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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Pawlenty of Stupidity

Remember the "health impact fee"? Well now the Tobacco companies are taking the state to court saying they already settled on this issue.

Mike Hatch says the state's defense will be that the fee is really a tax.

Read more
at the Strib.

David Strom was chortling over this during the Taxpayer's League Live at the Fair.

UPDATE: Doug from Bogus Gold has an interesting take. According to Doug, Pawlenty was motivated to call this a "fee" in order to get revenue from the casinos. Casinos are exempt from taxes but not from fees.

Coming Soon: Lloydletta's Nooz Interviews MDE

From MDE Comments:

lloydletta said...

I'm curious whether Towle's source is from Hatch's office. That's my guess.

The Wetterling rumor was unfounded. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Hatch/Etenza rumor.

Would you be willing to do an email interview with me, MDE. I won't ask you puff questions like Mitch, but I'm sure you are up to the challenge.
8:02 PM
Minnesota Democrat Exposer said...

lloydletta: I am up to the challenge. I certainly hope your interest for an interview is to learn more about my blogging rather than trying to expose me.

Please email me to discuss the details.


If people have ideas for questions, drop me an email, or put them in the comments.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Shawn Towle vs MDE

Mitch Berg's "interview" with Minnesota Democrats Exposer is up. As expected, it's a puff piece. No give and take. No follow up questions. Anyone who has done interviews knows that the interesting answers aren't from the initial question, but rather from the followup. Flash from Centrisity is unimpressed. MDE is full of bluster. The most interesting quote:

Anything you want to tell Mike Hatch? If Mike Hatch knew how much I know about him, he wouldn't run for governor. He has no idea what's coming.

I think MDE underestimates the ability of both Hatch and Entenza to get back at him.

Shawn Towle from Checks and Balances responds to criticism in the blogosphere:

Since our Player's Page Flash yesterday about a certain exposer, there has been a lot of activity in the blogosphere about our article. We stated in the story that we had information come our way that the name of the person behind Minnesota Democrats Exposed (MDE) was Jerome Plagge. In response to our article Mr. Plagge sent us the following email:

"I have been made aware of your "outing" of me as MDE. I am not him and he is not me. All I know about him is his email address.

I am not amused by your rumor in the least. If I am MDE, would I be dumb enough to email you with my work email? The MDE blog obviously is not well liked by some in the political landscape and while I read and link to him, I don't want my name associated with it any more than that. My wife is going to be even less excited about it because she tends to be protective about her brood.

You need to read a little more how "blogshares" works, did you actually read and understand it?

Is this all the proof that you have (below)? What must be done for you to admit you were purely guessing and you guessed wrong?"

Jerry Plagge, Jr.

For the record, the information we received we believe is from a credible source and since this is a process of trying to identify an anonymous person, we apologize if we erred, but there is strong circumstantial evidence to the contrary. Since the author of MDE chooses to remain hidden, we are not sure of the truth on this matter, but then no one is swearing on a stack of Bibles. Since we like to give people a fair chance we are willing to accept Mr. Plagge at his word until proven otherwise.

Good move. A DFL source in Plagge's district doubt that Plagge is MDE - but he can't swear to it one way or another.

Towle continues:

As to the identity of MDE we will go on record as saying anyone not willing to stand behind their words by putting their name to their work is merely a spineless coward. This is like the situation where Chris Gunhus, now Grams used the alias Katie Stevens to toss grenades at DFL U.S Senate candidate Mike Ciresi in 2000. This resulted in her pleading no contest to the charges against her.

We also received an interesting bit of information that might lay this whole matter to rest. The Minnesota Democrat Exposer decided to squat on a number of domain names for Democratic candidates and has in turn put forward unsubstantiated information about a number of them. If the information set to use is correct this would violate the tenets of the Domain Name Proxy Agreement that a person registering domain names
anonymously is required to adhere to. The domain names are:

Shawn then quotes from the TOS agreement with the Domain Name Proxy service and areas where MDE could have violated the agreement. Towle continues:

A C&B reader who pointed this out believes that some of the material written by MDE may be in violation of Article 4. This person, who wishes to remain anonymous, wrote the following analysis:

Yup, an anonymous source distributing information through a known source, Towle. Ironically MDE says he will only go with information from known sources. MDE does threaten his known sources that should they provide him with misinformation, he will expose their contact information.

From Towle's Deep Throat:

A group of particular posts exist not only to embarass, harm, defame, abuse, and harass, but are also "vulgar" and "obscene," again both violations of Section 4 of the Domain Name Proxy Agreement. These posts concern campaign events held by Mike Hatch at Alary's Bar and include pictures of, and links to pictures of, "The Girls of Alary's".

In the first link, Minnesota Democrat Exposer states that "These pictures define sexual exploitation." The second says the pictures show women in "provocative and sexually suggestive positions." And the third link exists solely to display these "provocative" pictures of "sexual exploitation." This is clearly a violation of the Domain Name Proxy Agreement.

It would be easy for someone with an interest in such things to uncover numerous other posts that violate the Domain Name Proxy Agreement.

So, how does this lead to Minnesota Democrat Exposer's identity being revealed? Simple: the Domain Name Proxy Agreement states that if the terms are violated, DBP can "close Your account (which means You then become the Registrant of the domain name registration);" were this to occur the registration information Minnesota Democrat Exposer provided to DBP would become public record.

