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Monday, January 16, 2006

MCCL to Unveil Their Legislative Agenda

This will be a good time to ask the MCCL about their position on Mary Ellen Otremba's bill to force pharmacies to keep pharmacists on staff who refuse to fill contraceptive prescriptions. It would also be interesting to ask them about stem cell research and in vitro fertilization techniques - which produce excess embryos which get discarded.

Join MCCL's March for Life on Sunday, Jan. 22!

Speak out with thousands of other citizens on behalf of Minnesota’s most vulnerable persons

The upcoming MCCL March for Life offers a rare opportunity for families to demonstrate their support for protective legislation for unborn babies, their mothers and other vulnerable people.

The March for Life will be held on Sunday, Jan. 22, allowing families to attend together without the difficulties of traffic or parking, and without the conflicts of work or school.

Your voice is needed!

"We want the 2006 MCCL March for Life to be the largest one ever!" said MCCL President Leo LaLonde. "Minnesota’s vast pro-life majority needs to express in sheer numbers and in compassion its solidarity with the most defenseless and dependent among us."

Public support is growing for legislation that provides protection for pregnant women, unborn children and others in need. MCCL’s 77,000 member families were able to pass two pro-life bills into law in the 2005 legislative session—the Positive Alternatives Act and the Unborn Child Pain Prevention Act. Momentum is growing for greater protections to be put in place for persons threatened by abortion, infanticide and euthanasia.

Urge lawmakers, others to come

Even though the Legislature will not be in session in January, citizens are encouraged to strongly urge their legislators to attend the MCCL March for Life. State lawmakers need to see and hear the pro-life movement’s call for the Legislature to enact further protections for our most vulnerable citizens.

"Make this the year that you and your family and friends come to the state Capitol and speak out on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves," LaLonde said. "Abortion is still the greatest killer of Minnesotans and the most common medical procedure in the state. Come to your state Capitol and call for the right to life to be restored!"

Hear MCCL's 2006 agenda

The 2006 MCCL March for Life on Sunday, Jan. 22, will begin at 2 p.m. at the Capitol grounds in St. Paul. A short program will follow at 2:30 p.m. on the Capitol steps, including an announcement of MCCL’s 2006 legislative agenda.

Carpool with friends or plan for a bus to bring your MCCL chapter, church youth group or other organization to the Capitol on Sunday, Jan. 22. Those whose lives you are defending will be glad you were there!