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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Stupid Bill Introduced by DFLer Mary Ellen Otremba

Regular Lloydletta readers are familiar with the DFL Sue Ek clone legislator, Mary Ellen Otremba.

The Minnesota Women's Press has an excellent profile of change maker Erin Matson, the 23 year old President of the Minnesota National Organization of Women. The article mentions that Otremba is introducing a bill to require pharmacies to allow pharmacists to refuse to fill contraception prescriptions. From the article:

Matson wants Minnesota to pass a law modeled after Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich's emergency order, issued last April, which requires pharmacies to fill contraceptive prescriptions without delay.

This session, however, MN NOW may have to play defense: state Rep. Mary Ellen Otremba, DFL-Long Prairie, is expected to propose legislation that would prevent the state pharmacy board from penalizing pharmacists who refuse to fill prescriptions for contraception. Public opinion is overwhelmingly against such a law, said Matson.

"When I debated Mary Ellen Otremba on the radio in the fall, we had 20-30 minutes for callers. It was WCCO radio, not exactly a radical station, and every single person from all over the state, man, woman, old, young, was incensed by what she was saying. There was a lot of anger at what she was saying," she said.

"I think this is more than a partisan issue," Matson added. "Ninety percent of women use some form of contraception between the ages of 15 and 44. This is basic medical care that touches everyone."

Why stop at contraception? Why not amend this bill to allow pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for Viagra?

I'd like to get some language for the bill Matson is proposing. If there is language for such a bill, there are some legislators who might want to introduce such legislation. I believe that Ron Abrams (R, Minnetonka) might be happy to get such a bill. I'd think Ron Erhardt (R, Edina) might also be interested in a bill like this.

What will be next from Mary Ellen Otremba? A bill to ban in vitro fertilization? Other legislation Otremba has pushed includes putting creationism into the state science standards using the "teach the controversy" canard, banning all state funds to the University of Minnesota unless the University quits conducting privately funded stem cell research, the Bachmann amendment and all sorts of legislation attempting to restrict access to abortion and contraception.

Her district is close to St Cloud. How do these bills play to her constituents?

Elizabeth Noll, the Women's Press reporter doesn't mention Mary Ellen Otremba's political affiliation. Otremba is a DFLer. I assume she's part of Janet Robert's group, Democrats for Life. Janet Robert, Air America owner, and active in Democrats for Life is similarly goofy on the issue of family planning.

I'd suggest that Republicans target Otremba's seat. They could do this by running a pro-life candidate who supports family planning - and paint Otremba as an extremist - which she clearly is.

UPDATE: I've had it with Otremba's idiotic legislation. I've started a blog to document why she needs to be retired from the legislature.