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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

John McCain and His Support for the Arizona Bachmann Amendment

From the comments to this post.

McCain proved what a traitor he is to GLBT Americans when he began helping circulate a petition, in Arizona, for the local "let's get hysterical and ban gay marriage" law.

This is the same Senator McCain who, not too many months ago, promised me, in a letter, that he would stand up for our rights.

Anti-gay-marriage laws violate three existing amendments to the U.S. Constitution (if passed at the state level), and four if the thing ever goes federal. Not only is any legislator who supports such a boondoggle an enemy of limited government, but he or she is a political quack.
Lori Heine

Lori has a blog. From her blog profile:

Name:Lori Heine
Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States

I am a Libertarian Lutheran Lesbian (try saying THAT three times fast), dedicated to countering the Radical Right with Something Better.

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