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Saturday, October 08, 2005

5th Ward City Council Campaign is Pathetic

Minneapolis Observer discusses the the 5th ward radio "debate".

Strib account here. Doug Grow has a column describing the debate. From Grow's column:

Samuels says the use of racial epithets has included his being called a "house [epithet]" in both a whisper campaign and on the air by community TV host Booker T. Hodges, whose wife works for Johnson Lee. He said that allies of his opponent have associated his words with the KKK. He said he is concerned about the safety of his family.

Much of this ugliness was twisted out of comments Samuels made about the fact that he's had "advantages" in life because he has some white ancestry and his great-great-grandfather worked in the house of his slave master rather than toiling in the fields.

"I was trying to talk about a reality -- I know that I have had advantages others haven't had --and now it's been turned into 'I'm a hater of black people,' " Samuels said.

Well 4 years ago, Natalie's campaign was spreading rumors about Jackie Cherryhomes being a "ho". This is more of the same.

Samuels doesn't come to this fight disarmed. For example, he kept calling a publication Travis Lee works for, Trendsetter, "a porn mag" because of its ads for strip clubs and sexually explicit articles.

Alberto Monserate, publisher of Gente, wrote on the Minneapolis Issues list:

I'm frankly discusted with both campains for ward 5 and the tone of the campaign. instead of people of color in Minneapolis uniting to get a fair peace of the pie, we're fighting for the crums.

All this will achieve is to continue to digust minority voters, and continue to decline our participation in elections.

Calling a candidates husband a pornographer who most likely isn't and, and calling the other candidate a house negro is disgusting. Gente de Minnesota will definetly stay away from this race.

All that we'll see this year achieved in the Minneapolis elections is that the city council and other elective positions will be less diverse than ever. This is a sad year in the history of the city of Minneapolis. The city with one of the bigest learning gaps between white students and students of color in the country, and the city with one of the biggest gaps between minority population and their representation in elective offices.

Is this Minnesota or Mississippi?

The Urban League debate I observed was pretty tame compared to this.

Jeff Cook Launches Campaign Website

It includes a nice statement about why he is running and what he hopes to accomplish.

Jeff is the former field director for Log Cabin Republicans. He is running against incumbent Republican, Sue Kelly. Sue Kelly supported the Federal Marriage Amendment after telling many of her supporters she would oppose this amendment.

Senate District 43 Convention Reports

I stopped by both conventions.

At the Republican convention, Plymouth Mayor, Judy Johnson was endorsed by acclamation. Judy's speech was entirely about good government, keeping taxes down, having quality and accountable public education. There was no mention of the Bachmann amendment, creationism or other Leviticus Crowd issues. The Republican convention began with the Pledge of Allegiance, but there was no Religious invocation.

Rep. Ron Abrams spoke about the special session. He said that after talking to one of the people in leadership, that the scuttlebutt is that Phil Krinkie will introduce a motion to adjourn sine die.

At the DFL convention, Terri Bonoff was endosed on a first ballot vote of 31-11 over Tony Carlson.

People at conventions were fully aware - and mentioned - that the Senate District had voted for Kerry in 2004. In both cases, people want to make sure that people volunteer and help with this campaign.

It's still unclear when the election is going to be held.


Judy Johnson (still under construction)

Terri Bonoff - DFL.

Friday, October 07, 2005

SD 43 Endorsing Conventions Tomorrow

Matt at North Star Liberty has the details.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

DCCC's Steny Hoyer Stumps for Federal Bachmann Amendment Supporter Elwyn Tinklenberg

From a reader tip. This was originally posted to the 6th CD DFL list.

Please join US House Democratic Whip

Steny Hoyer

for a reception with

Elwyn Tinklenberg
DFL Candidate for Congress
6th District

Thursday, October 13th, 2005
2:00 - 3:30 P.M

Minneapolis United Labor Center
312 Central Avenue, SE
Room 218

Contributions appreciated, but not required.
Call 763-862-5092 for more information.

