hiatus" at that point and asked management to re-hire Joe, as well as to re-hire Tim Dennis, the board operator who Janet fired in June. I also asked that Janet return to the verbal contract agreement we had reached on June 24 and July 1.

Tom Kennedy called me to arrange a meeting on July 29. During this meeting, Kennedy told me that Janet Robert would no longer attempt to control my radio program and that an "insulated zone" would be created to ensure that the show remained independent and free from attempted interference. He also told me that the major terms of the verbal agreement Janet and I had reached could be restored, and that he would like to see me resume the show beginning during the State Fair or after Labor Day.

This seemed acceptable to me, and I met with Kennedy again this morning (Aug. 8) to discuss the details of my return. At that time, Kennedy told me that Janet Robert would never accept my request that she cease and desist from micromanaging the show, from insisting on topics, from attempting to determine the direction of on-air discussions, and that she refrain from mercurial firings of show staff.

But Kennedy said it wouldn't be possible. In other words, same old Janet.
Once again, I had been bait-and-switched.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I am giving my 30-day notice, per my original agreement,that I am leaving Air America Minnesota. This notice is effective today, Aug. 8, 2005.

I am very disappointed that things did not work out. Air America's listeners deserve much better. They deserve to hear progressive programming without "agendas," without filters, without interference, and from real progressives.

I wish you all the best for the future.

But as to that piece of swampland Janet Robert is trying to sell?

It's not in Stillwater.

It's in Eden Prairie.

Nick Coleman

Strib Story on Nick Coleman's Leaving Air America Minnesota

He said, she said coverage. There was no effort to check with others to see whose story was backed up by others and whose wasn't.

Eleventh Avenue South Picks Up on Air America Minnesota Memogate


Eleventh Avenue South is the most read gay Minnesota blog I know of.

Ford Bell Interviewed on the Inside Minnesota Podcast

Here are some bits of news from Ford Bell's interview on "Inside Minnesota Politcs" that you won't find in text anywhere else but this email.

Ford Bell is putting off the decision to abide by the DFL endorsement process until AFTER the precinct caucuses. However, unlike Kelly Doran who has all but said that he will run in the primary, Bell is actively seeking DFL delegates.

Bell has raised about $130,000 himself by making phone calls. The campaign is still in the process of hiring a finance director.

Other interview highlights:

Bell says he is a 100% pro-choice candidate. But he says the Democratic Party is making a mistake by not taking the next step and working with moderate pro-lifers on reducing the number of abortions. By not doing so, Democrats end up looking like they are "pro-abortion" -- which they are not. Listen as Ford Bell talks about how the debate should be reframed.

Will a crowded DFL field of candidates be a help or hindrance to electing a Democrat? Ford Bell has some interesting answers to Peter's pointed questions.

So who, if anyone, can defeat Mark Kennedy for the U.S. Senate? We invite you to listen to our interviews with Ford Bell, Amy Klobuchar, Patty Wetterling and Kelly Doran and then decide. We are doing a special "invitation only" poll of our listeners. You will need to sign up on our website to participate in the poll. If you register before Monday August 22nd, you will be able to vote.

Watch for a special BONUS edition of our podcast this Friday as Ford Bell talks about the war in Iraq and the need for a single payer health care.

Listen to the interview here.

FRC Whines about New York Times Editorial On Justice Sunday

All the News That Doesn't Fit

A New York Times (NY Times) editorial yesterday on Justice Sunday II contained enough inaccuracies to warrant beginning their piece with "Once Upon a Time." Only in fairy tales would I expect to see such "editorializing" with no connection to reality. The editorial begins by describing it as "offensive" that Justice Sunday involved churches. I would be very surprised if the NY Times had the same problem of mixing religion and politics during historic struggle of civil rights movement. It was the Reverend Martin Luther King who stated, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." For far too long those of religious faith have felt shut out of the government debate, a situation which seems to suit the NY Times just fine. The NY Times, showing further disdain for the speakers at the event, actually ridiculed speakers for daring to question the actions of certain judges. What the NY Times seems to not understand is a good judge is not a jurist who is beholden to one branch of government over another but to the Constitution itself. The NY Times editorial ends with a blatant falsehood regarding the invited speakers. In fact, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) was chosen for star billing well before Senator Bill Frist (R-TN) articulated his unfortunate stance on embryonic stem cells. Perhaps the NY Times should lay off the fairy tales and stick to reporting.

