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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Michael Brodkorb is Such A Drama Queen

AP has a story in the Pioneer Press on the Lawsuit here.

Media Consultant Blois Olson is suing Michael Brodkorb for defamation because Brodkorb claimed that Olson - through his employee Buck Humphrey, had attempted to get consulting work with the Colleen Rowley campaign. After failing to get this work, Blois Olson made negative comments about Colleen Rowley in the press. If this is true, this looks bad for Blois Olson - and truth is the defense in a defamation suit. Unfortunately it's not clear whether Michael can prove his claim. Blois Olson claims through his attorney that Buck Humphrey never told him that he had approached Rowley's campaign.

Michael Brodkorb has the full text of the article reprinted on his site. On the Pioneer Press website, it gives the option of "reprint or liscense this".

I think the more important question comes from this claim by Brodkorb:

I have never been paid to blog, nor has anyone I have every worked for or contracted with known that I am truly M.D.E. My blog is not created, endorsed, sponsored, or authorized by any political party, candidate, or candidate's committee.

I believe I first heard of the blog, Minnesota Democrats Exposed, when Michael Brodkorb - in his capacity as communications director for the Republican Party of Minnesota - posted this press release to the MN Politics Discuss list (an E Democracy list) on .

From: "Michael Brodkorb"
Date: Thu Sep 16, 2004 2:07 pm


This email has both discussion and announcement aspects:

The Republican Party of Minnesota has been leading the charge against the Star Tribune over their polling. Last week's press conference has played out exactly as Chairman Eibensteiner predicted:

* Star Tribune will come out with a poll showing Kerry with a huge
* Polls released at the same time show a much closer race.

All political parties should agree that polling can affect the outcome of the race and that media outlets need to responsible with their polling.

This has nothing to do with presidential politics; The majority of Star Tribune's polls are about Minnesota politics and issues, so this is a Minnesota political problem.

Now a group of concerned citizens has announced that they will be gathering outside the Star Tribune's offices on Monday to protest the Tribune's polling methods.

This is not an official Republican Party of Minnesota event, but I wanted to pass along the details.

Michael B. Brodkorb mbb@...
Research Director
Republican Party of Minnesota
651-842-0115 (Office)
651-842-0215 (Fax)

I'm skeptical of Michael Brodkorb's claims as to his reasons for anonymous blogging. I am also skeptical that he wasn't paid to blog and the party didn't know what he was up to.

I asked Michael Brodkorb publicly on the St Paul Issues list whether he was MDE and whether he was the "Mike Nelson" who had posted opposition research on Chris Coleman. Brodkorb stated out by giving a crypic reply to my question about MDE. He followed up by denying being the fake poster, "Mike Nelson" on the St Paul Issues list who posted what appeared to be opposition research on Chris Coleman. Later someone called me and told me that Mike Nelson was someone who worked at River Center - but the person would not give me their name, and so I never went with this story.

I'd advise Brodkorb to get his own attorney, and not use a Republican party attorney. I will not be contributing to his defense fund. He has no excuse for not knowing election law.

This is NOT a case of trying to suppress anonymous blogging. It's a defamation suit - and the claims will be settled in court. That is where such claims should be tried - and not in the media.


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