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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tinklenberg Campaign Releases Poll

Interestingly enough the results included poll Elwyn Tinklenberg opposing Michele Bachmann and Phil Krinkie. The reported results don't include data on Jim Knoblach.

The Wind Beneath the Right Wing cites Roll Call:

He lead state Rep. Phil Krinkie 29 percent to 28 percent despite Krinkie being 9 points better known. State Sen. Michelle Bachmann led Tinklenberg 32 percent to 29 percent "despite the fact that Bachmann is twice as well known as Tinklenberg," according to Secrest's polling memo.

The poll did not test two other candidates who are seeking the GOP nomination, state Rep. Jim Knoblach or businessman Jay Esmay.

Did the poll not test Jim Knoblach, or did the poll not report Jim Knoblach? Roll Call would have done better due dilligence if they had asked that question. This poll was commissioned to jump start more donations to Tinklenberg's campaign. Tinklenberg's fundraising decreased drastically between the second and third quarter. He raised 106K second quarter and 66K third quarter. Should Patty Wetterling get into the 6th District race, she will be able to raise big money. She will also be able to get interested and excited volunteers. Elwyn Tinklenberg will have to pay for all the campaign help he gets.

A Dump Bachmann reader sent me the pdf release from the Tinklenberg campaign. I'll be contacting the pollster to get more information and will report back on the results of the call.