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Monday, January 02, 2006

McCain's recent IDiotic Comments

From ProfessorBainbridge:

McCain Just Doesn't Get It

John McCain told MTV re intelligent design that we should "Let the student decide." What a crock. Should I let my students decide whether the business judgment rule should be taught? It's the worst sort of pandering.

And another thing. McCain also told MTV that "There's great uncertainty out there .... We have to provide a lot more certainty for young Americans. That's my job." Huh? Since when is it government's job to provide "certainty," let alone it being the job of a solitary senator from a minor state? Once again, as with campaignh finance, steroids, and a host of other things, McCain proves he has no sense - none, nada zilch - of what limited government means.

Here's the MTV interview. It's really pathetic the way MTV covers this. They are just fawning all over McCain.