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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Rebranding IDiocy

Intelligent Design Creationist Bill Dembski wants to re-brand IDiocy. In the process he admits that the Intelligent Design brand took a huge hit in Kitzmiller.

Evolve Yourself, Inc. — ID’s New Success and Motivation Institute

Evolve yourself intelligently to the new and more successful you. . . .**

For some time now I’ve been wanting to complement Darwinalia, Inc. (which will soon be in operation — I have three partners and we own with an ID-based success and motivation course (complete with infomercials). I had been thinking about something like "Designed for Success" or "Designed to Flourish." But the more I thought about it, especially with intelligent design taking the hits it has lately, it's time simply to co-opt the language of evolution and interpret it in an ID-friendly way (in this vein, recall my post about intelligent evolution on this blog some months back — go here). Yes, ID is itself evolving! I was able to procure (.com and .org were unfortunately taken) and expect to start another corporation once Darwinalia, Inc. is fully up and running.

What do you do when a brand takes a hit? Why you change the brand name ofcourse.

I therefore offer the following proposal if ID gets outlawed from our public schools: retitle it Intelligent Evolution (IE). The evolution here would be reconceived not as blind evolution but as technological evolution. Nor would it be committed to Darwin's idea of descent with modification. But, hey, it would still be evolution, and evolution can be taught in schools. In fact, I think I’ll title my next book Intelligent Evolution: The Mindful Deviation of Evolutionary Pathways. Perhaps this book has already been written.

Yup, Intelligent Design has everything to do with public relations and nothing to do with Science.

It appears that Dembski is trolling for investors:

William Dembski pleads:
"Hey, let's get this thread back on track, which is how to make some money with Evolve Yourself, Inc. I'm looking for investors."

Dr. Dembski,
As a Silicon Valley veteran, I can tell you that you’ll need a better "pitch" if you want to attract investors — sophisticated ones, anyway. Can we hear some more details on how intelligent design, couched in evolutionary terms, could be "sold" to the public as a self-improvement tool?

But it's a good idea to solicit ideas from the denizens of your blog.

My humble suggestion for a product targeted at your support base: An inflatable possum suit, worned at all times by an ID supporter when engaging in arguments with Darwinians. If the ID supporter begins to lose the argument, as frequently happens, he or she can deploy the possum suit and play dead until the Darwinian loses interest and moves on.

This is much cleaner than fighting it out to the inevitable end.

Comment by bradcliffe1 — January 14, 2006 @ 1:24 am

Hat Tip: Josh Rosenau and PZ Myers.