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Friday, January 27, 2006

Is This a Reason to Support Alito?

Letter to the St Cloud Times:

Letter: Republican Party has changed its direction
Norm Tempel Rice

As a former delegate in the Republican Party, I am very disappointed to see a great party move into the hands of fascist activists and fundamentalist extremists.

How can anyone who has read the record of speeches, statements and opinions by Samuel Alito support his nomination?

These are sad times in America.


Zippit from St. Joseph
Norman, there are rules for changing the constitution. Alito is in favor of following those rules, rather than pretending he was elected to make the liberal supreme court picks do
Zippit from St. Joseph
Not sad times. it is morning in America!

Fascist?! You have no clue. The left is fascist. The left won't even let you take a drag on a cig in public. But killing the fetus, smoking pot, having anal sex with men, which spreads aids...which puts a strain on healthcare services for all,...the left that wants to strip oil company investors of their "windfall" profits,.... the left that makes war on Christianity, while giving the religion of death and female oppression, (islam), a pass , ..the same fasist left that is undermining our efforts to reform the Middle east, (origin of the deadliest attack in 60 years on our homeland)...that is AOK with the fascist left...because the fascist left sees twice elected George Bush as our enemy. Good luck with that in 06 and 08.

What is it with these people - wanting to bring anal sex with men into every thread? By the way survey data clearly show that straights engage in that activity also. Some use it as a method of birth control.