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Monday, January 09, 2006

As the Stomach Turns Starring Michael Brodkorb Drama Queen

Sarah Janacek, Politics in Minnesota publisher is defending Blois Olson, who writes for the newsletter:

Another reason I care relates to Politics In Minnesota. Blois has continued the honest, rich and sometimes difficult tradition established by former PIM editors and political pundits D.J. Leary and Wy Spano. A tradition continued by this publication, the next generation of PIM. That tradition is that in our newsletter writing and political punditry, when an issue comes up that affects a client, we always disclose our connection. "Secretive spinning" is simply not allowed.

Our stories in PIM about Coleen Rowley's failing congressional bid were not retribution for Blois' New School Communications not getting hired because New School didn't apply. End of story.

It gets sent out, and the Drama Queen responds.....

And the soap opera continues.... Developing. . .