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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Special Elections

Once considered the property of the Republicans, the DFL has had two victories in the last two Special elections. Terri Bonhoff and now Taryl Clark will join thoughtful and careful colleagues in the Senate. This is a major victory for all of us. The session, which starts in mid February, is bound to be difficult; some very big issues are on the agenda. However, they will not be cluttered up, at last by these two, with discussions about Reproductive Rights, Gay Marriage and other fundamentalist "hobgoblins". How refeshing. Refreshing too is the fact that neither feels that any of these are at the forefront of voters minds. They believe, like me, that abortion should be safe, legal and rare. Abortion is not the problem; lack of choices, povery, despair, and old fashioned "it would not/cannot happen to me" and many other things are. I look forward to a session in which this subject is dealt with in the real world and wihtout paranoia.