The Domain Name Proxy Agreement states the DBP will also reveal personal information "when required by law, in the good faith belief that such action is necessary in order to conform to the edicts of the law, or to comply with a legal process served upon DBP" or "if DBP is named as a defendant in, or investigated in anticipation of, any legal or administrative proceeding arising out of Your domain name

So if DBP closes Minnesota Democrat Exposer's account, his registration information will be easily available through a simple WHOIS search of the domain's registration details, which are public record. Or, someone with an interest in exposing the Minnesota Democrat Exposer could hire an attorney to demand that Minnesota Democrat Exposer's identity be revealed.

My guess: Towle's Deep Throat works for Hatch in some capacity.

Towle sums it up:

It appears to us here at Checks & Balances that any enterprising individual who feels they have been defamed or misrepresented is well within their bounds to learn the name of the person who originally anonymously registered the above domain names and call for their public release.

There are lots of people in the DFL who have been harmed by MDE. MDE doesn't just go after Entenza and Hatch - but rather s/he goes after DFL volunteers.

Dickinson welcomes Coleman environmental plan

Elizabeth Dickinson is running for Mayor of St Paul. She is from the Green Party and has gotten the endorsement of the Minnesota Women's Political Caucus Political Action Committee. I serve on the Board of the Minnesota Women's Political Caucus - and have been helping the Political Action Committee provide tips and support for MWPC endorsed candidates. I've told MWPC PAC Endorsed Candidates that I will publish their press releases on Lloydletta's Nooz.

Dickenson's campaign has been trying - without success so far - to get time scheduled to be a guest on Air America Minnesota.

For Immediate Release August 26, 2005


St. Paul - Elizabeth Dickinson is responding warmly to Chris Coleman's Thursday unveiling of his campaign's environmental goals and strategies, which are largely energy-based.

When contacted by a reporter last night for comment, she said, "Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery."

She added that she's been feeling lonely being the only St. Paul mayoral candidate to address environmental concerns. Dickinson is well-regarded locally for her leading role in pressing successfully for Xcel's cleaner repowering of two in-city metro generating stations from coal to natural gas, and the installation of state-of-the-art pollution controls on the much larger A.S. King plant near Stillwater -- a "baseload" plant that runs year-round.

Over a week ago, Dickinson laid out an extensive energy-and-budget plan for renegotiating Xcel's franchise with the city, saying St. Paul should ask the company to provide 25% of the city's power from clean sources like wind -- a change that would make the city a national leader in clean power -- and should also raise Xcel's franchise fees, but in a way that would both protect low-income customers and encourage energy conservation. She cited examples of other cities that have arranged for energy providers to take over responsibility for street lighting, build parks, and enter into Community Benefit Agreements.

She also called for establishment of the position of city Sustainability Programs Director. Coleman's Thursday announcement echoed this proposal right down to the title; the new position he describes would be called "Sustainability Coordinator."

Other Coleman recommendations like "Green Purchasing Guidelines" -- which lean heavily to energy efficiency -- also seem a tribute to Dickinson's vision. Her previously-announced scheme made much of promoting energy efficiency in city buildings, and went further in suggesting advanced building design standards. Coleman says he'll sign on to the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement; Dickinson had pointedly said that mayors were leading the way on energy and climate issues.

Dickinson observed that Coleman made no mention, in a published summary
of his record on environmental matters, of his early support for the failed Gopher State Ethanol facility whose noise and emissions bedeviled the West 7th neighborhood for several years. But she says she's happy to see any serious dialogue on environment and energy matters. She adds, tongue perhaps not entirely in cheek, that she is looking forward to Coleman's strong support for her environmental program when she takes on Randy Kelly in the November general election.


Elizabeth Dickinson, (651) 235-1208 (cell)
Mary Petrie, Campaign Manager, (651) 226-3527 (cell)
Christopher Childs, Campaign Communications, (651) 312-1216

Elizabeth Dickinson for Mayor - 384 Hall Avenue - Saint Paul, MN -
(651) 312-0616

David Strom's AM 1280 Radio Show Sticks it to "the Man"

Is "the man" Tim Pawlenty?

August 26, 2005

1. Taxpayers League Live! with David Strom.
4. We're off and running at the Fair.

1. Taxpayers League Live and in the flesh. It's ok, he's dressed folks.
Tune in this Saturday to AM 1280 The Patriot from 9 am – noon when David will broadcast live from the State Fair. This week's guests will be 2005 'Best Friend of the Taxpayer' State Representative Chris DeLaForest (R-Andover and Ham Lake), bloggers Andy Aplikowski (Residual Forces) and Gary Miller (Kennedy v The Machine) and the chair of the state GOP, Ron Carey.
If one day isn't enough, stop by for round two on Sunday from 10am-12pm. David will be chatting with another 'Friend of the Taxpayer', State Re. Paul Kohls (R-Victoria).

4. Nothing on a stick but we've got all kinds of free stuff.
Tired of elected officials continually threatening your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (not to mention your tax dollars)? Then head on over to the Taxpayers League's booth on the first floor of the Grandstand and send a postcard to the Governor and let him know that we don't need no stinkin' special session and that it's time to repeal the Health Impact "fee." Stop by, say "hi" and help us stick it to the man.

