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Friday, January 27, 2006

Oh the Drama, the Drama.....

In the olden days, Blois Olson and Michael Brodkorb would have settled their differences with a duel - now they grandstand in the press.

And now for today's episode.... Someone, we don't know who, has purchased a Ciresi Domain name - and pointed it to Brodkorb. Michael has been in a tizzy over this all day, because he's added three breathless updates to this "Breaking MDE News".

With no evidence, he suspects Ciresi's campaign of being behind this. Matt from MN Publius has been fingered on this, but has denied the accusation.

The Kool Aid Boys play these sorts of jokes.

UPDATE: Jerry Plagge does a little cybersleuthing.


Matt said...

Tweren't me, I promise.

a) I wouldn't be that nice to MDE by forwarding traffic to him
b) I always fess up