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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ford Brand Damage Might Be Long Lasting

From Lavender Magazine:

Ford's Brand Damage May Be Long-lasting

A recently conducted nationwide on-line survey found that despite Ford’s recent reversal of its marketing stance toward the GLBT community, the damage already may be done.

When polled about what brands of automobiles were owned or leased by GLBT consumers, Ford came in number one at 15.78 percent, with Honda and Toyota trailing a close second at 14.31 percent. However, when the Ford owners then were asked if they would purchase or lease another Ford vehicle, 65.52 percent indicated they would not, based upon the perceived anti-GLBT policies by the company.

I think this is unfair to Ford. They made a mistake. They rectified it. The problem is there was a week of heavy duty media bashing Ford - pushed by John Aravosis at Americablog, then when Ford did the right thing, it was a one day story. Deb Price who is a gay columnist from Michigan has a good column on the issue. I posted some correspondance with Jerry Reynolds - the Dallas Area Dealer who started this mess and he has learned from this. Jerry isn't homophobic. He is just a dealer who made a huge mistake. People make mistakes - and so do companies.

When I buy a new car (and I'll be in the market for a new car in 2 years), I'll be looking for how reliable the car is. I am considering Ford when I look at my next car - but I want to know about reliability. I'd like to hear from readers who have Fords - and what they think about how reliable the cars are.