Who is the Man here? Does he mean Tim Pawlenty?

I'd encourage Hennepin County Residents to call in and express outrage over the Stadium session and the bipartisan plans by Speaker Steve Sviggum, Governor Tim Pawlenty and Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson to stick it to Hennepin County taxpayers. Since Republican Party Chair Ron Carey will be on, I'd encourage people to call in to ask him whether the State Republican Party plans to join Log Cabin Republicans at their booth in Minneapolis next year. The Minneapolis Republican Party has worked together with LCR/MN at that booth for the past 4 years. 300,000 people show up to gay pride. Ron Carey could also be asked about Pat Robertson. Carey has a history with the Christian Coalition during the time when Robertson was running the Christian Coalition.

The call in number is: 651-289-4488.

Fetal Pain

I have a question. With all of the discussion of whether or not fetuses feel pain, and at what gestational stage, how come no one is very exercised about the fact that women experience increased domestic abuse when they are pregnant (especially is it is an unwanted or mistimed pregnancy).

It seems to me that a fetus feels pain when it is stuck and therefore those who want legislation that requires MD's to give anesthic for the unborn fetus in an abortion situation should be yelling their heads off about how awful domestic abuse is.

Instead, they are arguing that Journal of the American Medical Association should not have published an article on Wednesday that says that fetuses probably cannot feel pain before the 29th week of pregnancy because the authors have worked for NARAL and for an abortion clinic.

These affiliations are going to skew their scientific findings?

Whatever the truth of that matter, we know that domestic abuse increses during pregnancy. My question remains, why is no one exercized?

What's with Pat Robertson?

Here is the guy that is so heavy duty into control of other people's decisions, especially their reproductive decisions (although he seems only interested in the decisions of women), calling for the assassination of the President of Venezuala.

How stupid is that?

I realize he apologized, but he also revealed a dangerous aspect of fundalmentalism, namely that beliefs that people hold dear are given short shrift in favor of political gain. In other words, they are thwarted in favor of stupidity.

Who is the Real Enemy?

Apparently Minnesota's Representative from the 2nd District, John Kline as accused his challenger Colleen Rowley and State Senator Becky Lourey of actions that are "harmful to our troops and that encourage the enemy". I have nothing to say in supportof or against the allegations; however it is a little diffcult to know who the enemy really is.

Is it the ones who planned and flew planes through the World Trade Center Towers. I think so. Is it the ones who want to go through our most personal records or some that are not so personal, such as Library bookchoices, book purchases, etc. I think that too; and sometimes I think it is even more insidious and dangerous.


Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman calls the oil-for-food investigation as involving the "most massive fraud in the history of the UN".

It certainly looks as though it meets Webters first definition of fraud: "deceit or trickery perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage". But, it seems that Sen. Colmen is somewhat selective when it comes to labeling something a fraud.

I am not anti-war, but I am anti-lying. I think that when we went to war we were told one thing, but it was based on faulty information. It actually fits Wesbter's third definition of fraud: "something is not what it pretends."

Sen. Coleman may be right about the UN Oil for Food program. But I think he is not generous enough with his label of fraud.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

MDE Exposed?

Jerome Pragge denies Towle's claim:

So let me state unequivocally, SD63, aka Jerome Plagge, IS NOT MDE.

Compare the posting style and posting patterns (especially in July). I only wish I had MDE sources, in fact I have only two permanent sources, ME & this thing called "the web". I occasionally stumble on to another source, but it is pure luck. MDE is usually one of the first 4 blogs I read each day and so I often link him or follow-up on stuff he has already exposed (e.g. the Mpls Asst. Attorney story where I used by IT skills/experience to "expose" what I perceived to be a lie by Ms. Conroy).

As for the stuff, did you, the author (Towle?) at C&B, actually read and understand what BlogShares is? It is a game, I think. I believe the point is for people to "buy" and "sell" play shares in blogs trying to increase there "wealth". When I first saw MDE in February I thought this blog was going to be big so I bought shares. You see conservatives who believe in captitalism and the free-market like stuff like BlogShares, especially those like me who do not have enough cash (heavy tax burden) to play the real markets.

To accuse me and MDE to be one in the same is akin to saying cute little Anakin Skywalker are Darth Vader are the same... wait a minute...

Trust me he is not me and I am not him.

MDE also comments about the irresponsibility of blogs for reporting on Towle's post.

Minnesota Democrats Exposed may be published anonymously, but at least I am credible. Any blog that publishes Mr. Towle's information as fact without confirming it as fact is irresponsible.

Is there an incentive for Checks and Balances to expose Minnesota Democrats Exposed? I say "yes!"

There's also plenty of incentive for others to leak C&B information that would expose MDE. MDE has gone after lots of people - and not just high profile democrats, but no-bodies - campaign volunteers for example. Towle presented weak evidence (the blogshares deal). This could be a teaser for Towle, and he has more coming.

MDE goes on and on - but he will not confirm or deny whether Towle got it right or not.

Finally, Minnesota Democrats Exposed is, and always will be published anonymously. I will never confirm nor deny my true identity.

I have never met Jerome Pragge and don't read his blog regularly. The writing styles of the blogs do seem different.

MDE's blog isn't particularly credible. The Wetterling rumor wasn't true, nor was MDE's characterization of Minneapolis Mayor Rybak's speech at the Humphrey Institute. There are other things he has gotten partially right.