Prepared and paid for by Tinklenberg for Congress 2006

It would be great if Tinklenberg would get asked to explain his support for the Federal Bachmann amendment at this event.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Speaking Gig

UUCM GLBT Issues Service and Forum on Same Sex Marriage

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Minnetonka (UUCM) has been a Welcoming Community for many years. In these troubling times, our GLBT congregation members - as well as the larger gay community - are under attack as religious dogma is being used in the political arena to create an atmosphere of fear and bigotry. We are concerned about the potentially devastating results of the efforts of the religious right.

In an attempt to both open dialog of this urgent issue within our membership as well as to increase our knowledge and understanding of GLBT concerns, UUCM is dedicating a Sunday service to the GLBT issues on Sunday, October 9th at 10:00 am. Dennis Sanders, an ordained minister and current head of the Minnesota Log Cabin Republicans, will give the sermon. Following the service, UUCM is sponsoring a Forum on Same Sex Unions starting at 11:15. Eva Young of the Log Cabin Republicans will speak and there will be a Q & A session afterwards. Both the service and forum is open to all interested parties and we welcome your attendance.

UUCM is located at 605 Rice Street, Wayzata, MN 55391; (952)-593-5900.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Bush Appoints Harriet Miers to Supreme Court

This is irritating the base big time.

Hindrocket at Powerline is rather typical:

Various helpful Democrats and media people have advised President Bush that, since he has been weakened by [fill in the blank], he can't risk a battle with the Senate Democrats and should nominate a "consensus" candidate, i.e. a Democrat/moderate/abortion rights advocate, or whatever, to the Court. The President rightfully rejected this thinking with the Roberts nomination, which turned out to be one of the few political successes of his second term. The reason the Roberts nomination was successful politically was the nominee's obviously overwhelming qualifications for the job. Bush could have done the same thing once again, with any of a number of superbly qualified candidates. He should have nominated another great conservative, and dared the Democrats to filibuster him: the resulting political fallout might have changed the dynamics of Bush's second term in the administration's favor, and we would have wound up with another great jurist on the bench.

Instead, Bush chose a nominee who makes little sense on either substantive or political grounds: a second or third tier candidate whose choice will be, I think, slight political minus for the President because of her perceived lack of qualifications. I really don't get it.

It appears the Black Helicopters are circling for Hindrocket:

It's hard to avoid the suspicion that Bush's nomination of Miers reflects some kind of deal with the Senate Democrats. Such as, the Dems gave Bush a list of candidates they would deem "acceptable" (pending Judiciary Committee hearings, of course), and Bush chose the best candidate he could off that list.

Is that what happened? I don't know, but the theory seems to fit the facts. Why would Bush accede to the Democrats rather than fight for another Roberts-type conservative? The only reason I can think of is that liberal Republicans in the Senate, starting with Arlen Specter, told him they wouldn't back him up if he replaced Sandra O'Connor with a strong conservative. There are enough RINOs in the Senate to make such a threat credible, I think.

The lefty Daily Kos is happy with this one.

I reserve the right to change my mind, but Miers' biggest sin, at this early juncture, is her allegiance to Bush. That her appointment is an act of cronyism is without a doubt, but if that's the price of admission to another Souter or moderate justice, I'm willing to pay it.

More immediately, this is the sort of pick that can have real-world repercussions in 2006, with a demoralized Republican Right refusing to do the heavy lifting needed to stem big losses. That Bush went this route rather than throwing his base the red meat they craved is nothing less than a sign of weakness. For whatever reason, Rove and Co. decided they weren't in position to wage a filibuster fight with Democrats on a Supreme Court justice and instead sold out their base.

We'll have several months to pick through Miers' record, as well as highlight her role in any number of Bush scandals (like Georgia10 notes).

But my early sense is that this is already a victory -- both politically and judicially -- for Democrats. In fact, it should be great fun watching conservatives go after Bush. He may actually break that 39-40 floor in the polls, given he's just pissed off the very people who have propped up his failed presidency.

Update: Yup, Democrats are fully aboard. Reid's statement on the flip. Cue in more anguished wails from our esteemed colleagues on the other side of the aisle.

The Freepers are having a cow.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Economic Analysis of Zygi Wilf's Stadium Proposal

King Banaian is all over it here.

Phil Miller the Sports Economist has more.