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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Democrats Attack Mike Hatch

Three Way News:

A good reason to not vote for Mike Hatch

Posted by: Jambo / 3:52 PM

From today's Strib:

If he's a close 2nd, Hatch would run in primary


Hatch said he isn't willing to see his candidacy die at the June convention because he falls just short of the majority needed for endorsement.

Now I'm willing to vote for someone who is running against an endorsed candidate, I've done it in the past. But I'm not willing to vote for someone who is either a weasel or math illiterate. Since it takes a 60% vote to get the endorsement there's either no endorsement or you lose it by at least 20 percentage points. To say you will run if you are a "close second" is to either admit you can't do simple math or are trying to have it both ways by claiming you support the process, and thus hang on to the delegates who won't support candidates who don't honor the endorsement, while having no intention of abiding by the endorsement. The former is unlikely, tho sadly not inconceivable, while the former is the sort of double talk we expect from empty suits like Norm Coleman. Either way, it makes Hatch the kind of guy I don't want running my state.

And by the way, is there no one at the Strib who knows this and could have mentioned it in the article?

Democratic opponent Steve Kelley hits hard:


DFL candidate for governor Steve Kelley ready for the
challenge, calls for “decisive victory”

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. (Jan. 24, 2006) - Senator and candidate for governor Steve Kelley today responded strongly to Attorney General Mike Hatch’s comments in the Star Tribune. "Attorney General Hatch today challenged the rest of the DFL candidates to beat him 'decisively' for the DFL endorsement. I accept that challenge," Senator Kelley said. "My campaign has been organizing throughout the state and we are poised to win in June.

"DFLers understand that we have to win in November and that's why my campaign has been receiving so much support," he said. Kelley pointed to fundraising success in 2005. "We were able to raise over $250K in 2005 because people throughout the state understand what it takes to win. Frankly, they're starting to realize that my campaign is working the hardest in this race. We will pull off a win by doing the hard work it takes to organize throughout the state and raise the money necessary to compete with the Republican machine."

Senator Kelley is focused on winning in November. He declared: "It's time to stop dividing the party - I am abiding by the DFL endorsement because Democrats need to be united to win. I know that DFL delegates want to win in November. Those delegates are smart—they will choose the candidate who can win. I disagree with Mike Hatch that the winner at the DFL convention will win because of some political purity test. The DFL has changed since Hatch last ran for governor. Thousands of new people have gotten involved in recent years: moms and dads who care about health care; business owners who are concerned about early childhood education; workers who care about renewable energy. These diverse people can't be boxed in by Hatch's old-hat way of thinking."

Kelley continued, "We can win the DFL endorsement and the general election in November. We are running a campaign that brings people from all walks of life together—exactly what being a successful governor is all about.

"If I win the DFL endorsement, it will be because we have the strongest campaign. It will be because I have drawn the clearest contrast with Tim Pawlenty. It will be because I am the only candidate with a clear, positive vision to return Minnesota to being the national leader in education, health care, transportation and renewable energy. That is what DFLers, like many Minnesotans, want to see in a candidate. And that is what they want in a governor."

Kelley's got to post his more recent press releases on his website.

As I've said before, I don't know why anyone pays any attention to what Mike Hatch says on any topic. He's doesn't have a history of telling the truth, and I don't see a reason to expect that he's changed.

If there are 4 democrats in a crowded primary (Doran, Hatch, Lourey and Kelley), will Hatch re-run his 1994 campaign - getting the MCCL endorsement, and attacking his opponents for supporting gay marriage?

Developing. . .