However it is a good dumping ground for opposition research for either democrats or republicans to put stuff out there. My guess is that if the Hatch/Etenza story is true, it came from Democrats giving the story to MDE.

People who have worked for Matt Entenza in the past have told me they wouldn't put it past Entenza. Others campaign people who have dealt with Hatch's campaign methods have said that Hatch is a dirty fighter. None of that is evidence for this story.

I assume the mainstream media is looking into this story - and if it's true, they will publish on it. If there isn't an article in the strib or pioneer press on this topic in the next couple weeks, I'd assume this is more fake news from MDE.

Flash comments on why MDE is No Deep Throat.

Maybe he's someone who wants to speak but would be fired or somehow punished for doing so.

I don't see a lot of people here jumping all over Deep Throat for being a coward.
Insider | 08.25.05 - 11:00 am | #

If he doesn't want to speak to protect himself, that is fine. But then they should find a diiferent vehicle to share the info.

Deep Throat was an anonymous SOURCE. His information was disseminated by a KNOWN individual and corroborated by other sources.

MDE disseminates information from anonymous sources, while maintaining his own anonymity. I just feel that is not appropriate.

Let's make this clear, I will defend his right to do what he is doing. But I don't have to agree with his methods!


Mitch Berg over at Whine in the Dark will be doing a puff piece - er "interview" with MDE tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Flash Has Some Excellent Posts about Pat Robertson

Here and here.

There isn't much for me to really say about Robertson's call for the assassination of Hugo Chevez of Venezuela

"If he thinks we're trying to assassinate him, I think we really ought to go ahead and do it,"

when even members of the far Right are condemning him. But what is the reaction of the administration.

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Tuesday that Robertson has the right of any private citizen to say whatever he wants, but added that the televangelist's remarks "do not represent the views of the United States."

"His comments are inappropriate and, as we have said before, any allegations that we are planning to take hostile action against the Venezuelan government are completely baseless and without fact," McCormack said.

Robertson isn't just a 'private' citizens. He is a member of the inner circle, and a former GOP candidate for President.

When you think of how the Right has chastised others for their words, with calls for resignations or dismissals, why should this be any different.

Pat was wrong, his words should be condemned, not simply dismissed as inappropriate.

The affiliates who carry his program should dump him. He has crossed the line and should be dealt with appropriately.

Flash has a good point. I will be calling Time Warner Cable tomorrow.

Contrast this with Blogger Berg, who said that Robertson is partially right, though he should really shut up.

The pisser, Pat, is that you're right to a point; Chavez is a dictator in the making, a Marxist throwback borne into office on a sea of thug shoulders. He's hostile to the US, and and could easily start If he starts suspending elections, we will need to destablize him, and work to get a better, friendlier - and, should be need arise, more democratic - leader into office.

But calling for assassinations in your capacity as as a Christian leader? All you're doing is giving the slavering droogs of the left lots of cheap ammo.

Just stop.

One of Mitch's commenters said:

Robertson was right in what he said, just wrong to say it publicly.
Posted by: Thorley Winston at August 23, 2005 02:47 PM

Dennis Tester on MN Politics National said:

Pat Robertson's nitwittery notwithstanding, I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with what he said.

We still have free speech in this country, and given his penchant for saying stupid things in the past, people should have reacted like I did ... roll their eyes. He has no power or standing with this government, and people who think he does are wearing their tin foil hat too tightly.

Having said all that, if Robertson's guilty of anything, it's speaking the truth in public.

After all, back in 2002 when this government, indeed the UN, was trying to get Saddam to come clean about his weapons programs that were the subject of 17 UN resolutions, including the last one that threatened to take him out by force if necessary, there was a very public debate, granted, started by the clueless MSM, that perhaps our law that prohibits assasination of foreign leaders should be, you know, "revisited." The argument was, "well, since we all agree this guy's got to go, maybe it would be cleaner (and cheaper) to just send in a hit squad to take him out." Remember that? I certainly do.

But Hugo Chavez is a paranoid tyrant who believes that the U.S. is poised for an invasion anyway, so this might be the "evidence" he needs to shut off the oil spigot. And if that happened, we'd have no choice but to go in and turn it back on ... by force ... at great expense. So if you look at Robertson's words objectively, he was simply expressing a viable strategy for dealing with the potential economic catastrophe that the very unstable Chavez could cause to the U.S. due to his belligerence and paranoia. Robertson's sin was saying it on TV.

Doug really lays it out there in Shot in the Dark comments:

The mans a charlatan, hypocrite and a thug. He allies himself with people like Mobutu Sese Seko and Charles Taylor when there's a potential for profit and then he openly calls for the assasination of a popular democratically elected leader.

I guess one mans strongarm dictator is another mans business partner.

And Eracus, while your comments about Robertson are right, there's a more serious aspect to what he said.

We were hit on 9-11 by extreemists who resent the US sticking our noses into the Middle East. The idea that they attacked us because "they hate our freedom" is complete bullcrap and everybody knows it.

Now we have a major Republican figure, a man with considerable influence, power and money, calling for the US to stick it's nose into South American affairs.

He's creating more anti-American sentiment around the world and he's openly inviting more attacks against us.

