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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Stonewall Endorsements - Chapter Two

Hennepin County Attorney - I attending screening meetings with Mike Freeman and Andy Luger. Both did well. As I sat and listened, I thought, there really shouldn't be a DFL or Republican way to do this job. Mr. Luger was able to muster up some more ideological zeal, and it was effective. Both were deemed acceptable, and Mr. Luger got the endorsement, in the hope he represents a new generation of DFL elected leadership.

Ramsey County Attorney - Susan Gaertner and Cory Tennison were screened and found acceptable. The incumbent was endorsed, basically because she is doing a good job, and she cited unfinished business she wants to complete during her screening interview.

Minneapolis School Board - okay, everybody breathe. This screening was done prior to today's convention. According to Alan Hooker, 5 strong new candidates were considered. 4 of the 7 seats are up for election this year. The screening committee found all 5 acceptable, and recommended endorsing 4 of them. After a long discussion about incumbents Judy Farmer and Joe Erickson, the voting body agreed to table the endorsement. Judy Farmer has been endorsed in the past, but didn't turn in a questionaire this time. Joe Erickson submitted his, but it was late. Some of the members wanted to make allowances for their time being taken up with the Peebles disaster (my word choice). It was hard for me to not talk during this discussion .... Susan Gaertner showed up and followed the process, and she has been prosecuting a highly charged, very visible first degree murder case.

Also I don't know anything about the four recommended candidates (Jill Davis, Tom Madden, Polly Harrison Townsend or Pam Constain), but I'm personally hoping for a strong anti-incumbency wind to blow through the Minneapolis School Board this fall. These people cannot be held blameless for another expensive, distracting scandal.

Hennepin County Commissioner - District 2 This is Mark Stenglein's seat. Greg Grey (Gray?) was screened, found acceptable and endorsed. This screening didn't happen today, and Mr. Grey wasn't at today's meeting.

Hennepin County Commissioner - District 3 Incumbent Gail Dorfman was found acceptable and endorsed.

Ramsey County SWCD 4 - one candidate was considered, and was not found to be acceptable or endorsed. His qualifications for the job were unclear

Minnesota House District 64A - this is Matt Entenza's seat. No fewer than 5 candidates were considered, 3 of whom were at Sunday's meeting. All 5 candidates were deemed acceptable. Erin Murphy was endorsed after much discussion and parliamentary procedure.

Stonewall also does something called 'expedited screening' for incumbents who have previously passed muster. A complete list of acceptable candidates will be put on their website in the near future. Only three people were named with this designation today, Karen Clark, Linda Higgins and Keith Ellison.

It will be interesting to see how overall party endorsements line up with Stonewall.