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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Irv Anderson, Al Juhnke and Matt Entenza - Oh My!


I got this comment on a post about the internal division within the house dfl ranks over the leadership of the caucus.

Why are you removing posts....can't handle negative comments?

So very sad to see someone like you who thinks so very highly of herself and her so called journalistic integrety (cough) actually remove negative comments aimed at herself.

schoolsout |

As I said before....Irv Anderson is one of the nicest legislators in St. Paul. And, Al Juhnke is a key rural DFL leader in the state.

Now for your education: the legislature does not fall under the 'freedom of information act' you cast about so flipantly. But, if you would have bothered to do any research (not that you ever have) you would have known this.

Perhaps Anderson and Juhnke should sue you like Blois is suing MDE. Unless you are sure of your statements, you should not wrote them.

Thanks for pointing out that the Freedom of Information Act doesn't apply to the legislature. I'm rather surprised by that - but will ask around.

I do not censor comments. I also don't always see them right away.

I'd put money on the leaker being Al Juhnke the PAC Man who is co-sponsoring Otremba's idiotic bill to allow pharmacists to get state protection for refusing to fill birth control prescriptions. This email was to legislative caucus members - not staff. So it rules out a staff leak. This doesn't rule out a staff leak because staff often access legislator's email. Who would be interested in leaking such an email exchange? And who reads the blogs? I believe Entenza didn't get Al Juhnke's vote the last time. I don't have proof. I didn't have proof when I posted that I thought Michael Brodkorb was MDE - and when I asked him whether he was MDE.

I believe the commenter - whose writing style seems eerily familiar - is referring to this post. It's a post that shows up in a blogsearch on Al Juhnke. But it shows as a bad link. Originally I spelled Juhnke's name incorrectly in the title, so I edited the title. That unfortunately has the effect of changing the link. If people have questions about Lloydletta posts, feel free to email me at I can get better search results by using blogger from the posting interface to search rather than searching with google or technorati.

CORRECTION and UPDATE: MN Politics Guru notes: "Staff members have access to their legislators' e-mail accounts, so it could be a staff leak."

Juhnke was saying he did not want to run for minority leader. That's good. He would never win. My impression is that Junhke's modus operendi is always bashing the urban legislators - and the cities - and talking about how oppressive they are to the poor old rural DFL caucus.

Juhnke is a "pro-life" democrat - which means he supports making abortions criminal. The problem is when this "pro-life" or "culture of life" deal is taken to the extreme - as in the Otremba-Juhnke legislation to allow pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for conscience reasons. Well there are religious objections to all sorts of medical treatments. Is it the pharmacist's decision to make whether a woman uses contraception - or a men uses viagra. I don't believe that constituents in their area would be too happy with them if they knew they were working to restrict access to contraception - which is the end result of what this bill does.

A commenter at the Minnesota Votes website wrote:

These pharmacists should lose their license for failing to fill ANY legal precription. If it's against their so-called morals, they should find another profession.

Otremba pretends to be the friend of rural health providers. With "friends" like this proposing idiotic legislation restricting access to health care, who needs enemies?

The media needs to call the MCCL for comment whenever they do stories about Mary Ellen Otremba's idiotic bill. When the Women's Press did a profile of Erin Matson of NOW, who has been very effective in getting this issue out there in the media, they neglected to call the Minnesotans Concerned for Life (MCCL). MCCL needs to be called out on this issue.

Al Juhnke is welcome to respond here. If he wants to write a response, I will post the response verbatim - as a post to the blog.

UPDATE: A blog search for Matt Entenza reveals:

Entenza Done?
6 Jan 2006 by Gary M. Miller
A little birdie just told KvM that Matt Entenza will be stepping down. More as
we know more.
Kennedy v. The Machine

When I clicked on the link, the post is gone. What's up with that? Did KvM want to pass the rumor, and then not have it on his main site? Or did he post it - and Entenza got on him. I think a retraction is a better answer than a deletion of the post.