What I find amusing is you complain about a handful of scruffy anti-war protesters sitting in a ditch in Texas, claim that they are representational of the entire Democratic party and yet you say barely anything about the head of a multi-million dollar tax free organization - a man who is a major Republican contributor and an alleged man of God, inciting violence and anti-Americanism in South America. What's with that Eracus?

The real threat we face is from extreemists like Pat Robertson.

Another Shot in the Dark commenter suggests this will help Pat Robertson rake in the dough:

That anyone would define Pat Robertson as a "major Republican figure...with considerable influence, power and money" reveals a degree of ignorance and stupidity that is just plain stunning.

The reason he makes such blatant, inflammatory and irresponsible remarks is because nobody outside the HomeShoppingNetwork audience takes him the least bit seriously. But he sure knows his business -- he waits until Cindy Sheehan and the mainstream media enrages his base, hurls his grenade, sits back to watch the big splash, and then claims he was "misinterpreted" just to keep the ball rolling. Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Next thing ya know.....Cindy says she's coming back. Oh, boy! It just doesn't get any better for the 700 Club; their phones will ring for months.

Pat Robertson is nothing more than the current Idiotarian-in-Chief for both sides of the political spectrum. He represents Republicans even less than Al Sharpton does the Democrats, only he knows the moonbats take him more seriously because he presents himself (gasp!) as a Man of God, which of course he is not, but which of course they hate with a passion, and all of which will of course give this story legs that money just can't buy. He's been doing this for decades; it's his whole business, and the Left takes the bait, hook, line and sinker every time. You gotta hand it to him -- he just stole Cindy's lunch and handed the mainstream media yet another dog and pony show. Woo-hoo!!

Game, set, match.
Posted by: Eracus at August 24, 2005 02:12 PM

Flash says it best though. People should call their cable company if they have cable.

Minnesota Democrats Exposed Exposes Entenza/Hatch Shenagans and Is Exposed

Yesterday on Minnesota Democrats Exposed:

Minnesota Democrats Exposed has information that media outlets are working on this story. This will remain the top story on Minnesota Democrats Exposed for the rest of today.


MDE has learned from excellent St. Paul sources a bombshell that reveals an enormous rift among two of the DFL's top officeholders.

Within the past couple of months, House Minority Leader Matt Entenza hired a private investigative firm from Chicago to look into a fellow politician's background ...

That politician -- Mike Hatch.

Entenza hired the private eye to dredge up enough information to convince Hatch that he should stay out of the Governor's race and run for another term as Attorney General -- leaving the Governor's race open for Entenza.

Entenza certainly has the funds to hire a private investigator -- his $600,000 contribution to DFL groups during the 2004 cycle was just a drop in the bucket for he and wife Lois Quam.

Unfortunately for Entenza, Hatch's people caught onto Entenza's plan. They then laid a trap for Entenza -- they called him and posed as the private investigative firm and asked where he wanted them to fax the information they had found.

When Entenza gave them a fax number, they revealed themselves and let Entenza know that Hatch was onto his scheme.

From Comments:


Shark.bait said...

I think that we need to create a boxing match similar to Celebrity Boxing! I want to see these two losers duke it out in the ring!
9:04 AM
DFL Governor said...

Wow. I tip my hat to you on this one MDE.
9:14 AM
Republican Minnesota said...

I don't know who'd fight more dirty, Entenza or Hatch. Any thoughts?
10:00 AM
Micah said...

I want MDE to put his reputation on the line for this. If this turns out to be yet another false rumor attempting to smear DFLers, I think he should give up his blog. This is a huge accusation to make.

I've already said that if this allegation is true, I'll vote for Tim Pawlenty for the rest of my life.

Standing behind your statements will, at least for me, give you some credibility.

How about it?
10:26 AM
Andy Smith said...

I just called Mr. Entenza's office. It's an old rumor, months old in fact.
10:53 AM
Republican Minnesota said...

This post has been removed by the author.
11:07 AM
Republican Minnesota said...

There's truth to every rumor.

You need to keep digging.

As a young Bob Woodward was once told: "just follow the money."
11:08 AM
Andy Smith said...

Hatch apparently told Entenza that he could run for Attorney General, but that Hatch will be supporting Lori Swanson. Word is that Hatch is already helping raise money for Swanon's AG bid.

Lori Swanson dosen't even have a campaign comittee yet.

Where are you getting your information?
11:31 AM
Republican Minnesota said...

Did you not read the beginning?! It says something to the effect of "excellent St. Paul soures."
11:47 AM
Joe Mayo said...

If Entenza is dirty enough to do this, he's obviously dirty enough to tell his staff to lie about it. Quit accepting everything this man says as fact and open your eyes to the harsh reality of DFL inter-party politics.
12:15 PM

From DFL Governor:

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

As reported on MDE yesterday, began the war between the different factions within the DFL has.

posted by DFL Governor @ 24.8.05

At 24/8/05 10:28 AM, Micah said...

These are anonymous allegations. It would be reckless to just assume it is correct.

At 24/8/05 10:58 AM, DFL Governor said...

I have it on a source within the House Caucus that this is more than a rumor.