Yeah right, Tony, anything you say.....

Mary Tambornino has a couple posts worth reading
From WaPo:

Judge Blocks Homeland Security's New Work Rules

Associated Press
Sunday, August 14, 2005; Page A09

A federal judge has blocked the Bush administration's plans to revise personnel and pay rules at the Department of Homeland Security, saying the government-wide change of labor rules fails to protect workers' right to bargain collectively.

The decision Friday by U.S. District Judge Rosemary M. Collyer is a victory for the National Treasury Employees Union and other labor groups. They argued that the proposal, which was set to be implemented Monday, would have taken away their bargaining rights on issues such as employee assignments and technology use.

Mary comments here.

In a second post, Mary asks what are we doing about those kids?

About those kids

A relatively new report (within the last 6 months) says it is in our economic self interest to make sure that brain development in children in order to ensure that children are ready for school. This means that a correlation exists between early experiences and readiness for school. Simple, huh?

Science also reveals that stress affects brain development. * No kidding * We know that the early care children receive affects their self regulating and their cognitive functions.

So, why is it that we do not take better care to make sure children, develop with an eagerness to learn, initiate and sustain effots, play hard and well, have good positive interactions with those their own age and with adults so that our children can make mentally healthy behavioral and emotional choices.

So, why do we not spend the money before the fact, and not after some youngster has done something hideous. I know, I know...some will say it is not money saved, but money not spent, and therefore not real. But, I say that everytime some kid is so well adjusted that he/she does not shoot up a school, we win.

This report, and these questions, were asked by CEO's of major corporations in Minnesota, not the usual suspects, like social workers, and others of that ilk.

So .....

According to an article in the Washington Post today, Homeland Security is running into legal problems because of its new "workplace rules". Seems the proposed rules would have undermined rights that were guaranteed elsewhere in the law. It is my understanding that if both parties to a contract agree to a change, a change in the contract can be made.

But, first you have to ask, or negotiate, or something to make it a two way street. I would think that in the two years it took to prepare these new rules, somebody would have thought to ask. Apparently not.

US District Judge, Rosemary Collyer, ruled that some of the new regs were objectionable, such as the part that fails to ensure collective bargaining right.

Love Unions or hate them. But talking to them seems only fair.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Great Work Over at Pam's House Blend

Pam Spaulding at Pam's House Blend is an excellent gay liberal blog. She also knows what to do with a tip.

She has been following the story of the anti-gay Black Minister, Willie Wilson, who is also the Executive Director of the Millions More March. She documents that not only was his sermon bigoted, but also the story he told - that his son couldn't get a date at the prom - was a lie. Read the whole thing.

So, we have the big-mouth, bigoted pastor caught breaking one of the Ten Commandments he holds in such high regard. It should be noted that homosexuality isn't on that top 10 list, so I think he's looking a tad unholy right now. See you on the Hell Express, Willie.

Some questions...
* how will his flock feel about this? After all, a good number of them cheered Wilson on as he spewed his sex-drenched hate in the sermon.

* will the mainstream media cover this meltdown?

* will Dems call out this fool and denounce the message of intolerance?

* will the AmTaliban and the GOP step forward and claim Wilson (and other homo-bigoted black pastors of the faith-based payout below) as a brother in arms?

Bishop Harry Jackson of the Hope Christian Church in Lanham, MD has gotten into political bed with Ken Mehlman and the GOP with his Black Contract With America (and received $824,000 in the runup to the 2004 election). Bishop Sedgwick Daniels of Milwaukee's Holy Redeemer Church of God in Christ buys into Bush's faith-based initiatives and "values." Homophobe Rev. Dwight McKissic, pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Arlington, TX is on board with the Bush American Taliban agenda, and Philadelphia's Rev. Herb Lusk, pastor of the Greater Exodus Baptist Church has had his coffers filled with a cool million to run faith-based initiatives by the Administration.

We'll be waiting for the answers.

She has an excellent Daily Kos diary on this topic. I suggested this topic to both Al Junhke and Ember Reichgott Junge at Air America. I copied my suggestion I sent to Ember to Janet Roberts per the gag rule requiring prior approval of topics for the show.

Pam has also been following the continuing exploits of Illinois Family Institute Executive Director, Peter LaBarbara. I've been forwarding her my emails alerts from the Illinois Family Institute, and she always knows just what to do with them.

Add Pam Spaulding's blog to your blogroll or bookmarks. You will be very happy you did.

