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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Democrats Unhappy with Idea of Entenza for AG

Over at Democratic Underground:

Let's hope her supporters get themselves to the caucuses. Hatch said today if he loses the endorsement decisively, he'll run for AG again. I like Hatch and I think he'd be a good governor, but I'd rather keep him in the Attorney General's office than see Entenza get it.

Also here.

There is a story in the print edition of the Strib today about Hatch running in the primary if he "comes close" to winning the endorsement.

Even though that position of Hatch's has been known for some time, this is what caught my eye:

(from the article

If he doesn't get close, he said, "I would run for attorney general. It's a job I love. I like to think I'm pretty good at it."

So wouldn't that be a nice situation to find ourselves in: Becky Lourey stomps Hatch for the endorsement, we get a real progressive for a governor's candidate AND the bonus: Poor Millionaire Matt Entenza has nowhere to go if Hatch runs for his current job. With any luck, by that time, the House DFL Caucus will have given The Great Pretenza the boot as minority leader and we could be rid of this creep.

Michael Brodkorb seems to have missed this angle of this story.