Don't mess with two attorneys who play dirty. Today on Checks and Balances:

On 8/24/05, wrote:
Dear Eva Young, We have it on reliable source that the person who has cause Democrats pains in recent months with Minnesota Democrats Exposed is....
Find out at

Then going over there and logging in I find this:

Minnesota Democrats Exposed (Exposed)

If you google the name Jerome Plagge you will find information on his activity in the blogsphere for Senate District 63 (Richfield). There is also a link a story from his blog about living a red life in a blue district on something called As one delves a little deeper you see that in Minnesota Democrats Exposed is one of the most traded blog shares.

So recent information that has come our way is the Jerome Plagge is the person behind Minnesota Democrats Exposed. It will be interesting to see if now the anonymous source behind MDE either confires or denies this idea. We encourage the folks at MDE to contact us and tell it how it is.

Retaliation by Entenza? Retaliation by Hatch?

Don't piss off the attorneys.......

Developing. . .

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Abstinence only Ed

Abstinence only is the only thing that is 100% effective in preventing teen pregnancy. However, if we teach you ony about abstinence and you have unprotected sex anyway (because they do not know about sex, only abstinence) and a pregnancy occurs, we will make sure you have access to contraception so it doesn't happen again.

Sounds like double talk to me. And it is antithetical to making your own decision, which implies you have studied all sides to an issue and have chosen one.


Mitch Berg and Saddam Hussein are sitting in a bar. Mitch gets up and walks over to Saddam and punches him in the nose.

Saddam says, "What did you do that for?"

Mitch says, "That's for 9/11."

Saddam says, "I didn't have anything to do with 9/11. The hijackers weren't from Iraq, they were from Saudi Arabia."

Mitch says, "Iraqi, Saudi... what's the difference."

A little while later, Saddam gets up, walks over and punches Mitch in the nose.

Mitch says, "What you do that for?

Saddam says, "That's for the Titanic."

Mitch says, "I didn't have anything to do with the Titanic."

Saddam says, "Mitch Berg, iceberg... what's the difference."

Monday, August 22, 2005

More on the Air America Minnesota Guns, Gays and Abortion Gag Rule

I interviewed Nick Coleman last week about his time with Air America, Minnesota. He said that Air America Minnesota was the "Walmart of AM Radio", referring to Air America Minnesota's rock bottom wages and the way they treat employees.

Nick Coleman told me that Joe Palen - Nick's producer - Jim Kelly on to promote the pride festival and Janet Roberts asked what he was doing on the air. Joe responded by saying that AAM was airing commercials for the festival and figured that they would promote it on both shows, especially since Wendy was doing the MC bit at Pride. Janet then, according to Nick, told Joe Palen that Air America Minnesota shouldn't book Jim Kelly from the Pride Festival on the air again.

The Twin Cities Pride Festival should not sponsor Air America Minnesota any more until Janet Robert is no longer the station owner.

Nick also described how Janet Robert had a cow when he did a bit about Pope Benedict and played the tune "Springtime for Hitler" on the air. Janet Robert and Swiftee seem to agree.

The Current U of M Stadium Funding Plan Will Hurt the University of Minnesota

On July 16th President Robert H. Burininks of the University of Minnesota sent us a system-wide email saying:

With the Board of Regents’ approval last month of the strategic positioning plan, we’ve put in motion our vision to become one of the best public research universities in the world.

Okay, I agree we should be, but what makes a University the best in the world? There are many factors affecting this and you could argue circles around the issues, however it is clear that one of the most important factors would be high-quality faculty and more importantly, graduate students who would actually be doing the research. Care to disagree on that point?

During the last academic year there was an attempt to unionize the graduate students at the University of Minnesota. Many of the issues the union organizers raised were important issues ranging from healthcare, to student fees, to salaries. However the administration at the University of Minnesota has continued to lookout for the well-being of graduate students and the President/Office of Human Resources were in agreement that unionization of graduate students would hurt both us (the graduate students) and the University. Bear with me I am getting to the point.

Now that the union has been voted down, I have taken an interest in the stadium issue, specifically the funding. I think that it would be great for the University to have its own stadium, however the means of funding are inappropriate. One such source of funding would be from a student fee. I’ve heard numbers ranging from $50-$100 per semester added to student fees. This is primarily because

The University has a tradition and history of students supporting non-academic projects such as Memorial Stadium, Northrop Memorial Auditorium, and Coffman Memorial Union. Discussions are underway with student leaders to explore ways for students to be involved. link

Sure funding of those projects by the students and the state was great, because everyone uses them. I do not take issue with this, nor do I take issue with having a stadium, however, graduate students should not have any role in funding this project. The University of Minnesota is not alma mater. We don’t follow the football team, we don’t bleed maroon and gold. The Council of Graduate Students issued a strongly worded resolution which said that graduate students should not be assessed fees to fund a stadium. But this resolution didn’t get very much of a response, it was more of a “okay we’ll see if we need to assess you fees or not.” As, Vice President of Truth About Unionization I just emailed President Bruininks and the Board of Regents. The text follows. I will keep people updated of any responses or communication.


David Joseph De Grio
Address Suppressed For Blog Posting

Robert H. Bruininks, President
202, Morrill Hall
100 Church Street S.E.
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55414

August 22, 2005

Dear Mr. Bruininks and Board of Regents,

I am writing today to express my concern over the stadium proposal at the University of Minnesota, specifically dealing with the funding of said stadium. I know that you have been in communication with members of the Council of Graduate Students who have openly opposed the funding of a stadium through additional student fees, but I do not feel that anyone has really though about the long term implications of using graduate student fees to fund a stadium.