From the Democracy Underground Thread on Air America Minnesota Memo-gate


Janet Robert ran squarely against the DFL platform in 2002 as an anti-gun control, anti-choice, anti-gay candidate. It should have come as no surprise that she would want to strifle discussions on these issues on her radio station. She is clearly out of step with progressives on these issues. Why do you think she got only 35% in her race against Kennedy in 2002? She was terrible! Many Democrats like myself refused to vote for her. She referred to herself as a "Dixiecrat." Anyone remember the most infamous Dixiecrat? Strom Thurmond.

Janet Robert has a lot of money and was willing to spend millions of it on her race. That's why she got the endorsement. The DFL likes big-money candidates, regardless of how much they trample on Democratic ideals.

I asked Janet Robert to give me the numbers on her race and Patty Wetterling's race for the 6th District. She didn't respond on that one. She had responded on earlier email requests for further comment.

A New Low for Whine in the Dark


Response to Janet Robert's Explanation of the Air America Guns, Gays, and Abortion Gag Rule

Yesterday I posted Janet Robert's response to the criticism that Air America Minnesota gags the topics of Guns, Gays and Abortion.

Democratic Underground has a thread on this topic here. Hat Tip Flash. Janet Robert stopped by Democratic Underground and posted her response.

Nick Coleman also responded:

Janet Robert personally HANDED ME a copy of the policy from which you quoted. She NEVER EVER referred to it as a "draft." Nor did she EVER REPLACE it with a revised version. NEVER EVER.
And I was there until Aug. 8.

I talked with Tim Dennis, who worked as a board operator for Nick's show, and Tim confirmed Nick's version of events. Tim Dennis also said that Janet Robert had told Nick on several occasions that he "talked about the war in Iraq too much. Why not address some local issues?"

I asked Tim Dennis about this claim from Mitch Berg:

An inside source familiar with both Janet Roberts' management style and the departure of the show's producer, Joe Palan told me that Palan was not only fired, but that Janet Roberts apparently reads this blog; things I'd written in this space apparently turned up in various conversations around the station. Note to Ms. Robert: I'm happy to work as a consultant for your station, and in fact could probably do you people a lot of good. I charge $200 an hour. Have your people call my people.

Dennis said Janet Robert is not a big reader of blogs. There was an incident where someone pointed her to your post about Cubby. She already couldn't stand Cubby. So it reinforced her already established dislike of Cubby.

George Monbiot on Evolution and "Intelligent Design".

From Common Dreams

It is surely because, as soon as you consider the implications, you must cease to believe that either Life or life are affected by purpose. As G Thomas Sharp, chairman of the Creation Truth Foundation, admitted to the Chicago Tribune, "if we lose Genesis as a legitimate scientific and historical explanation for man, then we lose the validity of Christianity. Period".

We lose far more than that. Darwinian evolution tells us that we are incipient compost: assemblages of complex molecules that - for no greater purpose than to secure sources of energy against competing claims - have developed the ability to speculate. After a few score years, the molecules disaggregate and return whence they came. Period.

As a gardener and ecologist, I find this oddly comforting.

Stadium Session

Idiots indeed.

Hat Tip: MinnPolitics

Air America Undermines DFL Candidates on Transit.

As Eva often points out, Democrats are not always careful about what they are supporting. .. Urban Ventures for example. I could never understand why some DFLers support PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) until I found out that David Morris of the progressive think tank ILSR (Institute for Local Self Reliance) is a big promoter of PRT Some people just don't question what comes out of think tanks.

David Morris has a weekly spot now on Air America's Wendy Wilde Show.

PRT has a thirty-year record of failure and controversy. It is opposed by transit professionals and advocates for transit such as the Sierra Club Northstar and Transit for Livable Communities (both organizations have resolutions against public funding of PRT projects).

PRT is pushed in the legislature by right-wing, anti-transit Republicans Michele Bachmann and Mark Olson. They have used PRT as a stalking horse to argue against funding LRT and Northstar.

By supporting PRT, David Morris is hurting the election campaigns of Democrats by giving credibility to Republican supporters of PRT's bogus claims that rail transit is too expensive, unpopular and inefficient--claims that have been proven false by the phenomenal success of the Hiawatha Light Rail Line.

There are several important elections this year and next where transit will be an issue. Here are a few match-ups:

Michele Bachmann (R) supports PRT.
Democrats Elwyn Tinklenberg and Scott Mortenson support conventional transit.

