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Friday, January 27, 2006

Is Brodkorb's Lawyer's Pleading in Proper Form?

An astute Lloydletta reader made a good point about the Drama Queen's Lawsuit response....

There's a problem with the Answer served by Brodkorb's lawyer in the suit brought by Blois. Rule 11.01 of the Minnesota Rules of Civil Procedure specifically state that there has to be an attorney registration number on all pleadings signed by an attorney. The Answer posted on MDE's website doesn't have that, despite it being something too obvious to ignore.

Picky, yes, but that's just how we lawyers are.

Picky, picky, picky...

Seems like Brodkorb's "breaking news" over comment spam got some response:

Jeff Fecke said...

Oh no. Not a dormant forum suffering a spam attack. Next you'll tell us that every day, DFL staffers receive emails telling them that they can get "Gr8 Erekshuns" from "Herbal V1agra." Or that staffers have received email contact from the Most Honourable Mbeki Seko, the brother-in-law of Mbuto Sese Seko, who has four million dollars in a Swiss bank account that he's willing to share....
8:01 AM
cleversponge said...


Young DFL members are being held prisoner in East African nation!! Only you can help. Please click on this paypal link and help the legal defense fund!!


Attention Tim Obrien! This breaking news clearly belongs in the Bloghouse.