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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Lloydletta's Nooz Makes the Hotline Again

It's about the Drama Queen.

Here's what the Hotline has to say:

IN THE STATES II: Minnesota Democrats Exposed Exposes Himself

As the AP reports, Dem consultant/Politics in Minnesota co-publisher Blois Olson "disputes a series of postings" at the controversial blog Minnesota Democrats Exposed "about criticisms Olson made" of FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley's (D) campaign. MDE's now-revealed ex-MN GOP official Michael Brodkorb claims he was told "that the Rowley campaign refused to hire" Olson's firm, "prompting Brodkorb to ask why Olson didn't disclose that when he criticized Rowley in several news stories."

On 1/3, MDE hinted at a big announcement, and then on 1/4 admitted, a bit AA-ishly: "I am Michael Brodkorb and I am Minnesota Democrats Exposed." (On 10/25, we noted a post at Lloydletta's Nooz and Comments fingering Brodkorb as the site's author.) He now promises the site will continue, and hours laer followed up with a post expressing vindication re: the lawsuit's substance -- that an employee of Olson's had sought out Rowley's camp.

Conservative Pair O Dice: "This is nothing but a thinly veiled attack on a blogger who has been shredding the DFL. They hate him and will do anything, even admit to blatant stupidity, to stop him." Meanwhile, Lloydletta is "skeptical" of Brodkorb's claim "that he wasn't paid to blog and the party didn't know what he was up to": "This is NOT a case of trying to suppress anonymous blogging. It's a defamation suit -- and the claims will be settled in court." North Star Politics: "People sue too much. In looking for the easy way out, looking for something for nothing, people too often turn to litigation, giving a bad name to an option which is often the only one."

Go to the Hotline blog to see the links. I wouldn't call Swiftee's blog Pair O Dice "conservative", I'd call it fringe.

The Star Tribune published an oped by Blois Olson which talked about how Blogs are the new 527s. Andy from Residual Forces has a thoughtful response.

Blois writes:

Now, as Minnesota gears up for a competitive campaign season, anonymous blogs are emerging as a tactic comparable to the 527 groups of the 2004 election. The difference between the two tactics is that anyone can start a blog in 10 minutes, while not just anyone can buy millions of dollars in television ads.

I think this is a healthy development. I'd never have been able to do what I did with the Dump Michele Bachmann blog if I had to buy advertising. I actually think the internet allows for more voices to get heard. That's going to be threatening to mainstream media and to PR firms who are used to being the filters for news.

What bothers me is the Strib has devoted much time to this non-story, while they neglected to follow up on this tip:

Subject: FW: PB Meeting
Date: Thu, 08 Dec 2005 20:54:56 -0600

Last night's PB meeting was an interesting one. Thought you might be interesting in the following:

Two highlights: one was the $900,000 settlement of the failed Naegle skatepark lawsuit, which was filed by the subcontractors against the Park Board. Very little information was provided at the meeting. The Park Board is self-insured so it's not clear to me where the money to cover the debt is going to come from. Those of us who have been paying attention to the PB are of the opinion that the PB management was negligent in not requiring a performance bond as it had done in other contractual situations, or in getting a personal guarantee signature from Naegle.

The other highlight was that the Fujiya sale was tabled AGAIN with Bob [Fine] changing his position on selling--suddenly doesn't want to sell--and Walt wanting more $ because the project (on the Fujiya land) is practically doubling in size. Walt is right in wanting more $. As for Bob [Fine], I wonder if his new position has anything to do with the fact that the Fujiya land is adjacant to Klodt's recently-converted-to-condos River West Building and a taller project on the Fujiya site would interfere with River West sightlines. Afterall, Klodt poured $10,000 into the PIP's coffers and that $10,000 helped Kummer win back her closely contested seat. Had [Carol Kummer] lost her seat, the voting power would have tipped away from the old guard.

Follow the money..... KaCHING! Park Watch is an excellent resource for more on the Minneapolis Park Board shenanegans.