Mark Olson (R) supports PRT.
Jim Huhtala (DFL) supports conventional transit

Dean Zimmermann, a Green Party member (works with Mark Olson) supports PRT.
Robert Lilligren (DFL) supports conventional transit.

With Tinklenberg, his support for rail transit seems to be one of the few issues... maybe the only issue that distinguishes him from Bachmann.

It would be ironic if David Morris uses his spot on Air America to undermine the pro-transit positions of these and other candidates.

Ken Avidor Joins Lloydletta Nooz

I'm honored to be invited to join Lloydletta Nooz. I first became a reader of Lloydletta when it exposed Urban Ventures. Lloydletta has the highest standards of any blog I've read and always has amazing new material.

I'm a writer and cartoonist. My usual subject matter is transportation. My particular focus lately is a peculiar public relations gimmick the highway industry uses to "manage consent" for highway expansion projects like the 35W Access Project in South Minneapolis. PRT or "Personal Rapid Transit" counts the notorious Michele Bachmann among its promoters.

Learn more about PRT at the PRT is a Joke web site.

PRT-skeptic blog

Learn more about the 35W Access Project (also known as "35W Excess Project in the neighborhood") at STRIDE.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Another New Lloydletta's Nooz Contributor

Ken Avidor is joining Lloydletta's Nooz. Some of you may know Ken from his comments about Personal Rapid Transit - PRT. Ken's cartoon's chronicling the life of Roadkill Bill have appeared in Twin Cities Pulse.

He will help broaden coverage on Lloydletta's Nooz to cover transportation issues.

Welcome Ken!

Air America Minnesota's Only Local Full Time Host - Wendy Wilde Takes a Break

From Wendy Wilde's website:

On Vacation - New Song

Thanks to all our talented guest hosts who will fill the Wendy Wilde Show the next several days! I plan to spend time with my husband, children and visiting Mom, plus can jam, clean house, go canoing, tend my flower garden, bike, play with my puppy, and totally relax! Well, except for planning an all day teen music festival. But, aside from that, totally relax.

Here's a new mp3 song Don't Go Bashin' Liberals

I'll see you at the AM950 broadcast booth at the State Fair, located in the Labor Pavillion!

Mon Aug 15 Alan Miller
Tue Aug 16 Ember Reichgott Junge
Wed Aug 17 Al Juhnke
Thu Aug 18 Ember Reichgott Junge
Fri Aug 19 Alan Miller

Mon Aug 22 Al Juhnke
Tue Aug 23 Mike Ehrlandson

I'd suggest Lloydletta's Nooz readers send topic ideas to these hosts.

Where Does the Tinklenberg Campaign Stand on This?

I left a message with their office. I will report back on whether they call me back.

I also requested a written statement about what Elwyn Tinklenberg's position is on the Federal Marriage Amendment (which I frequently call the Federal Bachmann Amendment).

You can contact the Tinklenberg for Congress campaign via the following ways.

Via Mail:
Tinklenberg for Congress
P.O. Box 49787
Blaine, MN 55449

Via E-mail:

Via Telephone: 763-258-4728

Is Scotty Mortensen Registered with the FEC?

I got a tip that Scotty Mortensen was not registered as a candidate with the FEC. I contacted the Mortensen Campaign. This was their response:

Our FEC forms have been sent in. We expect our FEC number within a day, or two.

We are an official campaign and will have online contributions within a matter of days of recieving our FEC#. Is it a coincidence that our contact in the FEC called us within the hour of our request for equal time on am 950?

Obviously, we don't know. Our quarterly financial report will be reported to the FEC by Sept.30th.

Also, to clear up some confusion: Regardless of whether or not a campaign has raised or spent $5000, does not have any bearing on whether or not they may file. Filing merely requires us to report according to applicable FEC rules. I would suggest if you have any questions, to verify this through the FEC.
Mortensen for Congress / Campaign Committee

Developing. . .

