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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Swiftee Gets the Boot from the St Paul Issues Forum

Anyone who reads local blogs is familiar with Swiftee.

Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 10:59:17 -0600
Priority: normal
List-Id: stpaul-issues

Subject: [SPIF] Notice of Member Suspension

Based on the mission responsibilities section of the rules for E-Democracy.Org's St. Paul Issues Forum, Tom Swift has been suspended through January 4, 2007.

A public notice of the suspension is posted on the right hand column of the rules page:

It may be discussed here:

Discussion of forum administration in the main forum is a rules violation.

This suspension is based on established due process procedures which we have taken on voluntarily. It involved three weeks of investigation and deliberation within the Board in consultation with the St. Paul E-Democracy Steering Committee and Forum Manager. This is the first official suspension by Board issued outside the context
of the normal Forum-specific warning/suspension procedure in a decade.

Steven Clift
Board Chair, E-Democracy.Org

P.S. Other warnings and possible suspensions are taking place via normal rule procedures. Specific complaints about violations may be sent to:

^ ^ ^ ^
Steven L. Clift - - - W:
Minneapolis - - - - E:
Minnesota - - - - - - T: +1.612.822.8667
USA - - - - Skype/MSN/Y!/AIM: netclift

Well I was booted from the Minneapolis Issues List for a year a while back. That was because I'd posted CJ's blurb about Peter McLaughlin and an "amusing if it doesn't happy to you" story.

There's discussion of the suspension here.

Posted 04 Jan 2006 16:42 by Steven Clift

After three weeks of investigation and deliberation within the Board in consultation with the St. Paul E-Democracy Steering Committee and Forum Manager, the following suspension was release today.

Steven Clift
Board Chair, E-Democracy.Org

Mr. Swift:

While the forum manager of the St. Paul Issues Forum has the primary responsibility for management of the forum and rules enforcement, the E-Democracy.Org board of directors has governance responsibility for all forums and maintains the right to intervene and remove participants whose behavior jeopardizes the overall mission of our organization.

We recently received a number of complaints about your post on December 15th, "Has A.... M.... been beating his wife?"

A copy of the message we are referring to may be found at

As a board, this post was referred to us as an example of a history of disruptive behavior in the St. Paul Issues Forum (as well as other E-Democracy.Org forums). After reviewing your history in the St. Paul Issues Forum, we have come to the conclusion that you do have a history of inflammatory and abusive behavior that warrants special attention, above and beyond the warnings and responses taken by the St. Paul Issues Forum Manager.

While we acknowledge the legitimate point that you were trying to make with this particular post, we strongly object to the inflammatory means by which you made your point and recognize a pattern of such behavior which warrants removal from ALL E-Democracy.Org forums for a period of at least 1 year.

Over the last 4 years, we have observed your record of disruptive and inflammatory comments including:

1) Unfounded accusations of illegal behavior, without evidence to support it, of several members of the forum.

2) The use of unnecessarily vulgar language to make a point. For example "fisting" and "barebacking."

3) Ongoing and unnecessary attacks and insults directed at several forum members.

4) Inflammatory and threatening offline exchanges with several members of SPIF.

5) A pattern of sarcastic and insulting comments aimed at all those with whom you politically disagree.

In the interest of "open discussion" and in consideration of the "context" of some of these behaviors, we have exhibited a great deal of tolerance and patience. However, in light of this ongoing pattern of behavior, we have come to the conclusion that your participation in E-Democracy.Org forums is disruptive to the goals of our organization.

You are hereby suspended from any participation in any E-Democracy.Org forum for at least one year beginning January 4, 2006. After one year, you may petition the board for reinstatement, subject to an agreement that you will adhere to the rules and guidelines of our forums.


Steven Clift
on behalf of The E-Democracy.Org Board of Directors

Tom Swift got banned from commenting here and at Dump Bachmann when he started impersonating others in the comments. Swift has impersonated me on one occassion over at Powerliberal.

It seems that the MOB hasn't taken up his cause. Swiftee isn't posting about this on his blog.


Anonymous said...

I've had run ins with Swift, on Twitter, that just about led to a physical altercation. It was at that time I realized that the best course of action was just to ignore him. He just aint worth getting all worked up over.