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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Democratic Underground Regulars Unhappy with Matt Entenza

Minnesota Raindog starts the thread here.

City Pages examines the Entenzas millions

In the past seven years the Minnesota attorney general's office has earned a rep as one of the country's toughest HMO watchdogs. So does it matter that Matt Entenza, the DFL's heir apparent to the job, is married to one of the most powerful executives in the medical industry, United Health's Lois Quam?

More in this week's cover story.

DFL Princess comments:

I have problems with Entenza because of this.

Hatch can't go after United like he did Medica because it is a for profit company and does not (cannot) sell their HMO product in Minnesota. UHG does lobby every the legislature every year to change state law to allow for profit HMOs to operate here claiming that it would keep costs down by increasing competition (oh yeah, like we haven't heard that before).

I have an imformed source that tells me that at one of the state's major HMOs UHG is referred to as the "evil empire".

Another commenter defends Entenza:

Thu Jan-12-06 12:15 AM
4. I guess he'll have to fucking well divorce her if he wants to be AG

Will someone clue me as to when it became a crime for a rich man or woman to be a Democrat.

Minnesota Raindog Thu Jan-12-06 08:26 AM
Response to Reply #4
5. Millionaire Matt wants to be more than just a Democrat

This lying asshole wants to be attorney general, not just a member of the party. His millions present a huge conflict of interest on one of the major issues facing an attorney general: health care reform. Entenza has run roughshod over the House DFL since he became minority "leader," and stacked its staff with his sycophants. The DFL would do well to not only throw him out of the leadership poisition, but find another attorney general candidate as well.

dflprincess Thu Jan-12-06 12:52 PM
Response to Reply #4
6. For me it's not someone having money,

Edited on Thu Jan-12-06 12:53 PM by dflprincess

it's where the money comes from. And I see a potential conflict of interest for Entenza.

Michael Brodkorb attributes this to Juhnke's campaign against Entenza. I happen to know Minnesota Raindog, and s/he doesn't think much of Rep. Al Juhnke either. Brodkorb should review the archives of the mn-politics-discuss list - when Entenza became minority leader, he fired many house dfl staff members and put his own cronies in their place. It's ironic that someone who treats employees the way Entenza does gets AFSCME endorsement.