Janet Robert Responds on the Air America Minnesota Guns, Gays, God Gag Rule via; Mon, 15 Aug 2005 15:15:02 -0700
X-Originating-IP: []
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Mon, 15 Aug 2005 15:15:02 -0700
Received: from Manager ( []) by (Postfix) with ESMTP id F3C3B5E0F8 for ; Mon, 15 Aug 2005 17:14:57 -0500 (CDT)
From: "Janet Robert, Manager" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book
To: Send an Instant Message "'Eva Young'"
Subject: RE: Is Elwyn Tinklenberg's Candidacy Behind the Air America MN Guns, Gays, and Abortion Gag Rule?
Date: Mon, 15 Aug 2005 17:14:56 -0500
Organization: Air America Minnesota
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="US-ASCII"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
X-Mailer: Microsoft Office Outlook, Build 11.0.5510
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V6.00.2900.2180
In-Reply-To: <>
thread-index: AcWg2bx0G2VNIoWyRGip7B5b39Dw6wBDOw7w
Message-Id: <>
Content-Length: 5402

Dear Eva,

I am sending you a copy of a response I will be posting on the web. Don't hesitate in the future if you have questions.

This is in response to questions raised regarding station policies.

The so-called station policy that has been circulating on the internet was an initial draft written by an attorney. We were very fortunate to have supporters of the station work with us to create a policy that was finalized on June 1, 2005. This policy is for our guest hosts and weekend hosts to give them guidance on how to deal with hot button issues:

A copy follows:


Because certain hot button social issues such as gun control, abortion, or gay marriage tend to arouse strong emotions among our listening audience, JR Broadcasting wishes to be respectful in discussing these issues. It is the position of JR Broadcasting that persons often hold positions on these issues as deeply held moral beliefs that therefore deserve respect, and focus on these issues can undermine the very opportunities we seek to advance.

In the event a host should ever wish to discuss these issues on the air, JR Broadcasting requests that the host notify the station manager prior to airing the discussion.

The following guidelines apply to all shows:

1. All callers shall be treated with respect regardless of their
position on an issue.

2. It is acceptable to attack a position, but never the caller espousing an opinion.

3. Name calling or ridiculing of anyone including public figures is not appropriate, but tasteful parody or humor is acceptable."

Anyone who has listened regularly to AM 950 is fully aware that hot button issues are regularly discussed without censorship. And specifically, with regard to gay rights, Air America Minnesota was a sponsor of the Gay Pride Parade and had a booth there, and Wendy Wilde was a judge. Further, with respect to abortion, there has not been a single show about the Democratic Party's inclusiveness of pro-life Democrats, yet frequent discussion of abortion, especially around Supreme Court nominee John Roberts, even on our local Wendy Wilde Show.

Most importantly, Progressives who are out of power must avoid falling prey to right-wing strategy.

In fact both Jim Wallis, in his book, ""Faith and Politics, Why the Right Gets it Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get It, and George Lakoff in his book, "Don't Think of An Elephant", the Progressives are encouraged to think about re-framing the message in a way that brings Progressives together and to rethink the way we allow ourselves to be focused on the Neo-Conservatives' agenda.

I encourage Progressives to focus on a positive discussion that will bring Progressives together, not divide us.

As for the discussion regarding the Equal Opportunity Doctrine, that actually is a restatement of the law crafted by the Federal Communications Commission. Any regular listener to the Wendy Wilde Show knows that we take special care not to support one Democratic Candidate over another and are very cautious to give equal time to all Democratic Candidates. After the Primary, we will be required to give equal time to the Republicans if they request it.

As for Scott Mortenson, I assured him directly that he would get equal time and referred him to the producer. Scott was on with Alan Miller, because he was substituting for Nick Coleman and we are obligated to put him on at the same time of the day. It was appropriate for him to appear with Alan Miller because it was Alan who had previously interviewed El Tinklenberg.

We would be pleased to have both candidates together on a future show, perhaps at the State Fair.

Choosing the best candidate in the sixth district is the only hope to beat Senator Michelle Bachman from Stillwater, the heir apparent to Congressman Mark Kennedy. That candidate needs to run on his or her own agenda, not an agenda set by the Neo-cons. There is no one besides Patty Wetterling and myself who has a stronger passion for winning that seat.

I do not discuss publicly personnel issues, but Nick Coleman has never been censored and that is not the reason he is no longer with the station. Furthermore, Nick knows that one of the compliments I regularly made to him was that his rants against the Iraqi War were his shining moment. Anyone who ever listened to his show also knows that.

Thanks again to all our listeners and supporters for helping to bring the truth back to the airwaves in Minnesota.

Janet Robert, Manager KTNF
AM 950 Air America Minnesota

JR Broadcasting LLC
11320 Valley View Road
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Fax 952-946-0888

I talk to Nick Coleman tomorrow. I will not fisk this memo in this post. I want to let Janet speak for herself. She did spell Michele Bachmann's name wrong - 1 L - 2 Ns.

