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Friday, January 20, 2006

Anti-Gay Democrat Chosen to Give Response to the State of the Union

When will the HRC start yanking their donations to the DCCC and DSCC?

Pam Spaulding has more.

I ask you -- why was Tim Kaine picked to represent the Democratic Party's "American values" in the official response to Bush's State of the Union address? The Dems have sent a loud and clear message re: 2006/2008 to its gay voters with this selection.

Kaine ran an unnecessary gay-baiting campaign against an even-worse homo-bigot Jerry Kilgore in the Virginia governor's race, and Kaine has pledged to sign off on an onerous marriage amendment that enshrines bigotry into the state's constitution.

That said, I'm willing to take the gay-baiting of Kilgore issue off of the table, since it's noise that's distracting some people from the larger issue, which is what Kaine represents as the new face of the party. The gay residents of Virginia were stuck with two pro-marriage amendment choices for governor because it reflects the political lay of the land there. I feel for folks there.

Any gay Dem should be sick to their stomach at this pick. Kaine is just another Republican-lite clone from a Red state, and that's where the Dem leadership has indicated it wants to move the party. We are on notice -- homos are going to be tossed overboard -- again -- in search of the elusive win. They haven't figured out that voters need and want to see a party that has values it actually believes in and is willing to defend -- and they won't get a dime from me with this bullsh*t.

Kudos to Pam Spaulding for speaking up about this. Democratic partisan John Aravosis passes.