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Friday, January 06, 2006

Poinkback Mountain by Swiftee


Over at the POD, he has a post going after PZ Myers and I. Swiftee has the wierdest fantasies.

The existance of the mysterious "Bat Boy" is confirmed.

It turns out that he is the result of a mad experiment gone terribly wrong (don't they all?) after it is revealed that there was a bizarre mating between Eva Young and PZ Meyers sometime in the early 1990's in an effort to prove the theory of evolution as scientific fact.

It is not determined which one of the two gave birth.

Unfortunately for Young and Meyers, their progeny finds redemption in Christ and is accepted into the Christian Brothers Monastery where he lives a life of quiet meditation.

Rumors of a strange half human, half zebra fish continue to be unproven throughout the year and Meyers refuses comment although his wife moves out of the family's home claiming that she's "just had e-fucking nuff".....

Note to Swiftee: It's Myers, not Meyers.

It goes without saying that Swiftee is one of Michele Bachmann's biggest supporters.