Lloydletta's Nooz Contact Email

Please use to send tips and comments for Lloydletta's Nooz.

Andy Driscoll on Air America Minnesota's Guns, Gays and Abortion Gag Rule

This is a fascinating discussion of Air America Minnesota. It would be a shame if any station purporting to be a progressive alternative to the conservative pap being dished out so freely among the better-heeled commercial outlets is, in fact, engaging in the very same censorship of alternative views as we progressives accuse the mainstream of doing.

I wish I found Al Franken more compelling than I do, but his is a program that focuses almost as much on him as on the issues. (I must say his discussion with the author of the anti-Hillary book was an amazing exercise in failure to follow up properly on issues he originally raised so deftly and with patently condemning research on the truth of that tome.)

Of course, no political subject or issue should be out of bounds ever, and equal time for all points of view, especially those which may differ with station ownership but reside theoretically on the same end of the political spectrum as the primary listener base, should be automatic. It does nothing for a station's credibility, therefore its revenue base, to be solely a conduit or mouthpiece for the prime investor. This is supposed to be a stylistic as well as a substantive alternative to the status quo outlets, not their clone. Robust and wide-spectrum discussions can do nothing but enhance listenership and notoriety and revenue.

Trusting employees not to violate the principles of common sense in terms of issue focus and rambling rants on a hot-button issues will also give the program schedule a far more professional, therefore credible and listenable, air. Defensive control is the most dangerous of them all. And bush league to boot.

Andy Driscoll
Saint Paul
Public Affairs Media Specialist

This was originally posted to the MN Politics National list, an E-Democracy list, and copied to Wendy Wilde ( and to Air America Owner, Janet Robert at her Air America email (

Email Air America Minnesota to let them know what you think of their attrocious Guns, Gays and Abortion policy.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Politics in Minnesota on Air Amerigag Minnesota

From the comments:

Here's more confirmation on the ridiculous Air America MN "rules" from this week's "Politics In Minnesota" e-newsletter:

Turmoil at Air American Minnesota (AM 950) continues with the departure of Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman from the morning line-up. That's a shame, because Coleman was just starting to hit his stride. Besides salary issues, station owner and former Democratic Congressional candidate Janet Robert wanted to dictate content and guests. No radio personality can work under those terms because authenticity is everything in the medium. Several other notes about the station. Insider buzz is that when Al Franken relocates his broadcast from New York to Minnesota, he will not be working with Robert and AM 950. We guess that means that the men's urinal, which hasn't worked at the station, ever, won't get fixed anytime soon. One of your publishers has guest hosted on Air America (you can guess which one) and was told by the producer that "guns, gays and abortion" were off limits, we understand Coleman was expected to abide by the same.

Twin Cities Gay Pride and One Voice Mixed Chorus should pull their sponsorship until this policy changes.

Students for Family Values and the KKK Rule


Tom Swift: Embarrassment to the Republican Party of Minnesota

It seems to me now that Swiftee's been booted from Dump Bachmann and Lloydletta, he's gone over to Yowling by the Fencepost.

This is the guy who was instrumental in getting me booted from the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers. It's also the guy who wrote my boss and boss's boss to complain about posts I'd done on some e-democracy lists, gay elists and my blog during business hours.

He also ran for School Board under the Republican Party banner. Will the Republican Party in St Paul endorse this guy when he runs again?

Tell you what knucklehead, if it's high insurance rates that have your frilly panties wadded up your crack, I'll see your challenge and raise you one.

I'll support _______ fill in the blank "for your own good and for lower insurance rates" laws when they are attached to an anti-buggering law.

You want to yell about insurance rates my little barking moonbat?

Strap these statistics around your pointy ears:

Estimated cost of caring for persons living with AIDS in the US, 1997-2002

The total estimated cost of AIDS-related medical care in the US grew from $4.6 billion in 1997 to $7.3 billion in 2002.

rew, if one of those little motorized beer cans ever gets close enough to "ride along side" of me, I'd knock the pencil neck riding it off, toss out a grappling hook and drag it behind me to the nearest junk yard.

Now THAT is a beautiful thing.

Friday, August 12, 2005 9:30:17 PM

Contact information for the Minnesota GOP:

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Swiftee also doesn't realize that Minnesota does have a sodomy law on the books. The law has been struck down by the courts, but still is on the books. Perhaps Tom Swift can contact his favorite candidate Michele Bachmann and urge her to campaign on the issue of a Federal No-Sodomy Amendment.

