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Tuesday, January 03, 2006



I always assumed that our government would protect us by wiretapping some phones, and some phone calls, to do so. I also assumed that there was a Legal procedure to be followed (and that sometimes that procedure would be a justification for what was already underway) to undertake such wiretapping. I further assumed that this Legal procedure had a dual pugpose: 1) to give court approval, and oversight, so such actions; and 2) to give the ordinary citizen (that would be me) comfort that some legally approved body had given its sanction to go ahead.


What I did not assume was that this administration would say that the minimal and limited procedures were too slow and cumbersome, and it could go ahead without them. So it did. Then it lied, and said this was done in the interest of nationl security.
Somehow, when my own government says it can break the rules when it chooses.

Well its behavior certainly does not make me feel more secure. In fact, if I had told such a whopper when I was growing up, I would have been sent to my room, or worse.

Whopper is a euphamisem for BIG LIE. I am incensd! The protections I had expected were thrown aside and replaced with arrogance. Not even close to a fair trade.