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Monday, January 09, 2006

Anonoblogger's Rights

Gary Miller from Kennedy v the Machine writes:

With Olson's lawsuit against MDE, Janacek has chosen to cast her lot with co-publisher Blois Olson. That's what friends and colleagues are supposed to do. We would simply point out that Janacek and Olson need to get their story straight re: the right to blog anonymously.

He's mad about the Politics In Minnesota blog policy:

–News from the Blogs–

Last issue, we weighed in a bit on blogs and their news value. And, we announced our official (but a work in progress) PIM blog policy: We’re happy to reference a blog and new news–but only if we can attribute the blog to an identifiable person.

That's still our policy, but Gary M. Miller, who writes at Kennedy v. The Machine (mentioned elsewhere in this issue), countered with a great point. Writes Miller, "What happened to the rich tradition of 'Publius' and the pamphleteers of old? Your policy would prohibit publication of The Federalist Papers, today."


That policy has nothing to do with the rights of anonymous bloggers. Anonobloggers can write whatever they want. They don't have the right to get published in newspapers or in Politics in Minnesota.