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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Blois Olson's Perspective on the Lawsuit

Blois Olson has a blog.

New School's lawsuit against Michael Brodkorb and (MDE) is not an attack on anonymous bloggers, or free speech and the First Amendment, but our legal rights to correct a wrong. It is very well known amongst members of the media, elected officials and capitol insiders of all political parties, that I personally, and New School as a firm, do not do political campaign work for candidates. We will continue to refrain from campaign work as long as I am part of New School Communications.

Mr. Brodkorb's assertion that New School pursued political work, and that my comments related to the Coleen Rowley campaign were retribution for the fact that New School wasn't hired, is a lie that ethically demands to be corrected.

So why was New School attacked?

It may have been my writing at about anonymous bloggers needing to "get a life," or it may have been the Rowley campaign playing hardball with me after my personal opinions about her campaign were were published as a result of my opinion being solicited by political reporters.

Either way, I respect hardball politics but if I wanted to waste my time with it, I would have stayed in the campaign world.

After requesting a retraction, New School had no choice but to use the justice system to set the record straight. Our firm is often hired by clients who demand there be no political work being performed along side of theirs--this misinformation will hurt our reputation and business if not addressed.

If anyone publishes things as "fact" anonymously, I would only hope they would make sure the information is true and hold themselves to the same or higher standards of a journalist. And if they aren't willing to do that, the innocent deserve protection.

When advising clients, I would advise them to do as our firm has done: protect yourself, your reputation, and when it is false or defamatory and there is no willingness of the publisher to correct the inaccuracies, then pursue your legal rights.

Now back to work...not on campaigns.

I talked to Blois briefly today. Blois told me that he was not interested in finding out who Brodkorb's source was. His issue was with Brodkorb. He also said that he was not aware of Buck Humphrey's other work.

So at this point it's he said, he said.