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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Lloydletta's Nooz Mentioned in Pioneer Press


Lloydletta's Nooz
Who's behind it: Eva Young
Viewpoint: Claims she's an independent and doesn't fit into any one ideology.
Background: Young lives in the Twin Cities and works at a local university in information technology. She calls herself an informed citizen, who subscribes to political listservs. Her other blog Dump Michele Bachmann attempts to oust the Stillwater state senator from political office.
How she got started: Young commented for years on political lists. Lloydletta's Nooz went online two years ago after she said she became aware of blogs.
Why blog: Self-expression. "It's a hobby," she said. "I wouldn't write these blogs if I didn't enjoy writing." She comments on a number of issues, ranging from gay rights to creationism. She also dabbles in local politics on this blog, but isn't afraid to enter the national political realm.
How blogs will affect the 2006 elections: Going online is the one-stop shop to get information about political candidates, she said. Young also said candidates are looking to blogs to get the goods on their opponents.

Gary at Kennedy v the Machine isn't happy.

The idea that Lloydletta's Nooz should be on anyone's short list of influential blogs in this or any universe is absurd. It's author, Eva Young, is a running joke in the local blogosphere among both lefties or righties (you are an utter failure if Young doesn't troll your blog). Shame on Brady Averill for allowing Eva to define herself as "an independent [who] doesn't fit into any one ideology." This is true only to the extent that Young’s ideology is a venomous amalgamation of hatred for Michele Bachmann specifically and evangelicals more broadly.

That must be why Blogger Berg is huffing and puffing. His blog wasn't included.

Ned Luddington disagrees:

Eva Young: Queen of Blogs
Eva Young is amazing. She deserves an award for Lloydletta and Dump Bachmann. Eva's blogs are always interesting and provocative. She knows her stuff and she backs up everything with solid research and links. Before I read the morning paper, I read Eva Young.

I'd read the morning paper before reading Lloydletta and Dump Bachmann. I appreciate Ned's kind words though.

Brady Averill's article is here. She interviewed me for the article, and I gave her the names of other bloggers to interview.

I talked with Brady on this several months ago. I can't recall how she got my name.

In general my philosophy about blogs and politics is similar to my philosophy about the use of email lists and usenet to do politics - it's a good way to quickly get a message out to a wide variety of people.

I'll agree with Gary on one thing: Powerliberal is a good liberal blog. Rew from Powerliberal is the host for the local Drinking Liberally chapter. These gatherings do bring together liberal bloggers. I believe some politicians will start dropping by the gatherings. I didn't see local Minneapolis politicians drop in on those during the 2005 election.

It seems like the Frat boys aren't happy either.

Craig Westover, who blogs at craig and contributes to the Pioneer Press opinion pages, says he and his fellow bloggers are outworking the traditional media outlets on this big story, devoting more time and attention.

"They're going to eat the newspapers' lunch," Westover said.

Westover is one of the of the most thoughtful and insightful writers in town and to reduce his interview to seven words tells you all you need to know about the worth of this piece of journalism. What exactly was ol' Captain Fishsticks talking about with that quote? Was the lunch quote specifically about fish sticks? We'll never know from reading the article. But we do know he's wrong about whatever he did say. Not only is he taken out of context, he's used as the straw man for the "expert" refutations to come.

Give me a break, Fraters - that's what happens when you get interviewed by the press. The reporter will summarize from what you told them. This wasn't a profile of Craig Westover. It was an article about the effects of blogs on elections.

St Paul at Fraters continues his huffing and puffing:

There are some right-wing blogs that even if you tried to have a conversation with them, it's essentially a bunch of frat guys having a party and doing a beer dance,'' said Michael McIntee, producer for the Inside Minnesota Politics blog and podcast. "And that's not useful; it's pretty much making noise."

Woo hoo, we may have gotten a mention. We'll commence the beer dancing as soon as someone let's us know exactly what that is.

Well when you read stuff like Marty Andrade's account about MOB gatherings, it's hard to shake that impression of MOB.

It's not that I don't like Learned Foot, I find the man hilarious, but he was using me as an ash tray. He was yacking at me about something. I think it had to do with college. He was trying to convince me that I didn't waste five years of my life in college. He kept saying the word "college." It was driving me nuts, as I went to a University, not a college. Slight difference in meaning but who cares.

As The Foot is talking, he is swaying back and forth like a tree, his branch like arms moving in sharp, almost uncontrolled motions that defy biology. In one arm is a cigarette that he occasionally brings to his mouth to gather up a precious puff of tar laden nicotine death gas. Then he continues in his spasmic body convulsions, a large chunk of ash sitting at the end of his cigarette. I watch in horror as that ash defies gravity and the laws of physics (And Learned Foot has studied law, he should know better).

Mind you, I'm sitting down, The Foot is standing. He's practically on top of me. Then the ash gives in to it's battle against gravitons and falls off the cigarette, hitting my arm in a spectacular mini explosion of gray dust. He apologizes then offers to kiss "my boo boo and make it better." For a second I thought about stabbing The Foot with my butterknife, but in the end he gave up on his strange maternal instincts and continued discussing "college" and "law."

I could live with this, if it wasn't for the fact that in the other hand of "The Foot" was a big glass of beer. Unfortunately, The Foot had the same kind of control over his Beer hand as he had over all the other limbs sprouting from body. Eventually, just as he's finishing, he makes a jerky movement and spills a healthy amount of beer on my leg. He doesn't even take notice and continues on his merry way.

All I can say is thanks Learned Foot.

Reports of the recent MOB gathering suggest that conservative politicians stayed away from the event. Kennedy had a staff member there.

If I was doing the article, I would have called the recent special election candidates and asked them whether they used blogs as part of their press strategy - and asked why or why not. I'd have also discussed recent candidate forays into the blogosphere. Minnesota Governor Candidate Steve Kelley recently did a Q & A session at MyDD. Amy Klobuchar did a similar session at Daily Kos.