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Monday, January 16, 2006

Mike Hatch: Grandstanding Self-Serving Opportunist in the Michele Bachmann Tradition

A couple weeks ago I went to a meet and greet event for Jeff Johnson who is running for Attorney General. Johnson's biggest criticism of Hatch was that he ran the Attorney General's Office as a tool for his gubanatorial ambitions. Johnson mentioned that Hatch was big at grandstanding in the press at the expense of actually doing things of substance. In this, Hatch is much like the notorious Senator Michele Bachmann who constantly grandstands in the press at the expense of representing her district.

A good example of this grandstanding is Hatch's recent efforts to blame Pawlenty on the release of Driver's License data to the public. As the Mankato Free Press said in a recent editorial:

Thumbs down

To Attorney General Mike Hatch for putting politics into the serious issue of identity theft.

The Minnesota Financial Crimes Task Force recently discovered that hundreds of identity theft cases were probably aided by the legal sale of the state driver's license database.

Hatch immediately blamed the Pawlenty Administration for the release of the information and the rise in identity theft crime. Hatch may as well blame the DFL Senate and other DFL governors and legislators who've been in office as long as that information has been made publicly available for sale - which is years.

The data has been classified as public for years. It's political hacksmanship to say Pawlenty's at fault for the identity theft cases.

Lori Swanson, who was representing Mike Hatch at the DFL Feminist Caucus debate mentioned the sale of Driver's license data by the state and tied it to Governor Pawlenty. Mike Hatch has no shame.