This past academic year, as Vice President of Truth About Unionization, I organized the successful “Vote No to Unionization” campaign. The TAU officers and organizers did this because we strongly believed that unionization would hurt us, not help us and that the administration would respond to our needs if we voted against unionization. After discussing the issue with my fellow graduate students in the Chemistry Department, people who opposed the union and people who were union organizers or supporters I am certain an imposition of fees upon graduate students to fund a stadium will tip the scale in favor of unionization. While I know that a graduate student union will have little effect upon reversing any funding decisions you make, it will provide a strong sentiment of distrust from those of us who previously may have opposed unionization.

This issue goes back to the core question of “why are we here?” If you ask this question of graduate students who opposed unionization they will undoubtedly say they are here to get an advanced degree to better themselves and to make themselves more qualified for the jobs they desire. We are not here because the job pays well. More importantly, we are not here to watch football games. Any money that comes out of our pockets is used for the necessities in life: rent, food and healthcare. To put this in perspective to those of you who are paid well over the graduate student salaries, $100 added to our student fees (thus taken from our pockets) would pay for groceries this month and next, or it would pay for one year worth of healthcare fees. We cannot afford to have any more money taken from our pockets and we cannot afford to choose between football, food and healthcare.

If you desire for the University of Minnesota to become one of the top graduate institutions in the country, you need graduate students who know their well-being is valued and that their employer will protect that well-being. When an employee’s faith in the employer wanes, he or she will look to other people for protection, primarily unions. Since your public stance is that unions will hurt this university you only have one choice in this matter; do not use any graduate student money to fund this stadium.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments regarding the long term implications of what I have just said and if you are ready to accept them.

Respectfully Yours-

David Joseph De Grio
Graduate Student of Chemistry
Vice President, Truth About Unionization

Supreme Court Nominee

I am not surprised that this President chose Roberts for nomination to the Supreme court. Roberts thinks women shouldn't have rights. He does not believe in a "right to privacy" (of course nothing in the Constitution of the US would work without it). And Roberts belives that affirmative action programs unfairly discriminated against whites.

Roberts does believe in precedent.

Other than that he is a perfect choice for this President.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Why is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Funding the Creationist Discovery Institute?

From the NY Times:

A closer look shows a multidimensional organization, financed by missionary and mainstream groups - the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provides $1 million a year, including $50,000 of Mr. Chapman's $141,000 annual salary - and asserting itself on questions on issues as varied as local transportation and foreign affairs.

Bill Gates is the CEO of Microsoft. He should know better than this.

Yet Another Strib Editorial Pushing for a Stadium Session, Right Leaning Blogs Dis the Idea


From Kennedy v the Machine - one of the Blogs invited to the Governor's Mansion a few months ago:

And the Horse You Rode In On
Filed under: Misc. By: Gary M. Miller August 20,2005

Senate Minority Leader Dick Day was heard to say on today's Taxpayer's League Live with David Strom [with the Ox subbing from Strom] radio show that if it was up to him, taxpayers in Hennepin County would be forced to pay for a new Twins Stadium in the warehouse district of downtown Minneapolis.

Thanks, Dick. Most elected officials in Hennepin County want to raise our taxes to pay for a billionaire's ballpark without putting it to the voters in a referendem which would clearly fail. Now outstate Republicans are willing to have someone else pay for their twice annual trip to see the Twinks at the dump.

Can there be any question why Sen. Day is the perpetual minority leader? Ask Vin Weber what it's like to have a go-along-get-along leader like Bob Michael leading you into political oblivion for a couple decades…

August 20th, 2005 @ 10:29 pm

Thank you Gary. As a Minneapolis taxpayer, I was outraged by this also. I was especially outraged by the attitude from Day that his district shouldn’t have any opposition to this - because it doesn't increase their taxes.

Also it's worth noting that not all Hennepin County elected officials support this nonsense. Commissioners Gail Dorfman, Penny Steele and Linda Koblick oppose the deal. So does Warren Limmer in Maple Grove and Frank Horstein in Minneapolis. Unfortunately the two who "represent" me, Keith Ellison and Linda Higgins both seem to support this boondoggle.

Steve Sviggum was equally appalling on the issue. I called in to express my outrage.

I looked up the Owatonna paper online and submitted this:

I heard Owatonna Senator Dick Day on AM 1280 the Patriot. He talked about how though he opposes a Stadium Session, he is fine with voting to stick it to Hennepin County taxpayers to pay for a Twins Stadium. I am not clear on whether he will require a referendum. He also said that Owatanna residents should be happy for a legislator to vote to increase taxes on Hennepin County. I wonder how Owatonna residents would feel about Minneapolis Legislators voting to increase the sales tax on Owatonna residents.

If the Twins stadium is a statewide asset, let the state pay for it, rather than sticking it to Hennepin County taxpayers.

Here's the polling data as presented from Save the Twins:

Poll shows little support for taxpayer-funded Twins stadium
Associated Press

A new poll finds people in both Minneapolis and St. Paul strongly opposed to spending tax dollars on a new ballpark for the Twins, even as speculation grows about whether the team may go out of business.