Is the Air America Gag Rule to Help Federal Bachmann Amendment Supporting Democrat: Elwyn Tinklenberg?

Someone leaked an Air America Minnesota memo to Flash at Centrisity. Flash has also given some good evidence that the memo is authentic. The memo supports Nick Coleman's account of why he left Air America.

The memo said in part:

6. Certain Subjects Prohibited

JR Broadcasting will not permit discussion of the issues of gun control, abortion, or gay marriage. It is the policy of JR Broadcasting that discussion around these issues tend to be more sensationalistic than substantial. In order to provide for reasoned, substantial discussion of other issues, JR Broadcasting prohibits discussion of gun control, abortion, or gay marriage. Exceptions to this policy can be obtained prior to broadcast by request in writing to the station Manager.

No Guns, Gays or Abortion - three of the hottest topics on Talk Radio off limits? Gee that makes alot of sense.

According to Flash there is also a provision about Political Candidates:

(4) If an opposing candidate requests equal opportunity within seven days of the appearance of the candidate, equal time must be given and the "Political Candidate Appearance" form must be filed out.

From the comments on Centrisity. The commenter, Karen made a similar comment on the City Pages blotter.

Elwyn Tinklenberg (the DFL candidate for Congress that is anti-choice, anti-gay and pro-war) has been appearing on AM 950 once or twice a week.

Where's Scotty Mortenson, the PROGRESSIVE DFL candidate in the same district? Not on AM 950, that's for sure. Scott would want to talk about gay rights, reproductive freedom and getting out of Iraq.

This new policy ensures Mortenson won't ever be on AM 950.

Amazing what a politically motivated station manager will go through to hoodwink the public.
Karen | 08.13.05 - 8:18 pm | #

Now it's beginning to make sense. Another commenter disagrees:

I'm sure if Scott Mortenson wants to appear on 950..he would be able too.
I don't believe Janet Roberts will censor candidates..she is too smart for that..and it would also eliminate most of the DFL candidates running for office.

Give her some credit...!

Karen describes Scot Mortensen's efforts to get time on the station.

You are sure?
Mortensen was on once after he cited the equal opportunity provision of the Communications Act which requires radio, television stations, and cable systems that have original programming to treat political candidates equally when it comes to selling or giving away air time -- also known as the "equal time" rule.

Nice when a progressive candidate needs to fight for a voice on progressive radio.

Now that seems to violate written policy at the station:

(4) If an opposing candidate requests equal opportunity within seven days of the appearance of the candidate, equal time must be given and the "Political Candidate Appearance" form must be filed out.

I assume the person who wrote the memo intended to say "filled".

Flash adds:
The 'Political Candidate Appearance' from is merely a log sheet filled out AFTER the appearance to verify FCC compliance.

Scotty Mortensen confirms Karen's report:

Friends, the fact of the matter is I did have to fight with Janet for a half hour on the telephone to get "equal time". She basically told me I have "no business" in this race. Asked me to drop out and support ET. I continued to demand "equal time". In the end, she admitted she had to give our campaign "equal time" and put me on perma-hold for the program director.

I had to call back and asked for the program director... Joe Palen then scheduled me, supposedly on the "Nick Coleman show". I ended up being interviewed by Allen Miller, which was fine and he conducted a good interview in my opinion. I could ask for equal time again, but I assume they will hit me with "ET was being interviewed as a "transportation expert" and not as a candidate, but they obviously plugged him. We have discussed this, and I may call tommorrow to see what happens.

Currently, in Democratic circles the big thing is "framing the messege" (but we are not the lock step Party and have historically been the Party of the people, where tolerance, dissent and anti-war sentiment has been given a voice), I stood up at a recent d56 district meeting and said I felt like I was "framed by the messege" because of ET's stances favoring the FMA, his statement regarding support for this insane war and his anti-choice views.

Look, I met ET once and we were cordial, but make no mistake I will not shrink back from what I consider to be bigotry. *****snip***** They're afraid I'll talk about abortion.. they're right. They're afraid I'll talk about avoidable war... they're right. They're afraid I'll talk about GLBT rights and marriage... they're right.

Is Janet Robert violating her own station's written policy regarding candidates?

It seems like the best way to deal with this is to have Tinklenberg and Mortensen do a JOINT APPEARANCE on Janet Robert's Air America Minnesota.

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