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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Old News

Michael Brodkorb acknowledges what Lloydletta's Nooz suggested on September 25. A month later, a blogger sends proof that Michael Brodkorb is MDE.

This got picked up by the National Journal Hotline blog:

Since 7/04, the anonymous Minnesota Democrats Exposed blogger "has been taking pot shots at the" MN DFL while claiming the blog "is not created, endorsed, sponsored, or authorized by any political party, candidate, or candidate's committee." However, center-ish Eva Young at Lloydletta's Nooz and Comments posts evidence that ex-MN GOP comm./research dir. Michael Brodkorb "is at least one of the authors behind" MDE. When posting one entry via e-mail, Brodkorb apparently left his e-mail signature in, which included his name and cell phone number. Although the error "was quickly corrected," but a reader checked Safari browser "downloads the RSS [feeds] as they come in"; Young posts a Flickr-hosted screen shot of Safari's RSS page for the site. Indeed it shows Brodkorb's name and telephone number. On Young's site, MDE is now linked under the name "Michael Brodkorb." Source: The Hotline, 10/25/05

I think both political parties - and major campaigns with paid staff should have a policy about paid staff and blogging. If I was running, my policy would be no anonymous blogging on campaign related issues from my staff.

The question is whether Brodkorb is the only MDE blogger, or whether he has accomplice(s).

I appreciate Michael finally coming out. I find Blois Olson's use of a lawsuit a bad tactic - which will backfire on Blois. Truth is the ultimate defense in lawsuits.

Shawn Towles has complained about the mainstream media using stories he broke without attribution. In his article with the backstory about the lawsuit, Towles failed to mention that I had posted proof of Brodkorb's identity over two months ago.

Bloggers aren't just competition for mainstream media. They competition for people like Blois Olson, Shawn Towles and other pundits that are regular guests on Almanac.

I commend Michael Brodkorb for coming out publicly. I also still believe some of the tactics he used with his blog were ethically suspect.