The Minnesota Public Radio-St. Paul Pioneer Press poll found 62 percent of the likely voters in St. Paul and 71 percent in Minneapolis say they oppose any significant public financing for a new stadium to keep the Twins.

From the First Ring blog:

From Humpty to Dumpty

I love the smell of stadium proposals in the morning…it smells like…burning diapers?

Since the mid 1990s, the three denizens of the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome---the Vikings, Twins and University of Minnesota---have been attempting to escape the Triple H inflatable garbage bag as fast as their leases allow. The three groups have worked independently and occasionally as a tag-team to pin any taxing authority they can (preferably to the Dome’s old horrible green concrete that has now been replaced with shag carpeting) and get them to tap out funding for a new stadium. Each has played their own angle. The Twins tried moving to the Quad City area in North Carolina in 1997. The Vikings' used car dealer owner, Red McCombs, has constantly shouted "in San Antonio" after the words "Purple Pride" since buying the team. And the Golden Gophers have argued an on campus stadium would allow them to continue to field the 6 and 5 scourges of the Music City Bowl.

I can't imagine why they haven't been successful.

With the legislature closing in to a finish (minus a potential special session), a Twins stadium proposal has reared its head again at the Hennepin County Board---which incorporates, among others, Minneapolis and Bloomington, the first and third largest cities in the state. Despite most legislation taking months to craft and vote upon, the Twins proposal was brought up out of the blue last week and was passed, 4 to 3 after one day of public testimony.


As a Twins fan who attended game 7 of the 1987 World Series, I can most definitely say this proposed Twins stadium stinks. Literally. The site would place the stadium next to the city’s garbage burner, meaning the Twins will have moved from the Hump to the Dump. The open-air stadium would only highlight the location as fans could sample the smells of hot dogs, peanuts, and human waste. A seventh-inning wretch might be required but isn't exactly what you bring the kiddies down to see.


A majority of every demographic, geographic, partisan and ideological group opposed using public money. Despite the broad and deep opposition, team and county officials found reason for optimism.

Therein lies the gall of the Hennepin County Board. The majority hates the plan and wants to vote on the proposal before getting hit with yet another tax. The Board’s response? We're not listening. Other than today's public debate, input from voters has been nonexistent thanks to the timing of the proposal. So after almost a decade of stadium talk, the only way the Minnesota Twins have found to get a new home is to make an end run around the process and circumvent those who will actually be paying for it. In baseball, you're called out if you run outside the baselines. In life, you get a $300 million stadium deal inked on the fly.

The proposal will almost certainly die at the Capitol as the County Board heaped on ridiculous amendments including additional funding for numerous programs and a mandated percentage of minority workers on the construction of the stadium. Couple that with the lack of a referendum and the Twinkies better get used to playing the Dome for a while longer.
# posted by First Ringer @ 9:53 PM

Of course First Ringer wasn't counting on constant cheer leading for this nonsense from Governor Tim Pawlenty and Speaker Steve Sviggum.

Split between Aravosis of Americablog and Mike Rogers of Blogactive

The post that started this talked about there being something fishy about BlogPac and the Advertise Liberally network. Chris Bowers from Advertise Liberally responds suggesting that he knows the source of the allegation - and it's someone who called him on his mothers cellphone. Mike Rogers from Blogactive, then responds. He says that Mr Brock's habit of making up facts has followed him from party to party. He also says:

I received your phone number from John Aravosis, another member of the advertise liberally network approximately 8-10 months ago, after he asked me to start my work at blogACTIVE, basically because he didn't have the guts to do it on AmericaBlog.

If you read Americablog lately, it has become recycled talking points from the Democratic Party. All Rove and Sheehan all the time.

I'm not familiar with the details, but to me it appears that this is fishy and worth investigating. It reminds me of the Air America Minnesota nonsense.

Rogers has an open thread and alludes to this on Blogactive. I've left a message in Blogactive's comments, and will do the same at Americablog.

Hat Tip: North Dallas Thirty.

UPDATE: I've talked with Rogers. He confirms that he did make the post on Watching the Watchers. He was unwilling to comment further on the situation.

Rogers has interviewed 6th District Candidate Elwyn Tinklenberg. Apparently Tinklenberg told Rogers that he supports civil unions. Tinklenberg should make that clear within the Twin Cities media. His current public position is that he supports the Federal Bachmann Amendment which does not allow for civil unions.

Republican Neil Giuliano Named to Head GLAAD

Gay Patriot has the story.

This is an excellent move for the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). I hope they move towards doing more about real defamation in the media rather than focusing on trivial issues like the One Life to Live Gay double murderer plot. I watch One Life to Live on Soapnet - and saw that story line. It was handled sensitively and effectively.

I've heard that GLAAD was helpful to the National Black Justice Coalition in getting the Washington Post to do a follow up story to debunk some of the Reverend Willie Wilson's rediculous claims about Lesbians.

God Hates Fags Translated to Spanish

Democrat Fred Phelps runs the God Hates Fags website. I just went over there to check it out, and found that there is now a spanish version of the site.

There's a fair amount of discussion about the Homophobia in the Black Church. As I understand it, some of that is mild compared to some of the stuff on Spanish Speaking radio in places like Florida.

Democrat Fred Phelps Goes After Cindy Sheehan and Leatherboy Peter LaBarbera

Pam Spaulding has the story.